1. Ladies and Gentlemen, Good Morning! For the Division of Translation Studies I would really prefer to everyone should be open all of you today to our school in Public Speaking. As you know, we certainly have long had such a category in our The english language Section subjects, and it is a pleasure to acquire all of you as an element of the class this year. The concept of the our class today is the Short Presentation of Everyone should be open, and we happen to be fortunate to obtain with us Miss/Mr.

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    XXX, of YYY, that will speak to all of us on this subject matter. Miss [Mr. ] XXX, as we well know, is definitely uniquely qualified to speak to all of us on this subject through her [his] involvement in this category…. It gives myself great pleasure, therefore , to be able to present to you our loudspeaker for today. Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss [Mr. ] XXX XXX.

  2. Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen: Today weare extremely pleased tobeable towelcome Miss Elizabeth Johnson asour guest presenter.

    Miss Johnson has come toaddressus onthe subject of”New Antibiotics,  and asthe London Medication Company, which in turn she presents, isknown tobeone ofthe commanders inthis discipline, weare extremely fortunate certainly inhaving their particular representative here totalk withus about this essential subject. Itshould beagreat support tous, particularly asweare presently researching some ofthese prescription drugs. So , onbehalf ofall ofus, I’d like towelcome our guest speaker, Miss Elizabeth Meeks.

  3. Ladies and Gentlemen: Onbehalf ofthe School ofTampere Iwould like towelcome our unique guest, Teacher Yutsio Yamamoto, who contains the Emperor’s Chair inPhysics atthe University or college ofSapporo. Weare delighted tobeable tohave such adistinguished college student joinus, and therefore are particularly content that hewill beable tostay for the whole conference. Weare the majority of fortunate this evening tobeable tohear Professor Yamamoto speak tous on”Japanese Industy and the Environment.  Iam sure weare all anticipating very much tothis interesting demonstration, and sowithout further adoI would like toturn over the scène toProfessor Yamamoto. Ladies and Gentlemen, Mentor Yutsio Yamamoto.
  4. Thank you very much, Miss [Mr. ] XXX, to your excellent display. Iam particular thatI can easily speak for a lot of ofus whenI say that almost never haveI read this topic presented soclearly. Again, wevery much value your having the capability tojoinus today; itwould beaprivilege indeed ifyou could return toaddressus again sometime inthe future. People, this concludes the formal part oftoday’s meeting, and sowecan at this point adjourn intended for our relaxed tea and reception [where? ], during which you can beable tomeet and consult with Miss [Mr. ] XXX. Thank you.

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