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The end of World War II, as well as the subsequent split of the Republic of Korea, marked the beginning of South Korea as a region. The first few a lot of its living as a region were faraway from ideal. With help through the United States plus the UN, To the south Korea was rehabilitated and pointed in the right direction. South Korea received financing, military assistance and trading partners that will prove to be really valuable in the efforts to become self-sustaining good country.

South Korea began as an autocratic country and also the years shifted toward becoming fully democratic. Although the nation is now under democratic secret, it is continue to considered to lack freedom from corruption. Although business freedom is previously mentioned global common, trade freedoms and fiscal liberty, two elements controlled directly by the authorities, are below global typical.

Early commanders of To the south Korea pushed the country toward industry and manufacturing, away from the prior concentrate of the agriculture. Today, the economy in South Korea is based on the technology market, along with strong competition in the automotive and shipbuilding industries.

The 10 largest businesses in Southern region Korea constitute 80 percent from the countries GDP (Eun-Jung, 2012). Exports remain a vital part with the South Korean, making up 53% of their economic climate (Naidu-Ghelani, 2012).

Despite a few years of economical turn down, Southern Korea has the 15th greatest GDP on the globe and keeps a trade surplus of twenty eight. 5 billion US us dollars in 2012, straight down from forty one. 2 billion in 2010 (Ningzhu, 2013).

The culture of South Korea is motivated by many factors. Prior to the trademark the Republic of Korea, the area that may be now Southern Korea was occupied simply by Japanese regulation. As expected, the cultures of Japan and neighboring Asian countries have had an effect on the cultural developmentof South Korea. American Cultures also have had an impact on South Korea, via the durable relationship while using United States and members in the UN. To the south Korea likewise builds upon the teachings of Confucius and what used to be their major religion Yoga. Borrowing via all these elements, South Korea has surfaced to a collectivist, feminine culture with a large power distance and substantial uncertainty elimination. This immediately differs from the characteristics states culture qualities of an individual, low electricity distance, low uncertainty avoidance and manly culture.

South Korea is a country that was almost forced in to globalization over the course of the history. Asia had filled the Republic of Korea before the end of WWII, after which the United States took over. After the takeover, the usa and other EL members provided financial aid and military support throughout the Korean language War. Since that time, South Korea has remained operate partners while using European Union and the United States.

Exports now make-up more than half of South Korea’s economy. If perhaps businesses in South Korea want to carry on to succeed, they must continue to globalize to access fresh markets, internally diversify all their economy and move away from the focus on some companies.

Country Analysis

In wake of WWII, which has a U. S i9000. backing, Southern Korea relocated toward a democratic based government, while North Korea, backed by the Soviet Union, adopted a communist federal government (Thomas White colored International, 2013). The new region border positioned along the thirty eighth parallel kept South Korea with substantially fewer normal resources compared to the newly formed North Korea. The northern breach and resulting Korean Battle also kept South Korea with tiny functioning market to sustain the economy. Following your war the United States maintained a military occurrence in South Korea, providing more than half with the nations military.

In the years following the Korean War, Southern region Korea was put through economicand political hardship. After the Korean War had ended, South Korea is at need of heavy therapy. The United Nations Korean Renovation Agency offered financial aid necessary to stabilize the nation. Individual EL members, most notably the United States, likewise made significant contributions for the newly proven country (Mongabay, 2010). Throughout the heavy military occupation and extensive financing supplied by the United States, South Korea adopted an even more Westernized culture than most Asian countries and in addition gained an excellent business partner that would gasoline its financial growth. Below an autocratic authority To the south Korea countless what very little resources it had available to approach toward higher level of00 of industrialism. In the early years South Korea was primarily an exporter of textiles and shoes (Thomas White Worldwide, 2012). After a political dominate in 1960 by Standard Park Chung-Hee, the country started to flourish economically. The “Miracle on the Han River may be the title given to financial transformation and overall therapy of Southern region Korea. South Korea provides moved faraway from agriculture and its early, decrease technology professional mindset and is also now home to technology giants Samsung korea and LG along with automobile suppliers Hyundai and Kia.

The economy of Southern Korea has always been strong through the years, although the To the south Korean economic climate is very sensitive to the financial systems of the countries it exports to. All countries that export are prone to following suit when one of its global associates goes under: the larger the stake in exports, the greater sensitive the exporter’s overall economy is to different countries economic recession or growth. South Korea is up against the choice of changing focus coming from exports to domestic demand. Exports will always be a focus of South Korea, but embrace exports does not always produce an increase in work, as employment is usually activated by the domestic sector (Cooper, 2012).

The existing ideology of South Korea has traces of common Asian civilizations mixed with european cultures and European affects. In some aspects, Korean traditions is certainly moving away from their beginnings. Male superiority is a basic piece in many Hard anodized cookware cultures, specifically Japan. Upon February twenty-five, 2013, the first woman will be sworn in because South Korean president, successfully moving the toward a much more gender the same society.

To the south Korea has remained a strong homogeneous population since its creation and movement away from the former Japanese rule. Southern region Korean’s are proud of their homogeneous mixture and thus a strong impression of collectivism is established. Following 60 years of occupation by simply Japan, To the south Koreans are attempting to regain their identities, rather than the ones enforced on them by the occupiers. As a result of this pride in homogeneity, South Korean language is rising as a racist nation having a general disliking and adverse feeling toward foreigners. Increased globalization is definitely bringing and also the into better contact with people. It’s hard to tell just how South Korean’s will respond although it is usually unlikely that instilled values will change rapidly.

Although foreign investors and entrepreneurship induce a majority of their economy, To the south Korea hasn’t always been the perfect country to enter as a business. Migration to South Korea requires enables and enrollment with the authorities. Permanent migration to the country is not normal.

South Korea is additionally notorious for achieveing extensive regulatory and legal practices. Considerable labor rules do not make the region ideal as a source for low cost labor. Recently the federal government has begun to go away from business regulation. As a result, the countries Ease of Performing Index features dropped from 23rd to 8th (with 1 getting the easiest) in the world.

To the south Korea is currently home into a population of 48. almost 8 million, every packed in an area slightly larger than the state of Indiana. Thus giving South Korea one of the maximum population densities in the world, with 508 people per sq . kilometer. The typical age of the people is 39, but is definitely predicted to carry on aging rather than getting more youthful. Despite a with a beginning rate of 8. four, a fatality rate of 6. three or more and a migration level of 0, the median age can be expected to maximize to 56 by 2050 (Neumann, 2012). This is stemmed by the estimation that simply by 2050 over 40% in the South Korean language population will be over sixty-five (Kuhn, 2013).

The language many spoken in South Korea is Korean language, while British is educated in middle section school. Education expenditures take into account 7. 9% of the countriesGDP, which ranks 2nd amongst Organization for Economic Assistance and Advancement (OECD) users (NCEE, 2012). South Korea is placed first among all OECD people for citizens aged 25-34 attaining tertiary education with 63% (Bell, 2011)

January 2013 unemployment rate was 3. 2 %, the very best in the past several months. General employment numbers fell by about 400, 500 jobs, with about two million of the people jobs misplaced coming from the gardening and structure industry (Staff Writer, 2013).

In the third quarter of 2012, South Korean non reusable income grew by four. 6% from the previous year, marking the fastest expansion since 2004. Oddly enough, consumer ingestion decreased by simply. 7 percent in the third quarter when compared to a year before (Lee, Yoo, & Meijer, 2012).

Even though the United States has had a large influence on it’s history and economic development, South Korea still maintains their particular cultural id. Neighboring Hard anodized cookware cultures, Confucianism, Buddhism and recently Christianity, have absolutely also played out their portion in surrounding the traditions of To the south Korea.

To the south Korea may be a country with a larger power distance, which is feature of Cookware cultures. Excessive power range indicates a hierarchical culture, where subordinates respect their particular superiors and quite often do not associate or have virtually any contact with higher management. America on the other hand, holds a low electric power distance, also characteristic of western and European international locations. The low credit score of forty five in this category reflects the American theory of “liberty and justice for all and their give attention to equal. Communication between managers and lower ranking staff is normal and part of everyday operations.

South Korea, very much like other Asian ethnicities, maintains a large collectivist position compared to the large individualist rating achieved by america. South Korea, with a credit score of 18, and the United States, with a rating of 91, are about as much apart as possible in this category. Collectivistsocieties including South Korea have a better loyalty with their companies and groups, where focus may be the good from the crew, not the person. The United States highly individualistic practices translate into a loosely knit society. Persons in the US will be more concerned about the well being of themselves and immediate family members, rather than the business as a whole or possibly a given group’s well being.

The us and Southern region Korea likewise differ within the scale of masculinity. A high masculinity report, like the United States, indicates a focus on achievement and materials items, when a femininity score, just like South Korea’s, indicates a spotlight on well being and quality lifestyle. This beauty score is probably derived from the teachings of Confucius as well as the dominant faith of Yoga as femininity is not really a characteristic of most Asian international locations.

The final dimensions, uncertainty prevention, is a measure of a countries willingness to accept or steer clear of a risk. South Korea scores will be among the highest in the world in this category, as the United States has a tendency to accept uncertainness. If a new unorthodox thought or personalized presents itself to many of these in each country, Southern region Koreans might more than likely stay away from the risk, whilst Americans will be more likely to consider the idea.

Culture is something which is influenced by many diverse variables. The former occupation in the Republic of Korea may have caused South Korean’s to digital rebel against the Japanese people culture that was instilled in all of them or take up the ideals. Religion might also have had an effect in the progress South Korea’s culture because Confucianism offers deep root base in Korea.

The politics system in place is democratic, with a chief executive holding a five-year term after getting elected. Much like the United States, South Korea features two primary parties with numerous third parties. Since the Cookware financial crisis of 1997 South Korea features taken a stand to fight data corruption in the govt. Despite creating a democratic system, South Korea still experience its reveal of file corruption error. A study printed in 2009 reports that seventy six. 8 percent of middle and kids see Korean society while corrupt (The Korea Times, 2009). The present president, Shelter Myung Bak, hasbeen surrounded by bribery scandals and embezzlement charges. Though no charges have already been filed against him, most of his president aides, elderly officials and in many cases family members have been completely indicted or convicted of corrupt procedures (Sang-Hun, 2012). Park Geun Hye, South Korea’s fresh president, landscapes government data corruption as a major problem and vows to focus on struggling the corruption throughout her five 12 months term. As well as the efforts made by elected representatives, the Anti-Corruption & City Rights Percentage (ACRC) is a major force in fighting corruption within just South Korea. In 2012 the ACRC earned the ESTE award inside the category of Preventing and Combating Corruption inside the Public Service, beating away 1, 377 other anticorruption agencies (H. Lee, 2012) A major inference of a dodgy government is the message that sends to foreign investors: a country with a significant personal risk can prove to be problematic for foreign shareholders. While additional risk elements are not since negative, like a low structured crime and high human being rights, the corrupt political system in place is undoubtedly in a negative way impacting the countries progress. The esteem for individual rights in South Korea is one of the cultures priorities. Mentioned previously earlier, Southern region Korea retains a high beauty score in Hofstede’s ethnical dimensions. The culture of South Korea holds joy and quality lifestyle as a larger priority than material possessions. South Koreans are also incredibly collectivistic, that means they think all together rather than inserting importance on the individuals well being. These two attributes coupled with a very homogenous populace leads to an ethical primarily based society having a low crime rate. The forces of globalization include shaped earlier times century of Korea’s background transformed it is economy from of the world least expensive to one with the highest. These types of globalization makes are still at the job today and will continue to change the country in several ways.

The positive effect Forces

The divide of the Republic of Korea as well as the Korean Warfare put South Korea in to close exposure to the ESTE and the US, connections that South Korea would later on capitalize to become a key player inside the global economic system. When To the south Korea was separated from North Korea, it had about the GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT of Bekwai, ghana and other poor African countries. Starting inside the 1960’s, Southern Koreastarted to advance away from agriculture and maneuver towards market and export products, leading to the “Miracle on the Han River.

Today, Southern Korea holds a transact surplus of 28. 6 billion USD, and the fifteenth largest GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT in the world. The explosion of the South Korean language economy was without a doubt catalyzed by the extensive aid extended to these people by the Us and the ESTE as a whole. More than a 20-year period from the end of the Korean War in 1953 to 1973, america gave out 6 billion US us dollars in financial loans and help to Southern Korea to rebuild its economy (Green, 2011). In 1973 once South Korea stopped receiving aid from the us, the countries GDP got reached 13 billion CHF, almost 6 times of what it was a decade prior.

Exports have always been the main part of Southern region Korea’s economic climate. Allies from the past like the European Union plus the United States shown themselves nearly as good trading associates for South Korea and today a majority of South Korea’s export products go to the Us, members from the European Union, China and tiawan and Japan.

The US-South Korea Totally free trade arrangement was put into action March 15, 2012 with hopes of increasing trade between your two countries. South Korea also handed a free transact agreement while using European Union in July of 2007. Opposing team to the deal, although handful of in amount, claimed that will decrease the South Korean language agricultural industry even more quickly than it is decreasing. The agreement will allow agricultural products to be shipped from the Us and The european union cheaper than they can be manufactured in South Korea. Although it is possible that South Korea’s agriculture industry may be damaged through these FTA’s, South Korea anticipates this agreement raising their exports, ultimately elevating their GDP in the long run. These kinds of trade negotiating are advantageous for our economy of Southern Korea.

In the past few years, South Korea has surfaced as one of the many “wired countries in the world. Southern region Korea hosts the planet’s fastest typical Internet velocity and an intelligent phone utilization rate of 60% of its inhabitants (Brian, 2012). South Korean language based technology company, Samsung korea, accounted for 20% ofthe place’s 1 . you trillion money economy in 2011(Weissmann, 2012). South Korea is also house to technology company LG, and emerging automotive titans Hyundai and Kia. These types of four firms make up a majority of South Korea’s exports and overall economy. South Korea’s technology market is of essential importance with their economy because four out of the nation’s top five biggest firms compete in technological based or motivated industries. The positive effect is key to fueling the expansion of export products and the overall economy for To the south Korea’s technology industry.

Since President Lee Myung Bak took business office in 08, South Korea has shifted focus to government deregulation. Foreign purchases and businessman activities are large areas of the Korean economy. In 2012, foreign immediate investments hit an all time high in South Korea, topping of sixteen. 2 billion dollars US us dollars (Jun, 2013). In previous years the shortage FDI entering South Korea was problematic for their foreseeable future. FDI entering the country makes new jobs, increase GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT and a regular of living increase.

Needlessly to say, South Korea’s outward FDI is larger than its influx, characteristic of your export-based economic system. Outward FDI’s are important to maintain growth in exports. Progress in exports does not usually indicate elevated employment, even though the increased revenue of the conveying company properly raises GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT.

With a country as greatly based on export products as Southern Korea, freelancing and offshoring are two major problems. While outsourced workers and offshoring into To the south Korea can be beneficial to the region, the same actions done by The samsung company, Hyundai or perhaps LG could possibly be extremely damaging to the economy. Offshoring and freelancing are an integral part and are also possibly even area of the definition of the positive effect. Offshoring and outsourcing may create job in the target nation while decreasing jobs in your home country. The bucks saved simply by companies through offshoring and outsourcing might add stability to a screwing up company, for that reason helping the countries economic climate and the GDP.

Migration prices can prove to be challenging in some countries, such as the Us. Net immigration rates can easily have results on staffing requirementws andunemployment rates. An rising country including South Korea in the 1970-80’s can be viewed as a nice-looking place to live and work, due to the considerably increasing economic system ultimately brought on by globalization. An influx of immigrants can be useful to properly staff companies, but may also enhance the employment rate. With an unemployment price for the surge, an increase in net migration is not beneficial to South Korea at this time.

Southern region Korea directly avoided a recession the first 1 / 4 of 2009 by placing a. 1 percent increase in GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT. That nevertheless , does not mean that South Korea emerged unaffected. The burst open of the US housing bubble in 2006 induced declines in credit supply and decrease in investor confidence, ultimately making negative impact of stock markets globally. As america dollar decreased in worth so too did the Korean Won. Korean reported a decrease in sales for the 4th 1 / 4 of 08 along with South Korean language auto export products. The decline in these organization markets produced a 5. 1% decline in national GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT for the 4th quarter of 2008 (Leitzing, 2009). The countries high export dependence on the United States and other Eu members as well hit by the recession finally set all of them up for inability.

South Korea quickly retrieved from the Great Recession, with stimulus bundle of 16 trillion Won (10. almost 8 Billion USD). A majority of the stimulus deal, 4. 6th trillion won, was spent on regional system while one more 3 trillion won was provided in tax rewards (Kim, 2008). Through this kind of stimulus package deal, South Korea avoided dipping back into a decrease in GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT and provides posted improves ever since Q4 of 2008.

During the Great Recession, the Korean Gained decreased much quicker than the Japan Yen: about 65% resistant to the Yen (Veale, 2009). This made providers and home goods in South Korea popular between the Japanese. Whose Yen is actually able to get the same product cheaper Korea than in The japanese. Tourism rates in Feb 2009 flower 71% when compared to previous yr and stores in Seoul often experienced waiting lines to join (Veale, 2009).

The great downturn in my mind was positive in the end for To the south Korea. The recession confirmed South Korea the value of a diversified overall economy. Exportsmay prosper when local currency cheapens, but will yield poor results when money drops. Household made goods and services paired with varied global lovers can be a great backdrop another contributions to the nations GDP crash.

South Korea is an extremely homogenous inhabitants, and in modern times racism and prejudice toward outsiders is becoming more prevalent. Though permanent immigration to Southern Korea can be not common due to laws and regulations, the atmosphere is still unfavorable toward non-Korean visitors. Organized crime is still low, highlighting their ethnical value of femininity. The reduced crime level is attractive toward potential shareholders. The racism and prejudice on foreign people that is established in the country is definitely non chaotic in mother nature and does not appear to effect global business tremendously. The homogeneity and nonviolent/criminal nature of South Korea is a great for the society and culture as a whole. The racism and misjudgment could be positive or unfavorable, depending on a high level00 Korean who values the homogeneity, or a foreigner just trying to fit in.

The globalization of Southern Korea offers transformed it from a war torn, poor, undeveloped land with little organic resources to a global economic competitor that it can be today. North Korea is a prime sort of what could have got happened to South Korea, were it does not for the economic wealth it has produced through the years. General, globalization has received a very positive impact on South Korea.


As stated previous and help in the previous section, I feel that South Korea can easily greatly reap the benefits of a greater varied economic profile. This can be achieved by a variety of means: more global partners, higher diversified make-up imports/exports/domestic demand, and movement away from this kind of a major dependence a small number of significant businesses. In the past few years South Korea has authorized two significant free control agreements: 1 with the Usa and one with the Eu. South Korea already performs business having a majority of the world’s best economies, but still has thecapability of expanding to other markets. Further FTA’s with non-technology and automotive focused countries just like Canada and Middle Far eastern countries could be of great gain to the South Korean language economy. South Korea must be careful the moment selecting lovers for their FTA’s, as to prevent negotiations with the help of a partner that could be possibly damaging towards the nations economic system. The motion toward establishing more global partners is important to Southern Korea to make certain economic stability. When the Great Recession had taken its cost on the United States, it took South Korea proper along with it. Although it is true that after the planet’s biggest economy goes into recession, that most countries will feel some repercussions, it will be possible to avoid precisely the same fate and remain secure through very careful planning and awareness of financial weak points. To the south Korea is well know world wide because of its extensive use of exports.

While the countries exports can place majority claim to the countries success, it is important that South Korea does not disregard the other areas of the economy. Coming out of the Great Economic depression, domestic items played an essential part of keeping the country undone while export products were screwing up to support the GDP as they did in past times. Exports likewise do not support jobs as readily as they did during the past. Production is now more streamlined and less labor dependent. To be able to sustain the countries low unemployment price more focus must be placed on domestic require. Samsung and Hyundai are two of Southern region Korea’s greatest businesses. The very best 10 biggest companies in South Korea contribute to 80% of the nations GDP, with 20% originating from Samsung by itself. Few, large businesses generating the economy is usually characteristic to get emerging countries. South Korea is now an existing country with a competitive economy that needs to push away from the unstable reliance on a small amount of businesses. Major innovations within a company or an industry can mean economical down turn for the region as a whole. Activities as inside as changing of panel members and even lawsuits with an individual company cannot be provided the opportunity to destruction the national economy. Countries such as Poland remained solid through the Superb Recession because of their lack of reliance on a single vendre. To imitate this, To the south Korea should encourage progress small and medium sized businesses capable of taking little shares of the nations overall economy. Although there happen to be laws and regulations set up to protect “ma and pa shops from bullying that may occur by big organization, South Korea needs to give attention to thedevelopment of such businesses into players from your and nationwide economy, instead of strictly protecting existing business. Southern Korea has become labeled as a model for all growing countries. In its creation, it was seemingly set up for failure, yet that succeeded which is now one of the world greatest economies. Southern region Korea right now needs to re-locate of the expansion stage and into the maintenance stage, to generate its position close to the top of the global economy.

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