Once discussing traditional realism and structural realistic look, there is always a debate about what distinguishes the two. There are commonalities between the two realisms but to really understand each, 1 must be familiar with differences. Mearsheimer uses a superb phrase to differentiate the two realisms. Mearsheimer states, “For classical realist, power is definitely an end by itself, for strength realists, electricity is a way to an end and the ultimate end is your survival (Mearsheimer 2013: 78).

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Classical Realistic look as Lebow states on page 61 is the fact “all national politics is an expression of human being drives and subject to similar pathologies.

 Time-honored realist centers solely on the state as well as source of electricity. Instead of taking a look at the big picture of the intercontinental system, time-honored realists proper care more regarding domestic balance and purchase. Structural realists on the other hand care little about why the states need power and focus even more on intercontinental system and what forces these says to pursue power. Structural realism may be divided. You will find the Defensive realist and the Offensive realist (Mearsheimer 2013: 78).

What Mearsheimer says regarding defensive realist is that claims should not try to maximize their very own powers entirely because if they do the program today is going to discipline them if they try to gain too much power. An Unpleasant realist seems that it is a great idea for claims to gain and access all the power as is feasible because with ensuring enough power, one particular will have delete word their own success. Classical realism compared to strength stress even more on the similarities between home and international politics as opposed to the differences (Lebow 2013: 60). With this kind idea, we come across classical realists stress more the ethical and stableness of areas.

Another big difference between Traditional and Structural realism is classical realist focus on connections in the being human; provide variations between the circumstances powers and revisionist says while likewise maintaining and emphasizing the importance in govt. Structural realist will deal with states as though they are dark-colored boxes: they may be assumed being alike (Mearsheimer 2013: 78). Structural realist main concern is definitely seeking that power and even though maintaining that power, making sure

their particular survival.

In my opinion I feel that Structural Realism can be an improvement upon Classical realism. The reason My answer is this is because in chapter 5, Mearsheimer genuinely breaks down structural realism in a sense that we consider it in two different ways. We’re able to look at it inside the Defensive realist point of view or maybe the offensive realist point of view. No matter what way we would like to look at Structural realism, all of us cannot only need a major matter for electrical power and who has it. Strength realism grows classical realistic look in the sense that not only is definitely power an important concern while we have this kind of power, we should make sure that the powers may not be taken away.

Traditional realism even now believes that power is an essential concern nevertheless the stability with classical realistic look I feel can be an issue. In the event that states simply concern was gaining the ability needed to become that hegemony power can they have the stability and so that it will maintain that? I feel that with Structural realistic look, there are even more tactics that can be used in order to take care of the power seized by claims without a concern of whether it can be taken or not.

Via what we have learned so far in the lecture I feel that Structural realism supplies states while using essential tips needed to get a hegemony power. This does not mean the Traditional realism has many problems nevertheless Structural realistic look is a more improved type of Traditional realism that permits states for being powerful whilst also preserving the purchase and steadiness in which to survive.

Work Reported

Dunne, T., Kurki, M., & Johnson, S. (2013). International Relationships Theories: Self-discipline and Diversity (Third ed., pp. 60-86). Oxford, United Kingdom: Oxford University Pres Inc.


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