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Mortgage Marketing communications Director

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We have ahead of us the two a significant challenge and a significant opportunity. The initial few weeks of the new procedure can build the study course that the organization will follow for many years to come and so Now i’m very excited to have been appointed as the new Director of Communications with this group of mortgage professionals whom are taking above this home loan group. We now have a number of crucial issues quickly before us and I will be issuing a number of memos to deal with these in switch.

This first memo addresses the most important need facing our Group, which is the requirement to raise $3 million in capital to complete the acquisition. This must be done quickly or a range of key personnel will be shed. While the firm has some genuine assets – including thier name, its current contractual negotiating and its THAT system, the real worth of any company is based on its workforce.

In order to encourage investors of the necessity of shifting quickly to assist us preserve as a great intact operating unit I’ve assembled a portfolio setting out the skills and talents of each and every of the affiliates as well as presenting a list of the projects they have worked on. This kind of serves the dual purpose of demonstrating to investors the value of the Group that they are shopping for into as well as demonstrating the advantages of urgency.

In addition to this push to demonstrate that the real estate is available in the current condition of value intended for only a brief period of time, I possess also come up with a prospectus that outlines the benefits of early on investment. Though these strategies are not of course in any way exceptional to all of us, we are offering the usual bonuses, including a reduced stock price and an extraordinary array of upcoming stock options. However , even as we all recognize the importance of this sort of tactics, whatever we feel that all of us most have to sell is a strength of the business plan. Do not want to achieve the impression (by relying too heavily on the importance of inventory splits, and so forth ) the fact that business plan is definitely not in and of on its own a sufficiently good reason to invest in this company.

In agreeing to get our initial private label credit rating union, GEM has consented to provide us having a package of mortgage services that will allow us to conquer our rivals in both speed and quality of service. This really is essential inside our being able to succeed as a company because we are offering what is at base precisely the same service that is certainly offered by all the other mortgage firms given that rates of interest are the same for individuals. What we have to give you – in terms of the investors in addition to terms of your customers – is not only a better merchandise per se yet a better way to offer the same item.

GEM’s association with us will allow us to perform precisely this in the subsequent ways:

It is online application for a mortgage loan and loaning system is designed to be user-friendly. We have identified through a good amount of research that even those who are generally comfy around computer systems are still relatively leery of using them to conduct financial transactions. Gem’s system has generated into it a number of security precautions that will reassure theses buyers. And its general simplicity will assist you to reassure those who are not the truth is comfortably with computer technology

With the software that GEM is definitely bringing to the acquisition we are one of the few companies that is able to present mortgage application and approval in real-time over the internet. This is a great very important concern for customers. In today’s competitive housing sector, a property may only be available for a very short time of time. Whenever we are not able to get people permitted within that period of time then we will forfeit their goodwill. By offering them almost immediate service, they are going to have the possibility to buy properties they own fallen fond of and this will generate quite a lot of goodwill pertaining to our Group

The automated underwriting system that will allow all of us to offer almost immediate acceptance to customers is also a lot more flexible than that proposed by other organizations in that it could process almost any loan, Fannie Mae, FHA and/or Sub-prime.

The entire on the web process continues to be streamlined. Each of our customer analysis on the mortgage-approval process has shown that the element of the process that customers hate the most – even more than being refused – is usually its complexness. In an fast society, individuals have little patience for prolonged paperwork, particularly in the case of your mortgage when the bank includes a substantial asset that it is possessing and in that this bank is likely to make a substantial profit. To overcome the aggravation that people think with the classic mortgage procedure, Gem has developed a program by which there are simply ten inquiries and 25 possible clicks of the mouse

We also offer a face-to-face option using a loan official for those who merely do not need to use the pc. We believe the fact that online option may be especially attractive if you are afraid of staying turned down and those who believe the online alternative is more successful. By offering equally options with no penalties to get either we will be able to compete with both more traditional firms as well as upstart firms that offer only internet access. We can offer the two our traders and each of our customers the very best of the classic mortgage organization and the most of the new home loan business.

We certainly have a sound business plan and a highly desirable product that people are offering to investors along with exceptional incentives to the investors. Provided that we have only 20% with the company readily available for capital purchase we should have few troubles in getting together with our purchases goals.

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We have now reached another critical point in the acquisition method: The agreement to acquire have been signed simply by all concerned parties nevertheless the company workers have not yet been attained by the fresh entity. This kind of memo is usually therefore described primarily by those new personnel and is also designed to treat some of the issues that they certainly have.

The modern Unit could have all the features of the current personnel. I understand that must be traditional at any given time like this to praise that staff so that they can get those staff to be on and I can’t admit that isn’t what I’m undertaking. However , that in no way means that it isn’t also absolutely accurate that this new Unit will be far stronger with your extended contributions.

But we can scarcely expect you to keep with the corporation if we aren’t offering you something valuable to your time and intended for the transferal of your dedication. We believe that we do in reality have some thing valuable: A sound organization with a well-thought-out business plan that is able to present the consumer with services that he or she will probably be unable to locate anywhere else.

Specifically, we are able to assurance that each one of you can be unlikely to see any dip in personal commissions, always an important issue when a firm changes hands. It is accurate that Citibank will be taking its prospects with this. This is only correct as individuals leads were a part of you can actually overall possessions and they correctly are taking associated with them. Yet , one of positive aspects that we are beginning the life in the Unit with is the fact that GEM offers negotiated a substantially lowered volume price of $18. 50 to get the purchase of 22, 500 leads to get our three-month initial start up period. This assessment comes directly from GEM:

GEM desires that within a relatively short period of time (perhaps because short while 6 months) it will be possible to create the loan development in the Goal back to the impressive amounts achieved under Citimortgage. Although there may be several variance inside the average buyer demographics, because of a number of strategic improvements, the per loan profit levels should very quickly surpass those previously accomplished.

This should assure those who have recently been working on the company that their personal income probably should not fall resulting from the move. We can know how current workers, who have a comprehension of how Citimortgage works, may well consider subsequent that firm. We undoubtedly agree that Citimortgage is a superb firm with reputable and sound business practices. Nevertheless , we believe our own strategy is more revolutionary and will give us with a competitive edge that more established firms do not have. Given this fact, all of that we need to do well is a priming of the pump. These prospects that TREASURE has presented to the start up period provides that priming action. The entire business approach that we have in position will allow the business to proceed in helping you and the company produce

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