In the “Birthday Party, ” Katherine Comb portrays what at first glance seems to be an blameless dinner among a happily married couple; yet , when looked at closer is actually a supper gone incorrect. Her usage of metaphor, along with other literary devices, help show how issues aren’t often as they seem to be. The story begins in a happy, light-hearted manner, describing an enthralling married couple. The detail from the “round, self-satisfied face” of the man as well as the “fadingly pretty” woman support describe all their attitudes and mannerisms.

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The “self-satisfied face” of the man gives off an impression of cockiness, which makes someone dislike him. The woman however, pulls someone in. Her “big hat” a metaphor for her big heart. The first passage is also in which Brush features the growing contrast between big and little, which is carried on throughout the story. The “little filter restaurant” when the “unmistakably married” couple dined at delivers just how simple the particular date was suppose to be by emphasizing just how little it had been.

Brush identifies the close atmosphere the moment she identifies that the couple sat “opposite [of] all of us, ” making the reader feel as if he/she were in the thin restaurant going to watch the scene unfold. The word “little” is repeated again the moment Brush describes the “little surprise” the wife experienced set up for her husband to again contact upon just how small the gesture was. The cake is portrayed to be “small but shiny, ” that aggregates to the smallness of the surprise and how low key is was meant to be. Slightly reminder of her feelings towards her husband. When the orchestra performed “happy birthday to you, ” “the partner beamed with shy pride over her little shock. ” The wife glowing over her “little” surprise is paralleled with the “one pink candlestick burning” for the cake, which represents the wife’s loneliness despite the fact that she is within a relationship.

It truly is obvious the fact that wife’s “little surprise” was taken out of hands when the publisher explains that “help was needed” in order to calm your spouse down. This conveys just how mad he was, and how this individual didn’t enjoy his wife’s kind, tiny gesture for him. The author brings the intimate elements back around when she adds that “you viewed him, therefore you saw this kind of and you thought. ” The repetition of “you” stresses the intimate atmosphere, making the reader feel like she/he had been experiencing this kind of with the onlooker. Everyone surrounding them sensed the strain and the anger felt by your spouse towards his wife. Comb uses cacophony when talking about the “quick and kurt and unkind” review the husband designed to his partner in order to present how nasty and furious the husband was.

We see just how upset the wife is because, even following your bystander “waited for a significant long time” before seeking, she was still being crying. Your woman cries “all to very little, ” exhibiting the isolation “under the gay big brim of her ideal hat, ” which is happily hiding her from the bad remarks of her self-centered, rude spouse. The intimate mood in the restaurant is cut through with the harsh diction of Brush’s term choice and the nasty comments made by the husband. The couple that appeared so ideal in the beginning has become torn a part and weeping. The simple amaze that the wife made can be ruined giving her truly feel lonely even though she is in a relationship.


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