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Talking about an chair is speaking about health, since sitting properly has become a vital issue today. Who has not really spent several hours in front of the computer system and endured those terrible backaches? Precisely what are these cervical problems that we now have suffered over and over again? And it is that adopting a negative posture when sitting brings about a series of pathologies that have an effect on our health.

Thus, for people who work in offices creating a suitable chair is essential to prevent future accidental injuries that injury not only the worker himself but likewise the employer. Certainly not in vain, various research agree in stating that between 60 and 80 percent of people knowledge back pain at some point in their functioning life. This kind of circumstance means very extensive individual, economic and sociable costs.


This pathology, known as by a lot of experts the epidemic with the 21st century, and direct outcome of inactive lifestyle, is transferred to the youngest, towards the school children. Security alarms have jumped in the sector, so that the Relationship of Physiotherapists of Andalusia, like various other institutions inside the Spanish terrain, is arranging workshops aimed at educational centers to raise awareness among professors, parents and students about the importance of maintaining an appropriate postural care.

From this attempt to stop this disease, the chair represents an excellent start. But do we know what ergonomics is? Quite simple. In basic principle, note that this term was coined in 1857 and it is derived from the Greek phrases ergos, this means work, and nomos, laws and regulations. Therefore , ergonomics means labor laws. For its part, the Spanish Association of Ergonomics indicates that it is the group of applied technological knowledge so that the work, devices, products and surroundings are tailored to the physical and mental capacities and limitations from the person.

Its aim, says the organization, is to modify the work to the capacities and possibilities of an individuals. In fact , it is usually affirmed with completeness that science assists improve functioning conditions. Therefore, the chair can only advantage its consumer. In this regard, it should be noted that this aspect is the reaction to years of work, in which experts in executive, design, medicine, physiology, mindset, etc . have got agreed to offer a product of great use intended for the student plus the worker.


For its features, say that these chairs have got a system of height control and all it is components that produces the body match perfectly in it. In general, you must have wheels to turn and locate conveniently without the end user having to get up and take a moment. It must as well flex while using spine. The feet must be at ground level and the shoulders rest with the elbows remaining nearby the body.

Regarding their benefits in the workplace. may be specified in three:

  • Look after the health of the worker. The aspect for a company that wants and is also committed to the safety and overall health of their employees.
  • Reduces operate absenteeism. It can be proven that back pain is one of the main reasons to get sick leave in the world.
  • Improve the function performance. Great posture translates into greater staff member efficiency. A culture of safety and health within your company means greater production.
  • Finally, it is important to notice that during your choice it is essential to be guided by a specialist. In Dicode, we have pros willing to counsel you to acquire the one which best suits your preferences among an array of models and prices. Investing in a great ergonomic chair is usually investing in a healthier work environment, buying productivity, in well-being, in health.

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