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I have chosen unhealthy diet plan as the life-style behavior that affects my own health immediately. An unhealthy diet plan is defined as the intake of “high degrees of high-energy foods, such as fully processed foods that are full of fats and sugars” and salt. (WHO, 2018). Unhealthy diets are positively connected with cardiovascular diseases, overweight, high blood pressure, tummy and intestines cancer. (WHO, 2018) In this essay, I am using the elements from the socio-ecological framework by simply Dahlgren-Whitehead to gain insight and analyse the way the factors have got attributed to my own unhealthy diet. Age and SexBiological characteristics such as gender and era can impact diets. A report conducted says women include greater urges for sweet foods just like chocolates and desserts. (Hallam et approach., 2016)

Biologically, females experience changes in hormones during the menstrual cycle every month. A study revealed that 74. 3% of women reported cravings to get food which have been high in sugars and/or sodium content, seven days before their very own mensuration. (Dye et ing., 1995) Women are also more likely to react to excessive calorie content material food during their various monthly phases. (Hallam et ‘s., 2016) Era is also a key point contributing to detrimental diets. Youngsters are able to consume a wider selection of food such as fast food, treats and nice beverages mainly because they have better immune devices as compared to children and the elderly. (Simon ainsi que al., 2014) Being a woman and a adult, I use experienced urges for nice and saline food just before mensuration and gave in to them frequently. Additionally , when compared with when I was younger, I actually find me consuming better amounts of sugar/salt but significantly less fruits and vegetables mainly because I i am less susceptible to illnesses. However , biological attributes and innate dispositions will be inadequate to fully understand and explain it and they have been proven to have limited influence in shaping behaviours, choices and preferences. (Coll, et ‘s., 2004)

Although age and sexual can affect my own unhealthy diet, social factors beyond biology are vital. Individual Lifestyle Factors The first layer of the ZE model displays how individual’s choices and way of living can promote or perhaps damage well being (Soderback Uden, 2009). The kind of food a person choose to ingest is largely inspired and determined by preferences and motivation in wanting to take in healthily. (Brug, 2008) Personally, the two major reasons for my own unhealthy diet is due to my own preference for flavourful food and lack of motivation to enjoy healthily. Firstly, I have a preference for spicy food, food that are heavy in flavors, such as curry which are usually loaded with salt, sugar and fats. I would be more inclined to choose all of them over vegatables and fruits which generally taste blander to me when compared. If I would have been to eat vegetables, I would simply eat them if they were drenched in gravy. Second, I are unmotivated to enjoy food which can be high in nutritional fibre and vitamins because I do not have any noticeable, major health concerns as of now. Though I am aware of thr negative health associated with an unhealthy diet plan in the long run, I actually am certainly not actively undertaking anything to change it out because my daily bodily processes are regular and I will not feel any discomfort. Therefore , the combination of preference and lack of determination to change my personal diet manifests in my bad eating habits and choices. Equally factors lead to a unaggressive attitude toward a healthy diet and I would tend to give in to my urges and choices.

Cultural and Community Networks The second layer from the SE designs states which the support or lack of thereof, from social and community networks can positively or negatively have an effect on individuals’ overall health. (Soderback Uden, 2009) Eating behaviour and food options are intensely influenced simply by social situations and foodstuff choices are likely to model people who we are in close cultural connections with. (Higgs Jones, 2016) We live on campus and take in out every single day. I rarely eat homecooked meals and I prefer not to because it likes bland. Furthermore, my family really loves snacks and ice cream so there is always in a abundance of them. My parents might buy the best items and encourage myself to eat all of them when I am home. Hence, my family network provides me with the support to eat unhealthily. My social network consists of people who also have harmful diets. The majority of my friends and I have similar food desire. We take in fast food and snacks almost everyday and it has become a routine for people. As such, seeing that my friends share similar style and inclination with me, it provides me the support and opportunity that further motivates and encourage an unhealthy diet. Certain consuming norms happen to be produced and reproduced in social teams and we often eat more in organizations. (Higgs Thomas, 2016) In the event that member of a group deviates from the norms it may warrant simple sanctions such as disapproval and exclusion through the group, which will deters the from deviating. (Thomas Bishop, 1984) Personally, there is no network to support healthy and balanced eating in particular when I survive campus exactly where peer pressure is prevalent.

We have a strong tradition of supper because of co-curricular activities which in turn ends incredibly late, or eating supper as a type of socialising. Regardless of the awareness that late night ingesting is unhealthy and can boost the risk of unhealthy weight and persistent diseases (Kinsey Ormsbee, 2015), and the autonomy to decide if to eat, I often find it hard to reject supper requests. For me personally, supper holds a representational significance representing group inclusion which is more salient presented the fact that we live with each other. Thus, We eat an evening meal even if My spouse and i am already full because of the fear of exclusion. As a result, such cultural stressors as well contribute to my own unhealthy diet plan. My common food options are fried rice, roti prata, nasi lemak through the supper extend near NUS or quick and refined food by 7-1, which usually brings myself to the third layer of the SE model where my own physical, living conditions affect my own food options. Physical Environment Unhealthy food selections are readily available and accessible upon campus. Studies have shown that students who have live from parents shown changes in diets and have better intake of immediate, processed meals. (Poobalan et al., 2012) which is highly relevant to me. I buy meals from 7-11 often because this is a 3 tiny walk away from my hall, that makes it a practical supper place. My options there are immediate and processed food, which contains preservatives and are loaded with salt articles which can increase the potential risks of hypertonie and cardiovascular diseases. (Chia, 2017)

Lately, NUS in addition has increased the number of food and drinks vending machines notably in Central Library and Utown. As I study right now there very often, I possess easy access to them and consume all of them on a regular basis. Probably the vending equipment in NUS can offer healthier options for people like me who study until late. As aforementioned, I really like flavourful foodstuff and I want to eat Equivocada (numb and spicy food). Coupled with a rising equivocada trend, even more canteens in NUS start to sell that which makes it accessible for me to eat it. Equivocada is bad as it is greasy, salty and a lot of the ingredients are highly processed food. Thus, my living and learning environment gives ready, easy access to all types of unhealthy food which possibly molded my choice for junk food and written for my awful diet. Societal FactorsSingapore is actually a competitive, hectic society which will places large emphasis on education. Singapore’s education system provides often been analogised into a “rat race”, where educational achievements are highly prioritised. This has bred high levels of stress among students and tension becomes an integral part of students’ lives. Stress amounts correlates with “higher strength intake, increased saturated body fat and sugars intake, and poor diet plan quality” (Richardson et ‘s., 2015)

A study in the UK among students also revealed that under eating of fruit and veggies were associated with high tension levels. (Ansari, Berg-Beckhoff, 2015) Personally, I can relate very well to the stress felt while an undergrad due to factors such as getting low HAT which can impact my upcoming and anxiety about unemployment. In addition , females are likely to report higher stress levels. (Ansari Berg-Beckhoff, 2015) The need to cope with school work, the pressure to perform academically and taking care of hall activities to ensure I am able to secure enough points, include caused me a great deal of pressure. It gets more stressful during assessment periods and worst when I am on my period in which I will indulge in unhealthy food being a form of peace. Thus, the high stress levels skilled in school because of external sociable forces like the competitive characteristics of the Singaporean society plays a role in my unhealthy diet. It also illustrates how the interplay of my natural characteristics and societal factors can directly impact my personal health which usually encourages and promotes a bad diet.

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