On behalf of Al-Manhal Model Qawmi Madrasa, I’ve great delight to welcome all of you right here. Today Let me deliver my personal speech about honesty. Integrity implies being honest in all instances and under all conditions. Allah explained in his Quran

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that means, “”Oh ye who have believe! Consume not up each other’s property simply by unfair and dishonest means.  (4: 29) Trustworthiness means performing the right thing in the right way at the right time. Trustworthiness means objectivity in view, objectivity in evaluation, and objectivity in decisions of most types.

Islam orders the Muslim to tell the truth to himself and others. The Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (sm) said

that means,:  Signs of a faux are 3: when he echoes, he is bogus, when he pledges, he fails; and when he could be trusted, this individual plays phony. 

Inside the absence of credibility, many social diseases look. If a person is fraudulent, he is all set to tell is, to bribe, to be bribed, to distort the truth, to cheat, to forge, to deceive and also to break his promises.

Therefore we should become honest in our daily life. May Jahve help us to be therefore.

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening respected guests, teachers, my dear good friends and lovely benjamin.

Assalaamualaaikum waarahmatullaahi wabarakaatuhu

It’s my satisfaction to be more than here choosing responsibility to talk about my views.

I feel pleased to join this madrasa which includes well famous teachers and with great academic Excellency.

And also I find myself proud to express that our madrasa is a Link of Knowledge and feel that like a family members, which gives uniqueness from other institutions. Today I will discuss about the importance of honesty in front of you. Islam orders the Muslim in truth to himself and others. This kind of order consistently comes in the Noble Qur’an and the words of Forecaster Muhammad (SAWS). Islam orders the Muslim to tell the truth whether or not it is against the teller’s curiosity. Orders him not to cheat or fool other people. Woman is ordered by Jahve to be honest in the words and deeds, privately and publicly alike.

Implication of Credibility

Honesty in words indicates telling the truth in all cases and under all conditions. Honesty also signifies fulfilling the promise, if written or given orally, in textual content and heart. Honesty likewise implies giving the right tips to the person who asks for that. Honesty as well implies undertaking one’s work as sincerely and as perfectly as it can be. Honesty also implies carrying out duties as fully as is feasible whether the person is supervised or certainly not. Honesty means giving every individual his thanks rights without his requesting these legal rights. Honesty means doing the ideal thing in the right way at the most fortunate time. Honesty means objectivity in judgment, objectivity in analysis, and objectivity in decisions of all types. Honesty indicates the right collection of personnel and the right campaign of employees, i. e., selection simply by merit and promotion by simply merit, not by state of mind or favouritism or personal relations. Honesty is a quilt term that covers an array of traits. That covers being honest, sincerity at work, carrying out responsibilities, fulfilling your word, aim judgments, and objective decisions. Honesty may be the opposite of lying, the alternative of bluffing, the opposite of hypocrisy, the contrary of favouritism, and the opposite of deceit.

External and Internal Trustworthiness

By external honesty, I am talking about honesty, which can be judged by other people. Simply by internal honesty, I mean trustworthiness which is evaluated by the person himself only. The praise of external honesty comes from Allah, from people, and from the mental satisfaction the honest person feels. When you are honest, you are liked by God and folks whom you deal with. The honesty provides you with the sociable approval you need and here comes the cultural value of honesty. Further more, when everybody is honest, a great deal of individual problemsdisappear which includes lying, cheating, bluffing, taking, forgery, and many more social disorders. In other words, honesty is some thing you give and something you consider: others delight in your honesty and you appreciate their trustworthiness. In the lack of honesty, various social disorders appear. If the person is dishonest, he is ready to notify lies, to bribe, to become bribed, to distort the fact, to defraud, to move, to trick others, also to break his promises. A dishonest person is a wholeness of illnesses.

He is prepared to misbehave whenever you want. Each time this individual misbehaves, this individual causes a fantastic disturbance or perhaps harm to one individual or to a team of persons in order to the whole nation, in some cases. Inner Honesty: Therefore honesty is known as a factor in the psychological well being of the honest person himself and the overall health of other persons to whom he deals with. However , Islam emphasises internal honesty, we. e., credibility which is evaluated by the person himself and cannot be found by other folks. It often occurs that a person acts secretly. Sometimes all of us act with nobody seeing us. A believer in Allah seems that even though no person is usually watching him, Allah is usually watching. This continuous watch of Kristus develops the concept of internal credibility or mind in the who trust. This means that interior honesty becomes an overall strategy of the who trust.

The Muslim is to be genuine, internally and externally, secretly and publicly, whether noticed by others or certainly not, whether he acts or speaks. This kind of overall trustworthiness makes the Muslim confident of himself, of his actions, and of his words and deeds. Trustworthiness makes the person feel that this individual trusts other folks and is dependable by other folks. This shared confidence the actual believer think self-satisfied and socially safeguarded. Honesty implies unity of behaviour, unity of criteria, and sincerity of individuality. Honesty suggests being far from internal issues, social clashes and self-contradiction. Building Credibility

The important query, however , are these claims: how does Islam build credibility in the Muslim? Islam creates ethical qualities in general and honesty in particular in several techniques: 1 . Guidelines. Allah orders the Muslim to be honest in most cases, in all of the deeds and words, to himself and more. 2 . Explanation. Allah shows the Muslim rationally that honesty is a good policy, even on utilitarian bases. three or more. Reward. Jahve promises the honest person generous returns in the 1st life and in the second life. 4. Punishment. Allah intends the unethical person with severe punishment for his dishonest

behaviour. five. Practice. Allah develops the habit of honesty inside the Muslim through actual practice, i. at the., through fasting and plea. Thus Islam builds the habit of honesty in the Muslim through direct instructions, through rational arguments, through the reward and punishment guidelines, and through practice.

The Practice of Honesty

Acquiring fasting as an example, when a Muslim fasts, this individual should abstain from any kind of foodstuff or drink from start until sunset. This means that a fasting Muslim should not eat or drink for several constant hours, including not performing sexual intercourse together with his wife or perhaps her hubby. The important thing here is that a as well as Muslim would not allow a drop of water to visit into his mouth via dawn until sunset in spite of his desire, because he features learned in all honesty, i. electronic., internally honest. The only observer of a going on a fast person can be Allah as well as the person him self. Here is a proper and actual practice of honesty practiced during the whole month of Ramadan. Of course , one of the pieces of honesty is definitely refusing to transmit to temptations and urges. In Ramadan, the Muslim is dehydrated, but he does not drink; he is famished, but this individual does not eat. In Ramadan, water can be spatially around but mentally far from the Muslim; normal water is near to the Muslim yet far from his desire. This really is a practical physical exercise of self-control and interior honesty. So , Islam teaches the Muslim to be honest and trains him to be and so. The outcome is actually a healthy self and a wholesome social ambiance that leads to the happiness of both the person and the group.


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