In the friends and family Film Bend it just like Beckham Gurinder Chadha (the director with the film) shows the conflict/contrast of two dissimilar nationalities Indian and British by making use of many different ways to make this powerful: different types of shots (camera techniques), juxtapositioning, humour, symbolism and stereotypes.

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The film is all about a young British-Indian girl named Jessminder who may have a great ability/passion to play football but as her parents are solid believers of the Sikh religious beliefs they are not happy with her playing a sport which will isnt practised in there culture/religion and would rather her to accomplish the traditional American indian girl things which is practised in there culture like understanding how to make traditional Indian dishes, further/higher academics education (university) and getting married to a young man who believes in Sikhism.

Jessminder enjoys playing football to the extent that she would it behind her parents as well as she begins to meet close friends from the normal British traditions as sports is a sport played by many people British persons. Jessminder makes close friends with one in particular British person named Juliet this is where the conflict in the two cultures is demonstrated effectively, within the diversity of Jessminder and Juliets family/associates.

At the end of my composition I hope to have a looked at all the techniques utilized in immense fine detail and the purpose and impact these methods have on the film. The kinds of shots from this film is utilized quite properly by Gurinder Chadha to demonstrate the thoughts and feeling of the characters in the film. For example the close up shot of Jessminders David Beckham cartel immediately suggests that David Beckham has a great importance in Jessminders life.

Gurinder Chadha uses various kinds of shots to demonstrate the turmoil of the two cultures at the outset of the film when Jessminder has finished playing basketball in her dream a job interview takes place with Gary Liniker and the rest of football bloggers Jessminders mum is also present, Gurinder Chadha makes it crystal clear using the interview shot that Jessminders mother is from a different tradition by the distinct clothing.

All the commentators are dressed in suits and Jessminders mum has on traditional Of india clothing which makes jessminders mum stand out. Gurinder Chadha then simply follows displaying the difference in the two ethnicities by the big difference of viewpoints, all the bloggers are shocked that a small Indian girl could perform football as nice as she could and thought that all it was excellent that the lady had this kind of ability to enjoy football as nice as she could. However Jessminders mum had a total several view as to what the bloggers did.

Her opinion of Jessminder playing football was that it was bad how a young Indian woman can go round playing football showing her uncovered legs together a negative approach to Jessminder playing football since showing her simple legs is definitely against the Sikhism religion. This kind of shows how a typical English language cultured view is various to the normal Indian classy opinion. Gurinder Chadha the actual mothers in both familys (Jessminders and Juliets) quite similar in the terms of there thoughts of right now there daughters playing football that they both differ with the idea of all of them playing the game.

The moms have also been built quite comparable in the fine prints of presently there stereotypical sights of each other folks cultures such as Juliets mother kept on stating things like I actually bet the mums obtaining you wedded to a nice rich doctor, I grilled curry yesterday and also inhibited her term when your woman said it had been jess, the lady stated Jess! Is that and Indian brand? Jessminders mum reaction was your exact same when she thought Jess (Jessminder) was the kiss Jules (Juliet) at the bus stop the girl said: These types of young British girls you cant notify these days what sex they can be.

But although they maybe quite similar Jules tends to have more freedom/control more than her mother. Although her mum will not agree with her playing soccer she still does and she will not need to rest about it since her mum doesnt have got as much control over her as Jessminders mum does likewise Jules dad is helping her while Jessminders dad does not due to hes past experiences of playing sport in England.

He had been racially abused and hes wife (Jessminders mum) has quite a lot of control other him also. Gurinder Chadha reveals the issue of nationalities from this as this shows that the standard Indian classy family appears to be more austere and manipulated than the standard British westernised culture by the amount of control the parents have additional their daughters in the two dissimilar familys.

Juxtapositioning is among the techniques employed by Gurinder Chadha to show the conflict from the two cultures. Juxtapositioning can be when two ideas are located straight after one other one example is at Pinkies wedding (Jessminders sister) she actually is very happy since she is getting married to a young man who practises Sikhism since she is influenced by the American indian culture she has been brought up with. The camera then simply flicks onto Jessminder within a football meet and she actually is happy for different purposes.

Jessminder is cheerful because the girl scored a goal which is generally influenced by British tradition. The use of juxtapositioning becomes powerful because the target audience becomes aware of the joy both women are showing for reverse reasons. Connaissance is used inside the film by simply Gurinder Chadha greatly and it is I believe one of many key factors to the film. I feel connaissance is used usually throughout the film by Gurinder Chadha to hold the audience hooked right through the film.

Humour is formed by the diversity in the two cultures and the unoriginal views each family haves. An example of when ever Gurinder Chadha uses the conflict from the two cultures to form connaissance to keep the audience devoted to the film is when the American indian ladys was jogging around the park in traditional Of india clothes having a head shawls, this developed humour since the audience aren’t expecting American indian women dressed up is traditional Indian clothes to acting in this manor.

As usually religious Indian women will be perceived as housewives who never care much for athletics based amusement activities and in addition because of the physical state that they was in, that they could barley breathe and there confronts looked like they may have just recently been run over by a lorry. This had not do together with the plot unfortunately he still put in the film to keep the audience ardent. An alternate example of exactly where juxtapositioning can be used is when ever Jules mum is trying for making Jules buy a cushioned bra rather than sports v?ldigt bra.

This produces humour because of Jules humiliation and Juless mum visibility and eagerness towards the m?g this landscape also displays conflict between the cultures as a result of mums prioritys for presently there daughters although both parents (Jesss mother and Juless mum) do have similaritys of right now there expectations intended for there daughters like not playing soccer and more academics based education, Juless mother wants her to buy a padded bra because she wants her to be more appealing to the opposite sex and hopes for her daughter to have a boyfriend this is certainly one of Jessminders mums fears and tells Jessminder to protect her human body fully while the Sikhism religion provides very tight outlooks upon girls showing such elements of their bodies. Symbolism is additionally a technique employed often simply by Gurinder Chadha to show the conflict from the two cultures, for example if the aeroplane gone passed Jessminders house. This kind of symbolises that Jessminder wants to escape and go and play soccer and break free from her culture since her interests conflict with her lifestyle.

Another sort of when Gurinder Chadha employed symbolism to show conflict from the two nationalities is the moment Jessminder was aiming to shoot a goal and she then pictured her five aunties dressed in traditional Indian clothes standing in front side of the objective as if they will was bodily stopping her from credit scoring this represents how her culture is usually stopping her from carrying out what your woman wants to perform, there in the way of what shes aiming for the goal and continuing playing football (her goal in life), This shows Jessminders culture is stopping her from attaining her aim in life which can be playing sports, the goal on the pitch resembled Jessminders future of playing football and her aunts resembled her culture stopping her from achieving this goal since they is at the way.

In conclusion I have found Gurinder Chadha uses a variety of tactics such as: juxtapositioning, symbolism, humour and types of photos to explore ethnic conflict which is the theme of the film. I believe how Gurinder Chadha used almost all her approaches was quite effective. I loved this film because it confirmed in wonderful depth the diversity in the two civilizations which I discovered interesting to look at and was hooked completely.

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