Anne Sexton completely altered the mythic, Briar Flower. The original experience was a simple story that could lead you to come up with a moral. It absolutely was one that likewise had a completely happy ending.

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When Anne Sexton tells us her version of Briar Increased, she instantly begins by providing the reader a view of what Briar Rose’s sleep is similar to. She tells us of how Briar Rose feels, and gives the reader some what of an introduction to the ways of Briar Rose.

After this psychedelic section of a lady, Briar Went up, who keeps “slipping off into a hypnotist’s trance” (lines 4-6), Sexton begins telling the tale. When Sexton climbs into the tale, the majority of the lines consist of a summary of what truly happens in the fairy tale. Sexton, nevertheless , does add several parts that help the reader understand the story by Sexton’s point of view; ” The King looked like Munch’s ‘Scream'” (line 43).

Line 90 was the most important line inside the poem.

After concluding her synopsis of the mythic with, “She married the prince and went well” (lines 98-99), she immediately adds “except for the fear – the worry of rest. ” (lines 100-101). Following this line, Sexton begins a brand new stanza about Briar Rose’s future, varying a lot through the fairy tale’s “… and in addition they lived gladly ever after. ” Sexton begins sharing with the reader how Briar Increased will become a great insomniac. In addition, she begins making use of some of modern-day modern day medicine to the history, by saying Briar Increased would be unable to sleep “…without the court chemist mixing her several knock-out drops” (lines 106-107). From that point on, Anne Sexton slowly applies her life for the poem, and adds the parts of her like that she gets trouble with into her poem. It seems like as though the lady does this almost unconsciously and unintentionally.

By simply line one hundred twenty, Anne Sexton has completely replaced their self with Briar Rose. Your woman continuously uses I in Briar Rose’s place. Today she has totally applied modern day technology, saying things like “I’m all shot up with Novocain”. She plainly places herself in the story and explains to the reader regarding her existence. She changes the happy parts of the poem with parts that may have been different in her life. “Daddy? That’s a different type of prison. It is not the

royal prince at all, although my father, drunkenly bent over my bed…” (lines 150-154).

This demonstrates her daddy may have got abused her and may have limited her lifestyle as he was “circling the sheol like a shark, my father solid upon me” (lines 155-156). He also may have been an alcoholic. She also shows just how once Briar Rose got truly perished once the lady was fifteen, even though she was truly just placed in a 100 year sleep. Her your life of dread and sleeping disorders was today nearly a reincarnation, or a “life following death” (line 161), of her terrible existence.


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