Attribution Theory, Philosophical, Syntax, Animal Study

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In this way, the content is made in a reasonable way to be able to arrive at it is more complex sales pitches and finally at its conclusions. Strangely enough, the ideas are described in very clear language, without an overflow of educational jargon, while at the same time explicating academic concepts upon the foundation of viewpoint and neuroscientific research.

Because the article can be explicatory in nature, mcdougal does not execute practical research to establish a hypothesis and prove it, but rather engages in citing analysis already executed in order to show his speculation on notion and causation. In this way, the content is generally philosophical in character, although it makes significant utilization of practical and scientific info established by others. In this way, this satisfies both the requirements of philosophy and science, although addressing a primarily philosophical idea.

Attribution theory has at its basis the premise the source and result relationship in all human action. This is also the basic of the document. What particularly interests me about Freeman’s article above other choices I investigated is the structure of his article. Attribution theory considers mainly philosophical ideas and proof. Yet Freeman made a point of substantiating his ideas not simply with set up philosophy, yet also with neuroscientific research. This gives particular stability to his viewpoints.

My spouse and i am considering attribution theory because of its use to the human being condition by explicatory means. It shows that the complexity of individual behavior may be investigated and explained by way of causality (Kearsley, 2009). Analysis such as that by Freeman then provides the student using a starting point for more investigation.

Man behavior is by no means a simple discipline of exploration. However , Freeman suggests that it might be explicated by more than philosophical consideration of the cause and effect romance. It can be based within clinical and natural research. The implications for even more study are numerous.

Down the road, for example , problematic behavior problems could be mitigated by a mix of both philosophical and scientific research around the cause and effect romance. This provides a lot of home that such exploration could be used to help be familiar with thought techniques of the criminally insane as well as the mentally unpredictable. By understanding these actions, better and more targeted treatments can be found.

In this way, attribution theory is a valuable and interesting field of study. That influences how psychologists perspective their exploration, as well as the way in which human beings discover each other, their function and their work (AllPsych Online, 2004). Encompassing such a wide discipline, I do certainly not believe students in this discipline will ever end up being short of materials to study.


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Kearsley, Greg (2009). TIP Database: Attribution Theory.

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