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“Style is a way to say who have you happen to be without having to speak”- Rachel Zoe

Clothing products serve a better purpose than just covering and protecting a person body. Instead it acts a decoration of the body also it would make a statement with out uttering anything. However when it comes to style, preferences do perform a huge function in identifying that of a distinctive individual. Because of this , colour utilized in advertising and that of the clothes itself, is important as several colours have their respective impact on on distinct age groups. That is why colours in marketing have to be relevant to the age group in front of you.

This kind of research activity will concentrate on analysing the influence that colour has on buying personal preferences, specifically that of the fashion industry of individuals aged 16-25 years.

The population selection of this task only will include people who earn salaries and/or allowances i. at the. have the advantage of choosing and paying for their particular fashion items. The research accustomed to complete this task includes both primary and secondary exploration in order to arrive to a required and appropriate conclusion.

The primary analysis data that ought to be gathered will be done in the form of questionnaire studies, where essential questions will probably be asked in order to collect enough data to assist in analysing the research question. 50 people, both men and female, in the specified age group will be surveyed in order to attain useful data. Any second information will be obtained from existing sources such as reliable student websites with accurate data and literature written about topics tightly related to completing this. The aim of the secondary research is to collect relevant data so that it can be able to be employed as an aid in addressing the initial query of this research task.

The focus with the outcome on this task can be utilized in order to effect fashion sales businesses generate due to their advertising techniques and fashion colors used in their advertising campaigns. With any luck , this study task will shed some light around the aspect of powerful marketing for brand spanking new and potential businesses especially those of the fashion industry. The use of family member primary and secondary exploration together will need to result in a probably informative and enlightening record.

Books Review

There are various articles and literature that show how colour has an impact on your brain, thoughts and how that ultimately contributes to the activities of the customer. The content below almost all show how colour is utilized effectively in advertising plus the emotion the respective colors evoke in clothing shop customers.

The article published by tandfonline. com talks about how congruity of colours applied to an online web page changes the attitudes from the customers. The authors as well state that getting customer interest and making favourable perceptions are two very important promoting objectives. The experiments that they can conducted had been done in so that it will see how congruity, banner color and textual content colour influenced the thinking of the buyer towards the business and website. Incongruity has a better effect on recall and recognition, although congruity recieve more of an effect on attitudes with the customer. The second experiment implies that when the website evokes enough recall and recognition a moderate sum of congruity will develop.

The article written by Sophia Caragianis in simple terms, lets us know how each colour influences our feelings. The article lets us know that green makes us feel centered, relaxed at serene. Yellow increases your power and uplifts ones mood by instilling joy. White encourages pleasure, goodness and cleanliness. Green helps to reduce anxiety and encourages composure while giving off a natural feel. The colour purple is rich and remarkable and represents vips and luxury. Orange gives excitement and will stimulate urge for food. Red which can be commonly used in advertising to catch attention raises stress and the heartbeat. This may ignite the feeling the customer has to act at the time. Pink provides a calming effect on nerves and anger. It has the opposite effect of red and will keep you relaxed rather than enrage you. This article also states that it promotes feelings of love and attention.

This article “How really does colour have an effect on advertising? inch explains the consequences that the colours have upon consumer emotions about the merchandise and business.

The application of colour shows the type of mood you desire your buyer to associate with the business but particularly the product getting advertised. Blue which encourages serenity can easily hopefully carry through to the item. This article declares that to be able to catch the attention of a consumer, a shiny colour catchy colour ought to be used. Reddish colored would be a relevant colour to use as it is very vibrant and can catch the attention of customers in the marketplace of the relevant clothing retail store.

In order to attract the best target market study needs to be required for order to determine which colors will attract these people more over the normal specific. A huge element to be regarded would be the geography of the target market. This article as well states that choosing the right colours can help convey you will of the item, and in this situatio black inside the clothing market would represent elegance.

The article “Choosing the right coloring: a way to maximize sales”analyses the results colour psychology in marketing affects customer behaviour. In addition, it focuses on the right usage of shade. This article may be used to increase client attention and increase sales. This materials piece also states that colour affects how we interact with humans and inanimate objects. When advertising and marketing on virtually any platform it is highly important to use the correct colors that are obvious enough, to evoke the proper emotions. Factors such as age group, gender, tradition and economical level should be thought about when choosing shades to promote a product or brand. The concept of colours is a educated and can therefor change overtime. Colour in general can affect how a customer perceives the product and can create a great atmosphere in retail stores. This article looks at the literature and psychology of colour that means and its effects on the diverse industries

Physical objects within an environment and just how the eye and brain procedures and recognizes them are essential factors to consider think about brand and product colors. Colour stableness and constancy influences how the customer landscapes the object. Blue, green and red are definitely the primary colours that can be combined and as a result other colours will be formed from that. In this article, entrepreneurs believe that color has excessive influence in the selection process of goods. Colours separate competitive brands from the other person. Younger folks are also even more influenced by simply colour.

The article “The psychology of colour in marketing and logos ” claims that understanding relies on personal preferences, culture, childhood, experiences and cultural differences. The colors are categorised as follows:

  • Grey- balance
  • Green “peaceful
  • Blue-trust
  • Purple- creative
  • Red- excitement
  • Orange-friendly
  • Yellow-optimism

Based on this information we can see that colour notion is based on activities and one cannot admit these colors will always stir up these particular moods in individuals. A combination of colours will create the required mood, according to how much and where the colours are used. 90% of product judgements depend on its colour and appearance. Consumers will always favor recognisable brands and color is important when ever attempting to produce a strong and successful brand image. When a business sells high created clothing in that case, the appropriate advanced colours must be used when promoting that specific range e. g. the usage of black. Research needs to be put into the various colours and just how they influence people regarding their encounter to create a basic feel and character of the merchandise as this plays a massive role in persuasion.


A qualitative way was used to obtain information on how coloring affects sales in the clothing industry. A questionnaire which will be completed by a group of 60 individuals, ranging between the age range of 16-25 and this questionnaire will be made and handed out by myself towards the participant. The questionnaire to be used to collect more data around the topic at hand. 20 leaners from La Salle College or university, from the grade 14 and 12 classes, will probably be handed questionnaires to complete. The other 30 forms will be handed out to individuals, both male and female, ranging between your ages of 19-25, outdoors clothing stores in Western world Gate Searching Centre. Both males and females will be examined in order to determine if colours impact men and women differently. To avoid turmoil I plan on approaching every person calmly and kindly to simply ask if perhaps they more than likely mind playing a customer survey which will help me in completing this research task. Some of these persons will be users of my children. A colour questionnaire will be branded especially for inquiries that require color to be clarified. For moral reasons no names will be asked, recorded or pointed out in any from the primary study, findings and task. Personal information such as grow older, race and amount of money earned will be kept confidential. Simply no questionnaires will be handed to participants just before they are stamped and accepted for dispersal by the rule of La Salle College. Below is actually a copy in the questionnaire that will be handed out. Bottom line

This research task provides proven how vital color is in effective advertising. Bringing in the correct marketplace requires using the correct shades to attract that specific industry. Colours have a big effect on your mood and if not used correctly can have a negative influence on the sales of a business and a failure of a specific product. Poor usage of colors in advertising and marketing can consequence a minimum number of sales for the business. The info gathered by both the main and supplementary research has tested this vitality.


Businesses in the clothing sector should execute surveys like this one in this analysis task, just in a bit even more depth to get a proper understanding of their preferred target market.

They should pay much more attention to what their concentrate on markets are interested in and maybe do more research on different target market segments and check out a new section of the industry.

Businesses in the apparel industry should conduct a Biology version of this research task to get an in depth understanding of the brain and the impact colour is wearing it. After they conduct that test they will then do studies within the colours that could boost product sales for their business. Businesses inside the clothing industry are not the sole businesses which could use this exploration task to get this kind of valuable information that will assist boost all their sales and increase manufacturer strength.

Self -reflection

This study task was personally very tiring nevertheless interesting. It absolutely was very formative and offered me the opportunity to appreciate how colour affects the each day use of items. Personally I would personally do a exploration task similar to this again because it was total very educational and required very little exploration effort while the topic data was readily available. If I were to do this exploration task again I would get it done in a diverse subject just like Life Research because I would like to understand the actual affect that colour has on the brain instead of sales in the clothing market. At times this task was highly tedious as a result of technical problems that arose. As well the presentation of the info was a little bit complicated while each question needed to be analysed with its very own graph, table or data.

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