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Tourism is can be described as an activity that is seen as a taking a trip mostly for the purpose of amusement. The life long the trip usually continues from just a couple of days to several weeks. This involves visiting famous and historical places, experiencing the culture, traditions, food, and weather conditions that the certain spot has to offer.

Thesis Statement

While the world offers gotten smaller with the creation of transportation and modern technology, the tourists of today have grown to be even more cultured and therefore more challenging.

They know very well what they want. Visitors nowadays want their travel agents to be able to present destinations and services that might cater to their specific requirements. This is where niche tourism comes in. (Wikipedia the free encyclopedia, 2007)

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As the most popular expression in the world of marketing says, “sex sells, sex certainly sells, which is among the certain needs that the travel market caters to.

Niche Tourism

Specialized niche Tourism can be tourism not only provides the visitor the luxury of travelling to particular places.

Apart from booking a destination and organizing transfers and accommodation, specific niche market tourism caters to specific requires of discerning clients. There are some things for everyone. (Wikipedia the totally free encyclopedia, 2007)

Categories of niche tourism contain but are not really limited to the following: Sports-oriented or physical activity niche travel and leisure, learning-oriented, lifestyle-oriented and other assorted types. /strong>(Wikipedia the free encyclopedia, 2007)

Sports-oriented or physical activity niche tourism includes activities such as walking, mountaineering, backpacking, skiing, golf, and snorkeling. For the ultimate gambler, there is extreme tourism exists where activities such as foundation jumping, bungee jumping and other high-risk activities are available. For the intellectual types, there may be learning-oriented specific niche market tourism that provides walking excursions, bookstore tours, creative workshops, hobby tourism, and origins tourism, amongst others. Wine excursions, gay travels, medical travels and available tourism, which will caters to individuals with special requirements all fall under lifestyle travel and leisure. (Wikipedia the free encyclopedia, 2007)

Slipping under the miscellaneous types of niche tourism are probably among the interesting and controversial types just like drug travel (such because going intentionally to Amsterdam to be able to work with drugs freely), pilgrimages, space tourism and sex travel and leisure.

Legality of Sex Tourism

Some countries consider prostitution legal. It’s likely that sex travel and leisure is also legal in these places. However , contrary to other criminal activity, prostitute can be not viewed with the same level of disdain. The issues raised are more via a meaningful standpoint. International locations that are regarded as extremely faith based and that tend to be completely against virtually any form of prostitution. However , prostitution may remain in existence subversively. For example , a regular-looking spa is actually a cover up for a prostitution den that comes alive once deep inside the establishment. The moment caught perpetrators are made to pay out dearly because of their crime.

Though more individuals have become open minded with regard to prostitution over the years, a large number of draw the line when prostitution already requires the use of minors and harmless children.

This has been a cause to get alarm and several human rights groups have been completely involved in the fight against child prostitution, especially the type that involves child molesters. Efforts to try to wage war with this type of misuse have carried out, however various despicable yet seemingly safe individuals are still able to escape with this form of wickedness.

This can be attributed to the fact that life has become hard for some of the people that become involved in this trade. They see prostitution as their way out. Unfortunately, most of them are girls who willingly land victim to this vicious cycle. Instead of remaining in school, they get involved in the flesh operate with desires of leading their families toward a better foreseeable future. They enable themselves to fall food to unethical individuals who benefit from their situation. (Hall & Ryan, 2001)

Amsterdam can be an example of a place where prostitution, not to mention drugs, is legal. When in Amsterdam, really to see people in the sex industry openly “peddling their very own wares and common to discover potential clients “window shopping.

Big difference between love-making tourism and romance travel

The difference between sex travel and leisure and relationship tourism may be the objective of going on the trip. The primary goal of sex tourism is to visit a certain place and be able to avail of sexual intercourse. Clients who prefer romance travel, on the other hand, carry on such trips to find friendship and sexual is definitely not a part of the equation. More often, ladies prefer romantic endeavors tourism and men tend to favor sexual tours.

Men sex travel and leisure

Among the types of sex tourism, guy sex travel is perhaps the most proliferative as well as the most widely acknowledged. It is in fact normal to determine men in girly pubs mingling with girls hoping for a fling or possibly a one-night stand. In male sex tourism, sexual intercourse is a takes on a major part.

Female sex tourism ” Origins

Sexual intercourse tourism particularly female sex tourism proliferated during the Victorian era. Somehow it was in that time that feminism obtained popularity. Female sex tourism first started to be known in England, in other elements of Europe and after that later in the usa. (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, 2007)

Feminine sex tourism is also generally known as romance travel. The reason for this kind of alternative term is that the aim of female sexual intercourse tourism can be not focused mainly to be able to avail of sexual activity. The main aim of women customers for taking place such excursions is to try to form a relationship depending on affection.

Female sex tours are true tours in which the women book flights andaccomodations with hopes of finding companionship with male escorts at their very own destination. Sexual intercourse may or may not be area of the package. More often, what happens is determined by the discretion of the woman client. Obligations come in kind where ladies would showering the male escorts with extravagants gifts of garments, meals at expensive eating places. Funds payments are given; they vary within the “going rate at specific destinations. The most common rate amounts from $50 to two-hundred dollar a night. You will find few, exceptional destinations exactly where men avoid expect to always be paid. Locations that are reputed for this are Southern The european countries, Turkey, Bali and the French Caribbean. (Wikipedia, the totally free encyclopedia, 2007)

Although woman sex tours are available, most societies still frown about women who go looking for companionship in this way. There is certainly still that double standard in culture wherein it truly is perfectly fine for guys to widely engage in sex relations but the abomination to get a woman to be caught in that situation.

Terms Identified with Female sex tourists

The proliferation of sex travel and leisure as an industry has resulted in the introduction of conditions or lingo. Just like the rates, the names differ depending on the place. The terms are relatively amusing, for example , female sex tourists are called ‘milk bottles’in Jamaica especially if they are fresh by a trip, Uk call them ‘Shirley Valentines’, black woman sex visitors are called Stellas and many others. (Wikipedia the free of charge encyclopedia, 2007)

Likewise, you escorts who also render this type of service to these clients also provide names. The Caribbean cell phone calls them several names from rent-a-gents to the Foreign Support. Greeks call them ‘kamakia’ which means doing some fishing harpoons. Panama and nicaragua , calls all of them sharks. Peru calls these people ‘brichero’. (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, 2007)


The preferred destinations intended for male love-making tourism will be Latin America and East Asia. The explanation for this is which a majority of guys who engage in sex tourism tend to like women who will be exotic seeking and are more aware of their particular sensuality. Not to mention that men in marriage going about their extramural or perhaps extramarital intimate activities in faraway places ensures that the probability of them receiving caught is very little to zero. A secondary cause is that lots of people from these kinds of places possess sort of made welcome the sex industry because their means of survival. (Sex Travel )

The preferred spots for female sex travel are Southern Europe, the Caribbean and Africa. The reason for this kind of preference is that like guys, women are drawn to selected physical characteristics and nature that only men from these types of regions have got. (Sex Tourism)

Ideal Countries to look for Sexual tourism

In Asia, Thailand is one of the the majority of popular haunts for sexual intercourse tourism. High end brothels are situated in really progressive hot spots like Phuket, Bangkok and Pattaya. (Sex Tourism)

Taiwan, South Korea and Vietnam are in the same way popular areas in Asia. An interesting simple fact about Vietnam as a sex tourism area is that durham prostitutes can be recognizable. Prostitutes in Saigon sport soft faces, thus, making them easy to identify from the regular woman. (Sex Tourism )

Another feature for love-making tourism in this area is that the selling prices are inexpensive compared to other regions of Asia like the Thailand where identical services in Manila are very expensive. (Sex Tourism)

The Caribbean and Latin America are referred to as best. Brazil is considered as a cut above the rest for its beautiful women. Brazilian people are generally warm and although prostitution is considered illegitimate, people who function bath properties and bars are provided to the teeth with information for clients who have opt to avail of prostitution inch services. (Sex Tourism )

The Netherlands is the foremost in terms of convenience. Prostitution is very much legal in Amsterdam. Maybe one of the best testaments to this is definitely the famous Odaie Rosso. Locuinta Rosso can be described as well-known love-making theater found in the reddish light region of the city. (Sex Tourism )

In Far eastern Europe, the Czech Republic is one of the best places for sex travel and leisure. The Czech Republic features Prague which can be famous for it is clubs. Ukraine and Russian federation are known for passionate tours. (Sex Tourism )

Austria is another example of regulated prostitution, very much like Amsterdam. However , Austria has arranged regulations for instance , they forbid young men and women who happen to be under the associated with 18 to interact in prostitution. Having intimate relations with a minor is recognized as sexual maltreatment. Individuals doing the sexual industry are required to be on a regular basis tested intended for HIV, Supports and STDs. Prostitutes are considered as self-employed individuals and areobliged to spend taxes. (Sex Tourism )

Worst Countries to go intended for sex travel

The United States is among the worst spots for sexual tourism. Prostitution is unlawful for the most part with this country. (Sex Tourism )

Middle Eastern countries in which Islam is essentially practiced fully prohibits prostitution. Women are highly respected and are also not even in order to go out exclusively in public in some places. Their lifestyle also requires that their particular women should wear suitable clothing the other that gargote much skin area is not favored. (Sex Tourism )

In European countries, Germany, England and England are not known for prostitution. Just like the prices on most commodities during these places, costs of prostitution are exceptionally expensive.

In Israel, a lot of women who operate this industry are much older women and happen to be foreigners. Just like the prices in Europe, prices for prostitution in Israel are also large.


The advent of contemporary conveniences as well as the information age has brought about numerous developments in all aspects of life. Sexuality is not really left out. Individuals have become even more particular with the wants and needs. People have become more open-minded and liberal of the opinions with regards to many things that were once unacceptable and unusual. The growth of love-making tourism is among the results of such progressions.

Regardless of all these protections, it is important to get responsible on the own activities. People who could settle on suffering from these liberties should also know about their limitations. If these types of freedoms are abused, they may be in danger of becoming taken away.

It is vital to think about the consequences of such dodgy actions. A lot of factors must be considered. Someone considering on embarking on this activity should certainly realize that when it is performed, it will be challenging to turn back and reverse the possible repercussions.

First, one must consider the effect activities such as may have got on his relationships. Should a committed man or woman engage in extramarital affairs, when he or she is found, the occurrence will cause a major strain that may be beyond repair. Second, a single must consider the physical consequences. Performing sexual promiscuity without the appropriate protection could lead to one contracting sexually transmitted diseases which can be potentially deadly. Moreover, you could end up with undesirable pregnancy which could completely modify a person’s existence. Third, one should think about the meaning implications oftaking on such activities. A person may be able to go away with so very much duringhis lifetime nevertheless he may permanently bedisconcerted by his conscience.


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