Skilled practice is actually a combination of the application form and abilities and expertise informed by simply values and ethics. These questions detail the knowledge and understanding required in performing competent practice in the overall performance described in the unit

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Student Name: Laeticia Belle



1 ) Identify the legislation that relates to the recording, storage and sharing info in health insurance and social treatment?

The data security act 1998 is the main piece of legislation that governs the protection of personal data in the UK.

It describes the law in processing info on people living in the United Kingdom. The info protection work is set you in 8 principles: Personal data should be processed quite and lawfully.

Personal info must be obtained for a specific and lawful goal it shall not be highly processed in any way incompatible together with the purpose it had been acquired intended for. All personal data must be adequate, relevant and not accesive in relation to the purpose or functions for which they may be processed.

All personal data must not be kept for any longer than its important. It can only be kept pertaining to the time needed for the purpose of that information. All personal can be processed in accordance with the subject legal rights. They have the justification to have the data about themselves removed if they therefore wish. Every personal info must be secured at all time. Appropriate technical andorganisational procedures must be considered against unauthorised or against the law processing of private data and against unintended lost, destruction or damage. Any personal data must not be transferred to virtually any countries or perhaps territories outside of the European economical area (EEA) without sufficient protection.

The liberty of information action 200: thus giving individuals the justification to ask organisations such as local authority, GP’s, local law enforcement officials all the information they may have about them. They are some data that might be help back to protect numerous interests which will if that’s the case, the must be aware than it and information regarding individuals will be handled under the data protection act 1998. The full supply of the liberty of information work 200 arrived to past in January june 2006

2 . Describe why it is crucial to have secure systems to get recording and storing info in a health and social attention setting?

It is vital to have a secure system intended for recording and storing info in health and social proper care settings in order that both people and staffs private information will probably be protected coming from unauthorised browsing. It is the proper of the individual and staff for his or her private information toEverGreen Academy

QCF Diploma Wellness & Interpersonal Care level 2

Unit: CU2547

Lead to Health and Protection in Health and Social Attention

Understanding Questions

Competent practice is a combination of the application and skills and knowledge knowledgeable by beliefs and integrity. These concerns detail the ability and understanding required in carrying out qualified practice in the performance explained in the product

Learner Brand: Nyandeng Malek

Assessor: Elizabeth Ani


1 . Discover legislation associated with general health and safety in a health or social care work environment?

2 . Illustrate the main parts of the health and safety policies and methods agreed together with the employer?

three or more. Outline the main health and security responsibilities

5. Identify responsibilities relating to into the safety that will not always be carried out with out special training?

5. Explain how to get additional support and data relating to health insurance and safety?

six. Explain for what reason it is important to assess health and security hazards carried by the work establishing or simply by particular actions?

7. Make clear how then when to statement potential into the safety risks that have been identified?

8. Explain how risk assessment may help address issues between legal rights and into the safety concerns?

9. Illustrate different types of mishaps and sudden illness that may occur in individual work establishing?

10. Format the types of procedures to be adopted if an incident or unexpected illness should occur?

14. Identify guidelines that pertains to moving and handling?

12. Explain principles for shifting and controlling equipment and also other objects properly?

13. Discover hazardous substances and components that may be seen in the work environment?

14. Identify safe practices for:

storing unsafe substances? using hazardous chemicals? disposing of hazardous substances and materials?

15. Describe practices that prevent fires from:



16. Outline emergency types of procedures to be adopted in the event of a fire in the work setting?

18. Explain the value of keeping clear evacuation routes constantly?

18. Explain the importance of ensuring that other folks are aware of personal whereabouts?

nineteen. Identify common signs and indicators of stress?

twenty. Identify circumstances that usually trigger very own stress?

21 years old. Describe ways to manage very own stress?

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be protected which means protection of such information should be complied with the info protection work. Too safeguard confidentiality and ensures that info is accessible to those that needs to know, prevents id thefts and maintain the rights of each persons.

3. Identify how to get guidance, info and tips about handling information?

There are many ways a care assistant can get guidance, information and guidance about controlling information. For instance , induction, teaching, company’s policies and techniques, colleagues, persons; codes of practice including general social care council (GSCC).

four. Explain what actions to take once there are issues over the saving, storing or sharing info?

When issues are brought up over the saving, storing and sharing info it is the medical assistances responsibility to ensure that the issue is made mindful to the mature member of staff like the supervisor, line manager and everything to colleagues. It is also the health care assistances duty to make certain such info is registered accurately. The service users permission or consent should be obtained in the event the information is related to their privacy. If the details poses a threat or any sort of risk to the service user such as; in the case of mistreatment then the information must be exceeded to the ideal superiors regardless of service users giving their consent or not but confidentiality must be ensured.

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