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Health Risks of Older Adults: Social Solitude

Social solitude is a key health exposure to possible older adults (Landeiro, Barrows, Musson, Greyish Leal, 2017). It can cause symptoms of major depression, loneliness and withdrawal pertaining to older individuals who shortage connectivity towards the community exterior their living rooms. These symptoms can influence both the mental and physical health of older adults and drastically reduce all their quality of life. Main risk elements of remoteness include (Elder Retrum, 2012):

· Living alone

· Mobility or perhaps sensory impairment

· Significant life transitions

· Socioeconomic status (low income, limited resources)

· Being a care-giver for someone with severe impairment

· Emotional or cognitive vulnerabilities

· Location: country, unsafe or inaccessible neighborhood/community

· Small social network and inadequate social support

· Vocabulary (non-English speaking); and

· Membership in a vulnerable group

A registered nurse (RN) may assess this issue by getting a health background physical examination of the patient. Especially the REGISTERED NURSE would try to find symptoms of listlessness, detachment, and disinterest inside the persons area. The individual may possibly demonstrate an absence of communicativeness and a lack of a desire to speak, if withdrawal or despression symptoms is the main symptom. Alternatively, if loneliness is the main symptom, the older person might demonstrate a desire to talk for length about anything and not be happy to end a conversation. Those two extremes can actually be symptoms of the same issue of sociable isolation.

One way to effectively assess for the situation of interpersonal isolation in older adults would be to use the National Interpersonal Life, Overall health, and The aging process Project (NSHAP) data, that have multiple indications of interpersonal connectedness, sociable participation, support, and isolation among elderly adults (Cornwell Waite, 2009, p. 38). Cornwell and Waite (2009) state that making use of the NSHAP info, an RN could determine this problem in a patient by measuring interpersonal disconnectedness (i. e., physical separation by others) and perceived isolation (i. elizabeth., feelings of loneliness and a lack of interpersonal support) (p. 38). A scale could be applied to this kind of measurement of variables including social network size and range, percentage of social network whom lives in precisely the same house while the patient, rate of recurrence of conversation, closeness with network members, living arrangements, quantity of friends and family members, volume of children, presence at sociable services, etc (Cornwell

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