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The Physical and Chemical Houses lab provides the opportunity to check out the physical and chemical substance properties of pure substances and evaluate the test results.


In the beginning of the experiment, I filled two 24-well dishes half way with the offered chemicals and sucked up these chemical compounds into their labeled pipets for later use. Following this, My spouse and i performed numerous steps on each one of the four check tubes and recorded observations of the distinct substances including odor, color, reaction to temperature, the effects on the red and blue litmus paper and HCI reactions.


Because so many of the findings are known on the table previously mentioned, it is a reasonable assumption that every one of these chemicals went through some kind of change whether it absolutely was a chemical or physical alter except for Zinc. This may be since I had lowered my Zinc sample together a tough time locating the items but by no means the significantly less; it had little or no to zero reaction to the tests.

Also, regarding the boiling level and shedding point of different substances; some had simply no reaction whatsoever.


Did you viewer any chemical changes in this experiment?

Yes, Litmus daily news is one of chemical solely and was effected by all the chemicals except for Zn.

What evidence did you use to decide that something was a chemical change?

Chemical compounds of the litmus paper reacted together with the chemical compounds from the substance tested to create a fresh compound making change of color of the litmus daily news. No proof was visibly seen when MgO Mg(OH)2.

Give at least two examples of chemical substance changes you observed.

One example was the reaction on the litmus paper plus the second case was Magnesium (mg) oxide’s turn into Magnesium hydroxide when brought to water.

Sort out the following houses of sodium metal since physical or perhaps chemical

¢ Silver metallic color: Physical

¢ Turns dreary in surroundings: Physical

¢ Touches at 98oC: Physical

¢ Responds explosively with chlorine gas:


Classify the next changes as physical or chemical

¢ Water stalls at 0oC:


¢ Preparing soda when ever combined with white vinegar produces pockets:


¢ Mothballs gradually vanish at space temperature:


¢ Ice cubes within a freezer get smaller with time:


¢ Preparing soda manages to lose mass since it is heated:


¢ Tarnishing of silver precious metal: Chemical

F. How do you show that dissolving table salt can be described as physical alter?

By cooking the water and using a handiwork process to extract the pure salt. Once every water is definitely retracted, you can view that the sodium never went through a chemical change.


By conducting this laboratory, it can be viewed that physical and chemical substance changes invariably is an everyday happening among a number of substances. Employing prepared lab techniques, we can make qualitative observations on the appearance, smell, and reactions of different substances. The Physical and Chemical Properties research laboratory provides the possibility to investigate the physical and chemical homes of real chemical substances and analyze the experiment results within the helping principles and techniques. By doing this, the following may be learned though the experiment: Chemical substance properties identify the habits of a compound to undergo chemical change and physical homes commonly used to characterize genuine substances happen to be color, stench, hardness, density, melting level, boiling level, and solubility in various solvents.


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