I have often believed that the path to enlightenment is the “path of knowledge”. My good belief is the fact greater things can be attained through perseverance. An open brain and a determined approach are the basis for my own aspiration to pursue my own studies. Lately, my native country of India provides adapted for the trend of globalization and transformed coming from a low-tech manufacturing foundation into a technology-based economy. Growing up in this sort of a powerful and quickly developing economic system has provided me a solid interest in taking part in the business world of the future.

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With this historical interest in Accounting and Business, I i am very eager to begin performing advanced business studies. Business and Financing has been a great inspiration for me right from years as a child ever since I did previously be with the cash countertop of my own dad’s chain store. My introduction to Chartered Accountancy Program was my initial greatest motivation. I majored in Bachelor of Trade at School of �charpe in [India], a University with a reputation for excellence with regards to its organization programs.

Even though the rigorous academics environment provided certain difficulties, I achieved a great deal and built a solid foundation of experience and knowledge. The core subjects in my bachelors had been Accounting, Business, Commerce, Legislation, Taxation and Management Research. I have likewise completed the normal Proficiency Evaluation from the Commence of Chartered Accountants of India. I think that Down under is the ideal establishing for improving my competence in Accounting and Management while as well acquiring a broader, international viewpoint in Accounting.

I actually am presently applying to the “Masters of Professional Accounting”; so that I can learn and lay a foundation to have up to my own dream of to become full-fledged Chartered Accountant or perhaps working as being a financial analyst in a reputed Accounting Company. On extensive research more than internet and correspondence with acquaintances I have gained a wealth of information on the safe environment, religious liberty and audio economic conditions.

My sibling who has recently been transferred to Sydney to enhance implementations on existing Bank Applications Studying in Perth will make this experience more delightful as it is well-known for its exploration industries plus the vast job opportunities. Having an internationally suitable undergraduate degree and entry to all the best educationalists, Curtin School appealed the most to me. Curtin University have been top positioned; in the Shanghai Jiao New tong/tanga Annual Rank of World Universities (2011), Times Bigger Education’s (2011-2012) world school rankings and Quacuarelli Symonds World Universities Ranking by simply Subject.

Curtin Business School’s advisory panel includes 62 industry frontrunners from prominent Australian and international firms and gov departments. Studying the field of accounting nationwide means that We are lectured by the best market practitioners. The Curtin Business School offers industry genuine teaching strategies. Masters of professional accounting program includes all the required units and aspects required for enrollment in a Chartered Accountancy program from your ICAA.

It also provides a popular knowledge on the field of Accounting, Business, Taxation and Management studies which might facilitate my own profession and future interests. Master of Professional Accounting program is being offered by several universities around the world, each providing its own one of a kind course make up, but they lack the promising nature of accounting. The professional courses in India do satisfy the international caliber; however the range of accounting and business knowledge can be considerable rich in Australia.

Curtin Business School not only gives in-depth understanding of accounting yet also includes the legal environment that concerns the field of accounting. Having an abroad Accounting level is highly regarded as during recruiting in nationalized and reputed Accounting physiques in India. On completion of Masters of professional Accounting I would sign up for a Chartered Accountancy Plan from the Start of Chartered Accountants of Australia (ICAA) and follow my dreams of being a Chartered Accountant.

The ICAA offers universal connections with accounting bodies worldwide and transferring my practice to India would not become a complex task. The ICAA’s CA program involves equally internship and extensive subject matter knowledge thereby assisting me to be a powerful Chartered Accountant. Other potential career choices are; Business risk manager, Financial expert, Management expert, Taxation consultant and Treasurer. The different career alternative that I possess planned to execute should be to join a reputed Accounting Firm in India to get experience and knowledge.

In due course I would like to determine my own Talking to Firm featuring sound financial ideas and informed decisions to assist growing and created establishments. Using a strong wish to succeed expertly, through getting knowledge and research knowledge, I wish to participate in the graduate program of Masters in Professional Accounting with a major in Curtin University. We sincerely feel that my expertise will definitely be placed to maximum use, thus helping me get nearer to my dreams and dreams.

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