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The third alternative offers the first benefits of the first alternative. It also provides for focusing on main competencies and maintaining a compact organization to promote personal corporate culture of the second option. However , this option will have a disruption as the organization changes to a great autonomous organization that may be counter productive.

The fourth substitute of not any entry gets the benefit of not really subjecting LABEL to the risk of a new industry entry. Nevertheless , without this risk, it has the downside of not offering any potential reward. In addition, it does not permit further diversification of TAG, which has served it very well during more lean economic moments.


It is recommended that TAG pursue the first strategy of forming a healthcare industry division underneath the auspices of the original MARKING manufacturing agency body. This way, TAG can easily maximize the huge benefits to be had with this expansion opportunity. Simply by creating a separate division in the organization, it will allow for the manufacturing plus the healthcare sides to focus on all their core expertise and carry on and meet the needs of their very own clients. It will be easy to minimize the chance of losing important TAG culture, by focusing on mission assertions, vision, extended correspondence via Hagood and Brown helping this traditions, and procedures and types of procedures.

While Charles recognized that there was money to be made in asking, he determined that he wanted to make a firm that offered consumers more hands-on “practical application” consulting balanced with architectural services. Started writing an enterprise plan that reflected his approach to engineering consulting.

MARKING focused on important thing solutions to developing costs and engineering providers. While compiling the sector research because of their business plan, Charles and Robert had proven that there was few if perhaps any asking firms that specialized in the sort of manufacturing consulting that they intended to provide, including engineering and manufacturing seeing a “hands on” target.

So they will began to refocus their marketing efforts to grow all their cost-cutting companies, in which they will helped corporations institute trim enterprise “related services that pinpoint an functions value stream by increasing throughput, minimizing lead moments, improving top quality, improving client response time, and reducing inventory amounts. ” In addition they moved more heavily in plant moving consulting provided the number of firms relocating or consolidating.

So that you can continue to shift their services and rebound from 2001, Charles and Mike shaped TAG Protection and Facility Services (TMFS) along with Paul Casto, a former exec with Floor Daniel Firm. Casto can be described as degreed Professional with an MBA and an MS in Protection Engineering and brought 20+ years of experience with him.

In June 2005, Charles Hagood and Ken Lasley, a licensed architect in 40 claims, became the major shareholders in a new firm to provide architectural and style services. “TAG Design Solutions, LLC (TAG DS), a multi-state certified a/E company, provides a full-range of Task Management and Architectural/Engineering Providers in most every industries.

Previously, TAG experienced referred this kind of work to outside companies. Mike Dark brown only owns 5% of this new business, as he is definitely starting to look toward pension sometime within the next few years. Charles owns 45% given he is younger and has many contacts in industries that can use these kinds of services. Lasley is regarded as one of the better in building manufacturing and distribution features, and his standing brings his business with him. Earlier clients of Lasley included Wal-mart, Boeing, and numerous Japanese people auto suppliers. TAG DS also enhances the moving segment of TAG, seeing that most companies are relocating via an existing center to a fresh one, by giving a true “turn-key” approach.

Jabezco Industrial Group, Inc. is an connected company in Jackson, Tennessee that can offer construction, service provider, and set up services intended for TAG clients.

It had used three years following 9/11 intended for the capital extensive part of their business to return. It is expected that 2005 will be the 1st year the moment their initial capital intensive engineering talking to projects, plant relocation services, and their consulting in “lean enterprise solutions” will together be making income for INDICATE. The company utilizes six a lot of the time project managers at INDICATE, plus one in TMFS and TAG, with either Robert or Charles assigned to every project to oversee the project managers plus consultants all over the U. S.

TAG’s customer base comprises of primarily mid-sized manufacturing features or more compact divisions of Fortune 500 companies. TAG’s competitive advantage is that they power their associations and subcontract with other firms to become one single source to get the manufacturing industry’s needs. TAG has the ability to manage a client’s total project with one stage person rather than many.

As Charles explained, “most clients want one throat to choke, but hopefully that will never happen. inch Approximately 85% of TAG’s business is usually from do it again clients, which will matches their particular business beliefs of expanding long-term interactions with customers.

Charles and Mike both personally let it be known to her and stay in touch with all their clients.

Regular contact is additionally maintained through quarterly notifications mailed to be able to over a few, 000 people. While these newsletters supply the standard sort of information on the skills they offer and also other articles appealing to their clientele, Charles has added his individual touch to reflect the TAG tradition and to help them stand out for their customers.

In addition to the print out newsletters, INDICATE sends out monthly e-magazine that gives lessons discovered or articles of interest to clients. INDICATE also keeps in touch with clients through the distribution of standard project changes and case research.

Charles has additionally invested time and money on TAG’s website design. Few, if any, engineering businesses get business off their very own websites. Nevertheless , TAG’s website generates roughly 25% with their new clients.

TAG’s clients include some large manufacturing companies, including Cessna, GENERAL ELECTRIC, United Solutions and Honda. Many of TAG’s larger consumers are based on the relationships that Hagood and Brown designed with them while they were with the former company. Most of TAG’s newest consumers are modest sized companies with 200-1000 employees and $40-$500 , 000, 000 in earnings. Some of these clients are held by Good fortune 500 business parents, but the operating devices they work together with are smaller sized and relatively autonomous

Hagood and Darkish have purposely built INDICATE to reveal their faith based convictions and values. The most important aspect of this really is a strong emphasis on integrity in most that they offer to their clientele. To Charles and Robert, one of the main advantages to as being a private organization is that they “only have themselves to please” in terms of the financial efficiency of their organization. They have focused on each other that they may not sacrifice their beliefs for revenue.

Clients include recognized this kind of aspect of TAG and have mentioned on how very much they value their ethics

Church subsidized mission excursions are a frequent occurrence to get TAG employees and their people. TAG will pay for the bills related to these types of church subsidized mission tasks for all staff and in some cases their family members. LABEL employees and family members include participated in three to four quest trips a year around the world, which includes Asia, Africa, and the Appalachian region with the U. T. Charles and Mike have got committed through the very beginning of TAG to contribute roughly 8-10% of net income to charity. Nevertheless , even during years if the business has already established losses, they still provided significant items to charitable organisation.

In addition to mission tasks, other charitable contributions go to local churches, recruiting children whom cannot afford to sign up youth athletics programs, a scholarship account to support working adults pursuing college certifications, the local YMCA, and other community organizations.

From other very origins in Mike’s basement, Robert and Charles have knowingly avoided anything that they considered to be extravagant spending. Even as LABEL became more fortunate, they decided to operate out of a relatively priced work place and to continue to keep travel costs down simply by flying the discount aircarrier Southwest and staying in resorts such as Hampton Inns intended for Charles and Microtel to the even more conservative Robert.

Currently, INDICATE has no excellent debt beyond normal transact credit. The business was required to draw issues line of credit throughout the period right after 9/11, but this was repaid in full the moment cash flow improved.

Although thrilled by the prospect this new industry offers to TAG, the partners know that there are many issues that will need to be resolved. Charles and also other existing MARKING consultants are currently doing a lot of the work independently for the initial few clients to understand how their very own consulting companies can best be applied to the brand new client base, which is requiring a strong investment of his period.



Author. “Title of Article. ” Publication Name Quantity Number (if necessary) twenty-five Dec. 2003: page number-page number. Repository name. Support name. Selection Name, Metropolis, State. Particular date of get.

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