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Pakistan is currently facing energy entrée as the generation lags behind demand. This is problems almost every expanding country face. In Pakistan mechanical energy meters were chosen for early distribution systems. These meters are prone to theft by means of many ways. Digital energy m overcomes those problems faced by regular mechanical meters. Energy upkeep is a huge injury in Pakistan while the robbery of electrical power is very prevalent. The power sector faces a massive problem in income collection due to the number of energy thefts and power loss.

You should know is the conventional method of invoicing which is mostly inaccurate, gradual, man-power dependent, costly and above all unreliable. Most of the designed and developing countries are opting for this approach of payment to refrain from nonpayment on the customer’s end. In Pakistan, meters implemented per home or areas are quite expensive. Their replacements in case of any kind of fault will be time taking and require high expenditures. Then there are lots of meter readers hired to take monthly readings of these meters which require huge man-power. With the growth in technology where equipment are taking above much of the manual work of man. Demand of the hour in Pakistan is to introduce an automated system of billing pertaining to electricity which usually would preserve huge amount of electricity and would support regaining equilibrium between energy consumption and energy creation.

To further improve the energy efficiency, consumers and suppliers need to be more aware about the energy usage. With the associated with microcontrollers and Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM), the concept of wise energy metres has come in to existence plus the conventional strength meters have been completely replaced by smart strength meters, which provide the way to most of the metering problems. Clever energy inmiscuirse overcomes problems as the meter directly communicates with all the utility and warns in case of theft.

Conventional energy meters will be error vulnerable, less useful, time consuming and straightforward to tamper as well. It will require huge man-power for meter reading contributing to the cost and Conventional meters can be interfered. The remedy for all these challenges is to fabricate the GSM based with net metering function clever energy meter. The main functions to design this smart energy meter should be to enable electricity management specialists to remotely access the consumer’s strength consumption and theft monitoring. The net metering function allows the solar power generating home-based consumers to sale the surplus solar energy back to utility.

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