As we know that each coin has two encounters, same with scientific research. Good morning to everyone today I Anoohya is here to tell you about the offered topic technology is a advantage or skinnelegeme. Science everyone has his own contemplated it several say it is good even though the others claim it is negative nothing is good or bad but it depends on the man how he uses it. What if the world without electricity? Of course not. Inventions are made with the idea of improving mens life not with the thought of doing damage to the peace of the person.

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Science in its is practically nothing, created by simply humans, and is also used by humans only at all they want. So , why to criticize research if there is virtually any wrong effect of it? Scientific research not only skinnelegeme but a boon to whom it is effectively used.

To get scientist just like Edison and Einstein it is just a boon. Nowadays due to incorrect usage of science& technology by simply some young people makes father and mother to think that it is bane.

They think improvement in cultural and technological development makes their wards to move in wrong route who will not understand even without science their very own wards may well move in similar path. Improvement of technology results in development of technology which will we need for the sophisticated existence. This only helps in this super fast 100 years to make our work much easier within the short time. Sir Alfred Nobel experimented with dynamite to clear huge mountains to turn this into effective land. But modern guy is using it to eliminate his many other human beings and destroy character.

The destructive potential of atomic energy was observed in August 1945, when the Us dropped atom booms on the Japanese towns of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Those who survived the indivisible bombing suffered from its aftermath. It is a terrible fact that most of the national profits of a developing country is spent on acquiring latest weapons, bombs and missiles.

Guns, revolvers, tanks and fighter airplanes, explosives, indivisible bombs etc . Were created to develop a powerful security system to protect the faithful masses, however misuse is actually crushing mankind. Apart from atomic weapons, man has also started out stockpiling biological and chemical weapons. These kinds of weapons are also extremely risky. So , within my view research is always a boon pertaining to right people who utilize it correctly. Every endroit have two sides since science also have two attributes based on the person who put it to use Thank You

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