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At the start of every project, it is important to choose the organization composition. There are 3 organizational set ups the efficient, matrix, and pure task structures. Every single structure features its benefits and drawbacks. All three will vary and when considering structuring a project the task managers is in charge of deciding which organizational structure is best suit for the project. This kind of paper will certainly focus on practical structure, matrix structure and pure job structure.

Efficient Project

Within a functional job structure, staff are departmentalized by process similarity, and projects are performed within the departmental product such as accounting, marketing and recruiting departments happen to be examples of units grouped collectively based on the functions they will perform (Murray, 2014).

Practical project composition is the most successful and earliest structure. In functional task structure parts are split into two a project is assigning into a functional supervisor who coordinates with other folks to assigning the task to different departments. Each office is in charge of doing their portion of the work and reporting to the department managers.

Advantage and drawbacks

Functional framework project features both pros and cons. One of the advantages may be the flexibility and staff advantages. Employees will be switched backwards and forwards between tasks. The department will be able to give professional and technical employees and after completing the work it might go back to his original job. The disadvantage is that this structure is usually not very powerful when applied to more complex jobs. The individual liability is not really recognized. Some other disadvantages primary is certainly not set on the consumer it is focused on activities rather than function, gradual responses, insufficient interest and motivation in some areas, and difficulties in communicating. Troubles in dexterity is a great otherdisadvantage since project director are only in charge of part of the job and others are responsible for other areas of the task.

Matrix Job

The matrix structure can be described as combination of the functional and pure project organizational set ups. The matrix structure was evolved from the flaws in the functional and pure task structures. Inside the matrix composition, functional managers and job managers have equal forces. Since the two functional and project director are the same the staff generally works beneath two companies. This composition works well the moment more than one task is being matched.

Advantage and Disadvantage

The benefit of the matrix structure is definitely the highly skilled and capable resources can be distributed between the functional units and important proper projects. Some other advantage is that efficiency is higher. A disadvantage is that personnel has to are accountable to two bosses, which can put confusion, and conflicts may well arise since both bosses have equal authority and power. The disadvantages of the Matrix framework include balancing out who will be in charge of the project, inability of project due to insufficient negotiating skills, and managing time, expense, and performance.

Natural project

The pure project structure dedicates it methods and self-contained staff to work fulltime on the task. Pure job structure is mostly used on intricate projects because it strongly focuses on the work and completing the project. This kind of structure responds rapidly towards the needs of clients unlike those in the functional company structure. Through this structure every single project supervisor is hired and is responsible to execute all responsibility associated with the job. The project manager has full authority of the from the project.

Benefit and Downside

The real project framework advantages are that it is clear of who has the projects specialist, it access special expertise, the project is focused and prioritized, as well simplified communications. This structure allows the project to get separated from the rest of the parent system to become self contained unit using its own staff, administration, and tying towards the parentfirm through periodic improvement reports and oversight (Meredith, 2012). With this structure employees only are accountable to on person so decisions are made more rapidly. Pure project structure drawbacks are contain duplication of effort, rivalries, uncertain reintegration of methods and uncertain motivations and loyalties too goals and policies can be ignored. This kind of structure drawbacks also include the transfers in technology plus the use of solutions, inconsistencies, and the project signing up for a life of a unique.

Best Method

Not any of the three organization structure is better than an additional. Each framework has the advantages and disadvantages since discussed previously mentioned. When it enter into choosing which usually organization structure to use decision depends on what the project manager is trying to achieve. All three structures work in another way depending on the job so the job manager has to decide which organizational structure best suits that task. In doing and so the factors that contribute to the task manager decision are the available resources, budget, and the fb timeline that task needs to be finished. For the project to achieve success the project manager must compare and contrast three organization set ups and decide which is most ideal.


Company structures demonstrate methods which you can use by a company. The use of these structures decide the accomplishment and improvement of the production in an firm. Each composition is used to further improve how organizations report and communicate with the other factors within the business. Organizational buildings are seen as guidelines setting in place to assist task overall performance to all active in the project. Efficient organization, Natural Project firm, and Matrix organization will be the three many popular task management buildings that are nonetheless used today due to their achievement.


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