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Memo to the ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) of monetary development of Asia:

In recent years, Asia has come much in rehabilitating its community image. Asia was one of the East Cookware nations that experienced the quickest recovery from the 1997-98 Asian Financial meltdown, unlike Asia, which has lingered in the economic doldrums as. Unlike the rapidly aging employable inhabitants of The japanese, Thailand’s aged invigorated inhabitants is flourishing. Our nation’s economy was listed among East Asia’s best performers in 2002 and the year 2003. “Increased intake and purchase spending and strong export growth pushed GDP progress up to six. 3% in 2003 despite a lethargic global overall economy. ” (Government Guide, 2004)

No longer only tourist centre in the sight of the Western world, for foreign people desirous of engaging in perverse fantasies, Thailand’s complex Buddhist culture as well as the profundity of its interpersonal infrastructure is at a the cutting edge for both professional Traditional western scholars of the philosophy and eager newbie students by all over the world. Also, from a businessperson’s standpoint, Thailand’s longstanding free-enterprise economy has been pleasant to overseas investment. Its main export products have featured textiles and footwear, fishery products, grain, rubber, earrings, automobiles, personal computers and electric appliances. “The highly popular government provides pushed a great expansionist policy, including key support of village financial development. ” (Government Guideline, 2004)

It might be tragic if the current public health crisis that Thailand must address ahead of it is too late, impinged after this efficiently rehabilitated community image. These kinds of urges to stem the bird flu virus scare have never only result from tourists and Western governments. (Reuters, 2004) A recent document on the front side of the Bangkok Post explained Hotel employees and travel agents have named on the federal government to quickly and accurately clarify the bird influenza situation towards the world community in order to safeguarded the profitable tourism sector in the coming high period. (2004)

The Bird flu virus epidemic is usually thus both a public health crisis of real impact, and any economic crisis for the nation dependant upon travel and leisure, and enhancing its general public image as being a safe, family-friendly destination. Thailänder authorities must be commended for their openness

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