Geo strategic means the value of a nation or a area as due to its geographical location. Geo personal is defined as, stressing the impact of geographic factors around the state electric power, international conduct and advantages it comes from its site. Stephen Cohn describes this kind of importance “While history continues to be unkind to Pakistan, the geography continues to be its best benefit. They have resource rich area in the north-west, people rich in the north-east.  Pakistan can be described as route intended for transportation, and a front side line state against terrorism.

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Significance of Pakistan Area

Site of Pakistan

Pakistan is found between twenty three degrees. 30 North to 37 deg North Latitude and 61 degrees East to 77 degrees East Longitude. China lies in the north of Pakistan when Afghanistan and Iran will be in the West than it. India is based on the East and in the South is usually Arabian Marine.

The Importance of Location

The positioning of Pakistan is not only unique in the world but of unique importance in South Asia.

Pakistan links the east together with the west. A few important neighbouring countries of Pakistan are as underneath.


There is certainly 600 kilometres long terrain of Pakistan along the edge of Cina. Both countries have personal, cultural and trade contact with each other. There is a close cooperation between the two countries in heavy machine industry and many more departments. Man made fibre, cloth, devices etc . are imported supply by china manufacturer.


India is a Indio country inside the East of Pakistan. There is also a common edge of 1600 kilometre in between these countries. Both countries are trying to fix their challenges including Kashmir. Due to this enmity, wars of 1948, 65 and year 1971 have been fought between the two countries. In the last war, the one side East Pakistan got segregated from all of us due to this enmity. India is actually busy in conspiracy by cooperation of any super electrical power despite of realizing that it is better intended for the well being of both equally countries to developpleasant conditions. Fifteen crore Muslims reside in India. Their protection is additionally a big difficulty.

Central Oriental Islamic Countries

Pakistan offers religious, social and economical relation while using Central Hard anodized cookware Islamic Countries. Pakistan is a only country that provides all of them the nearest ocean route and transport facilities. These countries lie inside the North Western world of the Pakistan.


Afghanistan is situated towards the West of Pakistan. When the English acquired the control over sub-continent, according to a pact with Afghanistan in 1893, the permanent border between the two countries was designated which is called Durand Line. This line is approximately 2240 miles long together with the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Equally countries include old religious, cultural and trade terms.


For the West of Pakistan is definitely the border of Iran along province of Balochistan. It really is our Islamic brother region. Iran was the first nation which recognized the existence of Pakistan in 1947. Iran has made political and trade pacts known as L. C. M. Its name is usually E. C. O which means Discipline for Economic Assistance. Iran honestly helped Pakistan during the battles of 1965 and the year of 1971. Pakistan proves its friendship with Serbia in every hour of will need. Islamic innovation has come in Iran right at the end of kingship. It has likewise better relationships with Pakistan.

Trade through Arabian Sea

Arabian Marine is in Indian Ocean. Most of the trade between east and west is done through Of india Ocean. Pakistan through Arabian Sea is linked with the Muslims Countries of Persian Gulf. All of them are rich in essential oil. In Karachi Bin Qasim and Gwader are important seaports of Pakistan. In this respect South-East Asian Muslim countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Burunai, Darussalam) and South Cookware Muslim countries (Bangladesh, Maldives and SriLanka) are important.

Tactical Importance of Pakistan

Distance of great powers:

Pakistan is found at the verse of great forces. In its neighbor’s oneworld power Russia and the other rising power china lies. Any kind of alliance amongst world forces enhances it is significance. This factor have been utilized by Pakistan after 9/11. Security and business happen to be two key US passions in the region whilst Pakistan is playing a the front line part in the conflict against terrorism. Apart from this ALL OF US interest in the region to contain the growing cina, nuclear Iran, terrorist Afghanistan and to enjoy the market of India.

Today the personal scenario from the region is definitely tinged with preemption insurance plan and ALL OF US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. Iran’s nuclear plan, India’s geopolitical muscles (new strategic deal with US) to achieve hegemony and counter the rise of China. Which has earned all the qualities to alter unipolar world into bipolar world. In every these issues, Pakistan is indirectly involved specifically after al-Qaeda operations. The American believe tank has repeatedly approved that war against terrorism could hardly ever be earned without the accompanied by a Pakistan.

Entrance to Central Asia-(oil and energy game):

Central Asia is the center stage of new Superb games. American quest for resources- oil and energy resources in the central Asia. Following USSR drop, new mission started which is as demonstrated by politics of oil. Pakistan is found very close towards the oil rich Middle Eastern countries. The belt started out from Iran and extended to Arab saudi. Thus, Pakistan can influence shipment of oil. Serbia is struggling to export its extra gas and oil to eastern countries, Qatar, Pakistan and Turkmenistan pipeline projects highlight the positioning. In the energy scarce world, Pakistan is located in the centre of energy wealthy countries i-e Iran and Afghanistan: the two are energy considerable while India and china are lacking.

China finds approach to American indian Ocean and Arabian ocean through Karakoram highway, Value as a Transit economy:

Pakistan has the probability of develop flow economy upon account can be its tactical location, area locked Afghanistan now with the phase of reconstruction finds its techniques through Pakistan. China using its fastest economic system growth level of 9% us developing southern pays because a unique part is definitely 4500 kilometres away from Sinkiang but Gwader is 2300 km aside. Moreover, Pakistan offers central Asian regions the least route of 2600 kilometers as compared to Usa 4500 km or turkey 5000 km. gwader slot with its deep watersattracts the trade ships of chinese suppliers, CAR and south east Asian countries., as well the seaside belt of Balochistan can offer outlet to china’s traditional western provinces to obtain access to middles eastern marketplaces with the development of coastal highways and freeways.

Important hyperlink in the sequence of Muslim countries:

Whenever we look at the map of Muslim countries, Pakistan occupies a central site. Towards western of Iran, china reaches North Africa. Thus it could actively be involved in the activities of Muslim world-economic development, transfer of solutions and above all combat terrorism. Only Muslim country with nuclear capacity:

In the region Pakistan is the simply Muslim region having nuclear capability which has great influence on the personal, socio-economic actions in the region as well as the maintenance of circumstances in the region.

China’s link to the center East:

Pakistan is the just direct and shortest link between Cina and the Middle East. Imagine the impact of China around the Middle East, if this kind of link is definitely fully functional. Gwadar Port situated in proximity of Arabian Gulf and Central Asian Republics provide this unique possibility to serve both equally. Pakistan needs to capitalize about them through better diplomatic jewelry with Arab states and CARs. It is therefore anticipated that oil supplies and other methods of Automobiles would slowly but surely become the focus of world attention in arriving years.

However , in case of “exports to and from CARs a tranquil and secure Afghanistan is usually must. The port may also help in promoting operate with Gulf States possessing 63% of world’s essential oil reserves and may prove instrumental in promoting trans-shipment essentially of containerized valuables besides unlocking the development potential for hinterland. The main factor which makes Gawadar Interface strategically exceptional is the location with respect to other major jacks in the region, that happen to be all located on the other aspect of the marine. Gwadar interface being toward north may easily provide services and facilities to Automobiles, Afghanistan and China.

Lessen Indian hegemony in the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean:

India has a shared pursuits with the U. S. and NATO inside the subjection of Pakistan. Pakistan would cease to be a client state with the U. S i9000. or a workable state, because of a likely wave that would occur in the circumstance of a larger war in the centre East against Iran or maybe a far greater Eurasian war involving Cina and The ussr. Nuclear weaponry in the hands of such a groundbreaking government in Islamabad is a threat to Indian nationwide security, NATO operations in Afghanistan, and Israel. It is in the shared interests of the U. S., NATO, His home country of israel, and India to neutralize such an organized and trickery threat by emerging in Pakistan.

Because of this , NATO has underpinned the purpose of balkanizing Pakistan and why the U. S. features talked about overpowering Pakistani nuclear facilities with the U. S. military. The subjection of Pakistan is usually territorially and militarily to the advantage of Fresh Delhi, since it would eliminate a compete with and allow India to gain terrain that in the view of countless Indians was lost while using partition of India in 1947.

Monetary Significance of Gwadar Dock

Gwadar Interface is Pakistan’s largest infrastructural project seeing that independence. Gwadar Deep Seaport is located for the southwestern coast of Pakistan, close to the crucial Straits of Hormuz, by which more than 13 million barrels of petrol passes daily. Ever since the development of Gwadar deep seaport has been taken on, it is an chance for the people of Balochistan to boost the living conditions in their province. Neighbouring countries are very much interested in buying Gwadar especially China and has already put in $248 , 000, 000 in its structure. The physical and strategic location the actual Gwadar Deep Seaport in a much helpful position than other competing slots, like Rashid and Jebel Ali plug-ins of Lebanon, Salalah Interface of Oman, Bandar Abbas and Chahbahar ports of Iran. 95% trade takes place through marine in Pakistan. Karachi dock is controlling 68% although Port Qasim takes care of 32% of the marine borne control.

The projected rise in total trade by year 2015 is 91 million loads. This will boost shipping activity phenomenally at the existing slot. Gwadar will help Pakistan to monitor the ocean Lines of Communications (SLOCs) originating from the Persian Gulf and bottle of wine neck for Strait of Hormuz. Both equally military and economic electric power now depends on oil. It can be expected that Gwadar city infuture might turn into a major international hub of business and business activity, which would not just play the role inside the economic progress Balochistan, yet also the entire country. To facilitate speedy commercial and economic advancement, Gwadar will be declared an exclusive economic zone for a particular period.

The size of this period hasn’t yet been determined. The SEZ probably will cover the town of Gwadar and the commercial areas currently planned and foreseen. The specific incentives-regime is likely to include basic tax-holidays, zero VAT and generous bonuses pertaining to business ownership and employment of foreigners. The key purpose of idea is to increase economic expansion and purchases, both overseas and local, generally speaking. This in turn is going to spur industrial development and port visitors throughput demand. It would likewise contribute more rapidly to work creation and uplifting with the Gwadar section and of Balochistan.

Trade Relevance of Pakistan with Area Locked Countries

Pakistann is situated in the heart of 3 vital parts: South Asia, Central Asia and West Asia and therefore provides the quickest access to the ocean for all landlocked countries of Central Asia besides Western China. This can be a fast rising junction intended for multiple corridors of assistance between Blanket, China and CAR including energy, operate and transport. Communication and trade correlation between Southern, Central and West Asia passing through Pakistan has changed our region into a fiscal center, providing an boost to inter-regional financial activity. Geographically bordered by Iran within the west, Afghanistan on the southwest, China within the northeast, and Arabian Marine lying inside the south offers promoted the multi-lateral trade with nearby countries efficiently from the previous decades.

Pakistan is blessed with three major seaports, i. electronic., Karachi interface, Qasim Port and Gwadar port, along with Arabian Sea, which are the main lobby for the transportation through sea to Pakistan plus it borders with Afghanistan and China. Geographically lack of one common border with any Central Asian express is one of the primary impediments to accessing the region. Tajikistan, that has borders with Afghanistan and China, is considered the most strategically located region from Pakistan’s standpoint. Wakhan Corridor, a place in significantly northeastern Afghanistan that attaches Afghanistan and China, may be the most convenient land link between Pakistan and Tajikistan.

Affect of U. S. A Invasion in Afghanistan on Trade of Pakistan The conflict and instability in Afghanistan in the aftermath of 9/11 problems and their regional implications had very adverse repercussions for the years following the US breach of Afghanistan not only saw a huge increase of Afghan refugees over the border in Pakistan but also observed a sudden surge in the regularity and level of terrorist attacks in Pakistan. The cumulative effect of these improvements adversely affected the overall development rate in all of the major industries of the economic system.

Pakistan continue to be pay huge price at the monetary and security terms for this reason situation and a substantial area of precious nationwide resources equally men and material, have been completely diverted to address the rising security issues for the last a long period. This situation interrupted Pakistan’s trading activities which not only resulted in higher costs of business but likewise created disruptions in the production periods, resulting in significant delays in meeting the export instructions around the globe. Consequently, Pakistani items have gradually lost their very own market share to their competitors. As a result, economic progress slowed down, with regard to imports decreased with dropped tax collection and inflows of foreign investment.


From a general strategic standpoint, Pakistan location is very important. Pakistan is a verse of south Asia, western world Asia and central Asia; a way by resource useful countries to resource poor countries. The world is facing energy entrée and terrorism. Pakistan is a route intended for transportation and a front side line point out against terrorism. Moreover Pakistan has been traditionally ally of emerging financial giant; china. So inside the vague of any enhancements made on world national politics, Pakistans geo-strategic significance will further end up being enhanced.


Pakistan location has been the greates benefit. It has useful resource rich areas, and today Pakistanis are a enthusiastic, modern and forward searching nation in fact it is undoubtedly simply no overstatement that educated and passionate and zealous persons possesses the most lush mind in the world. What is needed is always to justchannelize powers of people and give them for you to outshine themselves and correct use of solutions thereby bringing a incredible change to the fortune of Pakistan.

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