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In this essay, Let me examine Eileen Barker’s exploration methods in her work on the Moonies and measure the practical, honest and theoretical considerations of information collection with reference to one main method. Let me discuss the techniques that Barker used in her research, just how she used them and whether or not these kinds of methods were inherently problematic.

Eileen Barker is a Teacher of Sociology who concentrates mainly on the study of ‘New Faith based Movements, Cults and Sects’ (Professor Eileen Barker OBE FBA, 2018). She has completed extensive study over the course of 6 years on the cult in the Unification House of worship, members that were appropriately named ‘Moonies’ by the American media ” after all their leader Reverend Sun Myung Moon. Through the 1970’s, the Unification House of worship ‘UC’ would still be ‘a relatively closed community’ (Dawson, 2003) but received negative multimedia attention due to allegations of corruption, deceitful recruitment methods and brainwashing of it is members. This kind of bad press mainly been a result of ex-members and anxious relatives (Dawson, 2003), which will resulted in countrywide concern based on its developing influence, and recruitment with the young and impressionable.

The Unification Church was founded in 1954 by Reverend Sun Myung Moon in Seoul, South Korea. It really is officially called ‘Holy Heart Association to get the Concentration of Community Christianity’ (Unification Church, 2016). Sun Myung Moon is known as the Messiah of this religious movement. Their very own scripture contains the Holy book and the Divine Principle. Current members are thought to be near 3 mil in total based upon official documents (Unification Church, 2016). Following the intense criticism and adverse media protection, the ‘UC’ sought out the reputable sociological researcher ” Eileen Barker, to carry out research on the chapel. This was performed, perhaps, to mitigate some of the negative mass media attention and criticism. Barker’s (1984) study on the ‘UC’ is special due to the churches’ willingness to co-operate with her and allowing her ‘relatively cost-free access to the group’ and ‘gave her a more highly effective position to negotiate’ the terms on her research (Monahan, 2016). Her research was carried out primarily in the UK and USA, and was financed by the Uk Government as well as the Unification Church itself.

Barker’s aim for her research was to attempt to solution the inquiries “Why ought to ” how could ” anyone become a Moonie? ” and also to find out whether the individuals who signed up with the ‘UC’ were, actually brainwashed. To resolve this issue, Barker used a triangulation of four various kinds of methods in her research:

1 . Preliminary questions

2 . Overt Engagement and Observation

3. Specific Interviews

4. Questionnaires

Barker’s Initial concerns consisted of three different amounts:

1 . Personal Level: Contained questions regarding individual experiences and experience within the ‘UC’.

2 . Social Level: Contains questions regarding communication involving the individual people and nonmembers of the church and their interactions within the Moonie community.

three or more. Impersonal Level: Consisted of concerns regarding the sociable structure, background status of the movement in a wider framework of culture as a whole.

The results of these questions gave Barker an understanding and the context of the motion and its members. Barker spent close to 6 years coping with and watching the Moonies. She was an overt participant, which in turn meant that the lady was able to take notice of the Moonies within their natural environment and gain a deeper insight into the operation of the sect.

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