Though the progressives were good in several areas, exposing corruption was their greatest achievement. The effects of this generated the exposing frauds, unjust business practices, bribery, and many other unlawful procedures. Because the progressives had uncovered so much corruption, average citizens would soon have the advantage of cleaner operate conditions, larger wages, fewer voter intimidation, and more secure goods available.

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The progressives exposed much of the corruption that existed among business and politics. Businesses usually paid back politicians to avoid the passing of laws and regulations that could damage profits.

They also bribed authorities inspectors so that they would not possibly check anything at all out plus they would record back to the federal government saying that all is get bigger. The muckrakers finally uncovered this data corruption, and quickly the public was made more aware about these things. This kind of led to better conditions in factories because politicians began actually undertaking their careers.

At that time, a large number of people in politics had been extremely damaged, which brought on problems for a lot of.

They were paid off by simply businesses, these people were paid off by political equipment and they were paid off by simply other politicians. This led to many polls that would have got likely absent differently in the event corruption hadn’t altered so many votes. Anyone with enough funds could have improved any local selection, and many of these did just that. This file corruption error was exposed and after a lot of laws/acts were passed, corruption in federal government was reduced considerably.

For the very long time, firms had been selling unmarked products. No one experienced any idea whatsoever the thing that was in the products, and 50 percent the time, the items either manufactured people ill, or just basic did not do what the corporations claimed they did. Various ‘miracle cures’ and medicines did absolutely nothing, and several were also powerful and dangerous, generally harming people. When industrial facilities began to tidy up the workplaces and boost working circumstances, goods became safer to take in. After the Real Food and Drug Take action was handed by Leader Theodore Roosevelt in 1906, food had to be inspected and labels made up of a list of materials had to be added to each item. This resulted in safer food and, therefore, a healthier community.

The progressives excelled in exposing corruption and unfair business practices. They were more successful in this field than any of the others. For their hard work, we now live in a safer, much healthier, happier contemporary society.

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