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How to Start the Ending of Monetary Abuse in Puerto Rico

Through the years, Muelle Ricans have been completely living the era of Economic, Cultural, and Political Crisis inside the island. Most of the society does not pay attention to these situations or to the problems shown. All the 3 types of crisis hook up at one point. Through my pitch I want to clarify and expose the cause and effect of two situations that Puerto Lujoso has which is going through, and the ones are the maximize of the wages of different city mayors, as well as the abuse of these who “need” financial assistance.

On February 23, 2009, the Independent Municipalities Action was created in order to ensure more control over the various mayors’ decision. It was define in Article 3. 012 of the Act, the worries dealing with the authorization of increases in salaries of mayors. In this part of the Act, Hernández (2009) states this:

“A mayors wage will be set up depending on the time of its term and the population of his municipality. A mayor, in his/her initially term, may earn a salary of three thousand ($ 3, 500. 00) to five thousand dollars ($ 5, 000. 00)¦ In a municipality with a population over 100 thousand (100, 000) residents, one Gran re-elected may well earn an income of five 1000 ($ a few, 000. 00) to seven thousand us dollars ($ being unfaithful, 000. 00). “

A critical problem with this kind of Act is the fact it provides too much freedom or autonomy to prospects municipality market leaders who might not have the capacity of attending within a correct method the monetary needs. Several examples to support this declaration are the circumstance of the creciente from Villalba, who was done in an research for using the money to go on a trip to Nj, the increase inside the salary in the mayor of Rio Avismal, Eduardo Regato Correa, by $3, nine hundred to $7, 500 as they thought that the salary this individual earned initially was not enough for his living expenses. In respect to Fonseca (2013), “the ones who are able to lower the salary with the mayors will be the legislators, and they will not want to confront the mayor from the municipalities. But , how can these types of mayors declare their income is too few for their living costs when the cash flow per capita of any citizen features $1, six-hundred to only $3, 500 monthly. ” He does have a point. Many mayors do not have the expenditures that most of the citizens have. If the funds they obtain was used to raised the position of their municipality then it would be understandable that their income would be elevated, but the specifics do not prove that. In the case of the mayor of Rio Enorme, it was located that the municipality had $2. 2 million dollars in deficit in 2010-11, after the increase of his salary.

The mayors are one particular problem, but the society is another. Puerto Lujoso provides financial assistance for those who needed. However the question can be, do that they truly want that support? One of the most popular helps the government offers is the Nutritional Assistance Plan also known as PAN, which is a relatives credit card that receives monthly payment where part of that money can only be used intended for grocery shopping. Out of 3. several million people that compose the citizenry, 1 . five million receive this help. Those 640, 000 households receive a payment of $150 up to 650 dollar monthly, wherever 25% of that money may be taken as funds for additional expenses. Most of the people that acquire this financial assistance are in public housing or even as we Puerto Ricans call these people the residenciales. In 2009, the Project 894 was shown which established the “Special Law intended for Justified Charges for Utilities for General public Housing” that presented the ways the different money would be intended for the maintenance from the residential. The funds supplied $70, 438, 000 were $68, 728, 000 originated in federal cash, and the various other $1, 710, 000 came from loans and bonds. The majority of that funds can be used to get the improvement of other difficulties like for schools, roads, community applications, etc . People, besides obtaining the financial assistance they receive, they stay in the public real estate with set monthly payments in two speaks: water and electricity. Their very own monthly payments on water is merely $19. 71, and on electrical energy just $30, which in fact most of them will not pay mainly because they put a trap o better called un pillastre de inteligencia y agua which gives these people the “privilege” of having no expenses.

Most of these problems stated have an effect on the near future society, especially on students and the ones who soon are going to go into school. Although the majority of the college students receive financial aid just like scholarships and grants, a lot of them try to find a career during their 1st four years or all their bachelor years so they can commence saving money because of their masters and doctor’s level. There is the problem. Society today is battling a crisis of unemployment in which the facts suggest that 30% from the populations of 15 to 24 years of age are unemployed because a lot of the jobs shown today have got high requirements that most of those do not have, like having a college degree in the specific branch the job requests.

The solutions I want to present are simple yet require more effort inside the work of those who control the wages of the mayors, which is the legislature, and others who control the monetary assistance, which usually would be the Relatives Department. The perfect solution is I offer is that will not approve a request with out first making a qualifications investigation with the person. Check out the cause or perhaps reasons anybody wants that money, what that person desires it to get, how will they use it, etc . If the background investigation shows valid factors then agree to the obtain, but do not stop generally there. Keep a watch on the face to see if they is truly worthy of maintaining that support or perhaps financial assistance. If after a month or two anyone shows awful use of the cash, then end that support and give it to somebody else. But quit wasting cash on items, in this case people that do not ought to have it mainly because they do not know how to properly utilize money they can be receiving.

Funds is not something to give away especially when the country can be suffering an economic crisis. The economic misuse that the people, from the poor to the kinds in the power, have above the money the fact that government would not have can be consider the most important part of the bottom of the economic problem in Puerto Rico. The federal government should take better control over the bucks that is remaining or that they receive, and pay attention to how to handle that that would advantage the people as well as the country’s status. But the society needs to master that they simply cannot abuse in the money that they receive, because they have the “privilege” of receiving that financial aid when they do not genuinely need it. There are families to choose from who NEED that help but they are not among the list of poor, they are really instead hidden among the middle section class of the society.

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