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Safe Patient Positioning

Really all about secure positioning in robotic surgical treatment: Protecting Patients, Promoting Safety.

D. Jacqueline Arroyo RN, MIS / Cardiac Robotic Specialist

Massachusetts General Medical center

According to the New England Log of Medicine, a lot more than 80, 500 robotic surgery procedures have already been performed as 2008[footnoteRef: 1]. Consequently, health care establishments are progressively opting to purchase robotic technologies which offer tolerance the best quality of care and attractiveness while innovative strategies. Although current literature is limited, studies show that patients who have undergo robotic-assisted procedures knowledge reduced operative time, skin damage, blood loss, pain, infection costs, and extent of stay compared with patients who undergo open or physician led laparoscopic techniques[footnoteRef: 2]. Additionally , modern tools has been introduced to ensure 3d imaging to get optimal patient monitoring and safety.[footnoteRef: 3] It is because of these findings that numerous surgeons and hospitals equally are starting to realize that robotic assisted methods have the potential to lessen the invasiveness of surgical treatments and ensure increased precision. [1: Barbash 2010] [2: Herron 2008] [3: Ballantyne 2002]

Robot-assisted surgery has a a lot more complex amount of patient prep then classic surgery. Due to this, the nature of automatic surgery enhances the role of the nurse included in the medical care group. Nurses are getting to be increasingly in charge of keeping up dated on medical literature and learning the techniques and technologies which have been involved in automatic surgery in order to recognize problems in set up and patient positioning. Along with this part comes the nurse’s vital role in communicating calibration issues with doctors, anesthesiologists, and also other members with the medical team. It is this kind of role of the nurse that is certainly critical to patient safety.

Patient positioning prior to, during, and after robotic surgical procedure cannot be glossed over. When a individual is having robotic surgery, the medical staff should construct a plan of patient treatment. This plan not merely includes the surgeon executing the procedure, but also the role of the anesthesiologist before, during, along with the procedure. Preoperative nurses and other members with the healthcare group should communicate to prepare the position in the patient depending on the operating place used, structure of the room, equipment size and location, personnel in attendance, approach, and type of surgical procedure, all of which is definitely planned before hand by healthcare professionals. Additionally , nurses are responsible to get evaluating affected person readiness intended for robotic medical procedures including all around health and balance. Patients require adequate pulmonary capacity or perhaps be able to screen a clean bill of cardiac overall health in order to move forward with the robotic surgery as a result of type of ease and medical equipment used. The most important component is the heartrate. A gradual and steady heart rate is important for correct surgical conditions as a great inconsistent heart rate could bring about errors with the machines.

There exists a steep learning curve in operating and working around software surgery strategies. This is especially true to get cardiac clubs embarking in TECAB’s (total endoscopic heart bypass grafting), mitral valve repairs, asd repairs and Lima consider downs making use of the robotic-assisted program. Unfortunately, you will discover only minimal basic training and modern requirements making use of the robotic – assisted system for all users of the working room personnel, and these requirements usually not highlight the importance of operating crew integration.

Pre-Operative Patient Preparing

Surgical prep and the position of the patient for heart failure robotic –

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