In the Han empire to the Track Dynasty, there was several different sights of Buddhism in China. You can see the several reactions throughout the documents presented showing there are those that oppose it, the ones that accept it, and those that believe in spiritual purism. In the 1st hundred years to the ninth century, the diffusion of Buddhism to China provoked a harsh reaction by simply high ranking Confucian college students. The Being rejected of Buddhism stems from the foreign nature of Buddhism.

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Han Yu, a respected Confucian college student stated that Buddhism can be “no greater than a cult of Barbarian peoples (Document 4).

Furthermore, Yu describes the Buddha because “a guy of barbarians who would not speak Chinese language and who wore outfits of a diverse fashion (Document 4). In addition , the Tang Emperor Wu states that Buddhism had spread such as a “vine until it finally has poisoned the customs of our nation (Document 6) Wu’s watch of Buddhism could be related to the rising tide of Neo-Confucianism.

At three hundred and fifty C.

Elizabeth. when the Oriental steppe nomads invaded China, people less than the nobles needed a sense of comfort and so they turned to Buddhism. The acceptance of Buddhism becomes to the tradition of the religion as the Chinese college student, Zhi Gloomy states that whoever is going to behold the Buddha and be enlightened in the spirit, will enter Nirvana (Document 2). “The Four Noble Truths preaches the fact of sorrow, arising of sorrow, stopping of sorrow, the way leading to the halting of sadness.

The preventing of misery, woe, anguish seems to be the main point as it is the “complete halting of that wanting, so that not any passion is still, leaving it, being emancipated from it, being released by it, providing no place to it (Document 1). It can be teaching the followers to get pure so they become closer to their vacation spot of Élysée. There were likewise scholars who were neutral towards the dispute. They believed the religion may coexist together with the Confucian believers causing faith based purism. And anonymous Chinese language scholar answers questions and states that “records and teaching in the Confucian timeless classics do not consist of everything.

Set up Buddha can be not pointed out in all of them, what occasion is there to get suspicion (Document 3). (?? ) A top Buddhist scholar named Zong Mi analyzes the theories of Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism and says “all three teachings lead to the creation of an orderly culture and for this kind of they must be viewed with respect (Document 5). In conclusion during the 1st hundred years to the ninth, the opinions of Buddhism’s diffusion in China incorporate those who recognize it, are at odds of it, and believe in faith based purism.


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