A monologue in the play by Euripides

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BE AWARE: This monologue is published from The Plays of Euripides in English, vol. ii. Trans. Shelley Dean Milman. London: T. M. Drop Sons, 1922.

MEDEA: O my sons!

My daughters! ye possess a city and a house

Where, leaving hapless me lurking behind, without

A mother en for ever shall reside.

But I to other area an exile go

Ere any support from you I possibly could derive

Or see you blest, the hymeneal pomp

The bride, the genial sofa, for you embellish

And in these hands the kindled torch sustain.

Just how wretched am i not through my very own perverseness!

You, O my sons, Then i in vain have nurtured

In vain have toiled, and, wasted with tiredness

Suffered the pregnant matrons grievous throes.

On you, inside my afflictions, a large number of hopes

We founded erst: that en with pious care

Could foster my own old age, and the bier

Extend me personally after deathmuch envied lot

Of mortals, but these pleasing anxious thoughts

Are disappeared now, for, losing you, a existence

Of resentment and concern shall I lead.

But as for you, my own sons, with those special eyes

Fated no more your mother to behold

Hence are ye hastening to a world unidentified.

Why carry out ye gaze on me personally with this sort of a look

Of tenderness, or wherefore smile? for these

Are your previous smiles. Oh wretched, wretched me!

What shall I really do? My resolution fails.

Sparkling with happiness now I their looks have experienced

My friends, I could no more. To prospects past schemes

I bid adieu, and beside me from this terrain

My kids will express. Why should I cause

A twofold part of distress to fall

By myself head, that I may cry the maest?

By penalizing his daughters? This shall not be:

Such counsels My spouse and i dismiss. In my purpose

What means this alter? Can I prefer derision

And with impunity permit the foe

To scape? My utmost courage I have to rouse:

Intended for the recommendation of these tender thoughts

Arises from an enervate heart. My personal sons

Your regal estate. As for those

Whom deem that to be present were unholy

While I the destined patients offer up

Let them see to it. This uplifted arm

Shall hardly ever shrink. Unfortunately! alas! my own soul

Devote not these kinds of a deed. Unhappy female

Desist and spare thy children, we all will live

Together, that they in international realms shall cheer

Thy exile. Zero, by those avenging fiends

Who dwell with Pluto in the realms beneath

This kind of shall not be, nor can i ever leave

My daughters to be insulted by their foes.

They certainly must die, since that time they must

I bore and I will kill them: tis a action

Resolved about, nor my own purpose can i change.

Complete well I am aware that now the royal bride

Wears onto her head the magic diadem

And in the variegated robe runs out:

But , hurried on by fate, We tread a path

Of utter wretchedness, and all of them will dive

Into one but more wretched. To my own sons

Fain would I say: O stretch forth your right hands

Ye kids, for your mother to adopt.

O closest hands, en lips to me most special

Engaging features and ingenuous looks

May ye become blest, in another world

For by the treacherous execute of your sire

Are en bereft of this globe bestowed.

Goodbye, sweet kissestender limbs, goodbye!

And great smelling breath! I never even more can bear

To appear on you, my personal children. My own afflictions

Possess conquered me, I now are well aware

What crimes I venture on: but trend, the cause

Of woes many grievous for the human race

More than my better reason hath prevailed.

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