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The aim of this kind of report is in order to analyze a personal making decisions and the concerns in the process of decision within a workplace with critical representation which includes academic theories plus some models. Several reflections will be given to deal with the problems. We worked because an accountant within a technical firm which produces various Laserlight Cutting Equipment. The machines are used in car-making, ship-building, and these kinds of markets are extremely potential in China. Therefore , the financial situation was great in the business.

However , intended for expanding more markets, the organization planned to make Plasma Reducing Machines which tend to be used in industrial machine making such as electrical cabinet creation, metal developing and diggers.

The company set up a work crew which was consisted by 9 staffs from different departments and use three months to investigate whether the fresh plan needs to be implemented, plus the boss built the final decision according to the tips from the staff. I was designated as one of the associates in the work team, and I took part in the crew to collect the information of Plasma Cutting Devices market.

The research showed that the new program is valuable, and if the business produces the brand new machines, this could bring even more increase of sales. Now, the supervisor decided to produce Plasma Cutting Machines to enlarge larger market. Yet , because of the Anatomist equipment developing market recession, the sales of new equipment decreased 12 months by yr. After five years, this new plan brought a large number of deficits.

2 . The Normative strategies of making decisions

As we know that there are two varieties of decisions which can be programmed decisions and nonprogrammed decisions (Simon, 1984). It truly is clear that in this case, the decision is participate in nonprogrammed decisions because the decision maker need to choose if the company should produce the new machine, and it was not routine. To get the decision machine, it included high risk and uncertain elements. Before the supervisor made the decision, he must consider a lot of factors. In line with the normative designs (Anthony Hopwood, 1974), it can be noticed that the boss noticed that the company probably should not only promote the Laserlight Cutting Equipment, and it needs to develop better.

Then in order to earn more money, decision maker suggested investing to product new machines which can be Plasma Slicing Machines. At the same time he founded a crew to evaluate the master plan. The team accumulated the information including the framework and capabilities, cost and market value about the new machine. According to the team’s evaluation, the boss believed this expenditure has extremely high market value. Therefore , he decided to add a cool product line to create Plasma Cutting Machines. Up coming, according to the client requirements, fresh machines had been produced.

a few. Outcome

They spent 3 months to do the investigation about the Plasma Trimming Machines, plus they thought the modern machine could bring the rewards to the company. As a result they will advised the boss to implement the newest plan, and the boss recognized the recommendation. After that the organization invested to the new task with a large number of funds. However the decision manufacturer prepared lots of things before he decided to put in a new range to produce Sang Cutting Devices, the new program seemed less successful when he expected. The sales in the new equipment decreased season by yr, and this generated a large number of failures five years later which even motivated the financial circumstances of the Laser Cutting Devices.

4. The difficulties and evaluation

4. 1 ) Team job

In the process of decision making, crew work was crucial to your decision maker, and this way brought some benefits such as marketing the employee’s work efficiency; using even more opportunities that are provided by advanced science and technology; producing work be effective through the range of capabilities and knowledge distributed coming from team members (Schein, 1965). However , because of the benefits, the manager relied within the team too much and disregarded the down sides of the crew. This was one of the most important reasons why selection an defeated decision. The team was a r and d team which can be usually found in highly technical company (Ashleigh, 2010).

The work staff needed to acquire a large number of advice about the new machine. First, the members must research the structures and functions regarding Plasma Cutting Machines. Moreover, the members also need to review the revenue situation in the new devices in the market. Furthermore, the cost of just about every machine must be confirmed, andaccording to the revenue and price, the associates needed to determine the profit. In the meantime, they must study if other related companies which in turn need to work with Plasma Reducing Machines and could become the consumers have potential in the future. It can be clear that the team helped to develop and test new items, and this job not only needed members’ specialist knowledge but also members’ innovation and experience with this field (Ashleigh, 2010). Whereas, the users ignored a lot of important factors if they analyzed the newest products. First, the cost of the Plasma Reducing Machines are incredibly expensive, and machine requires more than thousands and thousands dollars. As a result, most customers favored renting the machines to purchasing them, and this contributed to the decreasing product sales.

Second, the depreciation from the new equipment increased quickly, and the aspects of the new machine are very expensive and can be broken easily. Consequently , the company had to cost higher price to fix the machines. In addition to this, there were a few other disadvantages. At the same time of the examination, the issue usually occurs among the associates because of several sources just like individual distinctions, incompatible desired goals, different values and philosophy (Hinds and Bailey, 2003). In this case, the members from the team all came from several department just like Production Office (PD), Basic Accounting Department (GAD), Advertising Department (MD), and Purchasing Division (PD).

Every department aimed at different parts of the newest plan. PD concentrated even more on top quality of the devices; GAD taken notice of the monetary return; MARYLAND focused on market value and consumers; Purchasing Department paid more attention to the expense of every equipment, as a result whenever they have relational problems, they might have different views. This situation contributed to negative issue (McShane and Travaglione, 2003). Consequently, the conflict induced the result of they work was not to be target.

4. 2 Uncertainty and Risk on the market

In the process of decision-making, you will find often a lot of uncertain outcomes we cannot see recently, and it implies it has dangers. Furthermore, in the event the risks try not to be solved with time, they may get a crisis towards the company (Davies and Walters, 1999), as well as the crisis can result in undesirable implications. According to the team’s analysis regarding the Sang Cutting Machines, the manager thought the new machines had very high their market value because they are applied inthe Anatomist equipment developing market such as electrical pantry production, metal manufacturing and diggers, plus they were very popular industry in China.

However , the market is changeable, plus the Engineering gear manufacturing marketplace was caught up in a issue from 2011. Contraction with the current architectural machinery marketplace is mainly because of the downturn in the construction of high-speed railroad, and the system construction was completed steadily. This, subsequently, led to the decreasing sales of the Sang Cutting Machines. Obviously, the choice maker would not realize the uncertain factors before he made the final decision.

5. Reflection

As a decision maker in the company, 1st, he relied on the operate team excessive. According to the Big Five Individuality Model, it really is clear that he was not creative enough which means he gets low scores upon openness to see (Digman, 1990). The purpose of the work team is made for providing some professional tips to the decision maker, therefore the boss will need to improve the specialist knowledge about the Plasma Reducing Machines. Second, the manager should provide more time to the team, yet he only gave three months to the crew to collect the info and analyze the new strategy. It is obvious that three-month time was insufficient to analyze this complicated prepare clearly since the team had to do a large amount of work. Also the decision maker should ask more workers into the crew because even more members may give more specific knowledge and suggestions. It will help to collect additional information and play a role in a more effective decision. One more reflection is usually when the unfavorable conflict is out there, the people should solve it effectively.

According to the Nelson’s (1995) taxonomy, they can use the direct approach to deal with the conflict this means when there are a few conflicts among the list of members, they leader helps you to solve the problems directly. They can also use bargaining approach to fix the conflict. For example , In cases like this, if the members from Basic Accounting Department hold the different ideas regarding buying the aspects of the Sang Cutting Devices with Purchasing Department, other members needs to be the mediators and objectively examine the two different points. This method can help they give far better advices towards the decision manufacturer. Moreover, prior to the decision making, the boss should do the review about the situation in the Engineering products manufacturing industry because this industry isassociated together with the new program.

If the Executive equipment manufacturing market provides great financial situation, that means even more companies need to buy or lease our new machines. In the mean time, he also needs to know about the country policy as it plays a significant role in economic market. Sometimes if a company contains a good financial circumstances depends on the nation policy. The final reflection is the decision machine should do a risk evaluation to decrease the risk of the new strategy (Teale, Dispenza, Flynn, Currie, 2003) before he made the ultimate decision since the technology of producing was not adult at that time. At same time, he can examine the experience from all other Plasma Trimming Machines corporations, or they can implement the newest plan till this technology becomes adult.

6. Realization

This survey illustrated the decision making regarding whether the new machines should be produced in a technical organization. In the process of the decision, several issues came about and generated the screwing up result. One of the problem is the group did not provide the suitable suggestions, but the employer still depended on the team’s analysis too much. Another issue is the uncertainty and likelihood of the financial market, plus the boss did not realize the chance of the Plasma Cutting Machines. Contraposing the difficulties, some reflections were be provided, and these kinds of reflections might help the company to resolve some concerns. If the decision maker can think about the new plan specifically, the outcome could possibly be not so discouraging.


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