A monologue by Carl Carmer

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BE AWARE: This monologue is reprinted from Modern day Literature for Oral Meaning. Male impotence. Gertrude Electronic. Johnson. New York: The 100 years Co., 1920.

I knew somethin\ was up as soon\s I see

The nags and pantoufle hitched throughout the court residence square

They\ll ride tonite, I says, and I was right.

I\m sixty-two yr old come subsequent July

And i also been post-mistress for most of \em

In this article in Epps. (My pap was agin the conflict

Agin separation that is, and that\s why

I recently been appointed by the President

When he was a Republicanfor years)

And i also can tell once devilment moves on

In this old town about as quick\s it starts off.

But Goodness\ sakes, I\d no idea they\d come

Right down the valley and next door to me.

Bear in mind when Nat Gillis perished last year

That they sold his place by auction for his bills

The shack that\s merely across the pike from acquire

To that Eyetalian woman by Mobile?

The lady couldn\t talk enough to make a bid

Yet one of her three youngsters spoke to her.

(Joe Denny produced \em shell out twice what \twas worth. )

Well, come previous spring, your woman had the entire place changed.

The shack was colored an outlandish blue

And just outside the girl had a great big lot

Specified by rowsall sorts of vegetables

A-growin\ in that red clay ground. Lord understands

Howcome your woman done it, but your woman did sure \nough.

The lady sold the pigs at marketplace in Cellular

Had her two most ancient kids in school there, too.

One day I actually heard several talk at Searcy\s shop

Joe Denny cursin\ them damn dagoes\ luck

And callin\ all of them a bunch of soiled wops

Basic heathen who have believed the Pope was God.

We all ought to operate \em on vacation, he says.

I thought he didn\t mean anything by it

Although I was incorrect as I\m a-tellin\ yuh:

The day My spouse and i seen their very own horses I went residence

Along toward seven o\clock, real later for me

The largest moon I actually ever see was risin\

Proper slow over a east casing of the area.

And the Eyetalians\ lamp was out but they was right now there

Out on all their porch to find the moon We reckon

All of \em a-settin in a row

The mother with her 3 small young boys beside.

I\d hardly received unhitched an\ fed my own mare

We \member now of walkin\ from the hvalp

When I researched the road and there they come.

They wasn\t ridin\ fast, they couldn\t well

On them plow mounts and excess fat bellied espadrille

Just raisin\ lots of yellowish dust, these people were

An\ through it I can see all of them old light sheets

That covered \em from head almost to shoes

And still it under no circumstances came into my thoughts

What they had been studyin\ to accomplish until

That they turned in at the path to the blue house.

As soon as I see that I find

All attached to speak an excellent piece of my mind

When somethin\ happened that I\ll keep in mind.

The cyclists set in a sort of half a circle

With Super berry Greaves in the center facin\ her

(I knew \twas him. He\s over 6 feet two. )

My spouse and i \member now how funny they all looked

Even though I was upset I could a\busted laughin\

At all their shoes and boots a-stickin\ away o\ these sheets.

For some of \em was farmville farm boots caked with dirt and grime

And 1 pair yellow-colored with pearl buttons upon \em

(Tad Burt\s, one which runs the fillin\ station)

And I may tell James Brandon quick enough

He previously those same older Congress gaiters on

That he\s been wearin\ with the store for years.

The woman had caught on, she was so scared

She concealed her deal with in both her hands and moaned

The smallest boy was cryin\, however the rest

The 2 school young boys, was standin\ by their mum.

Well just like Berry were only available in to talk

There was a audio from the side the valley

Correct faint it had been, just like a man was callin\

Real deafening but coming from too many mls away.

We all looked up the road where that meets the rim

The moon was makin\ that as mild as day

And we observed the sound once again, a-comin\ close to.

Then on the hill there was a yellow-colored mist

And a whirl of yellow-colored dust reduced the road

Thus fast that people could hardly see inside it

It was a rider in a long white robe

A-settin\ straight an\ tall on a runnin\ horse

A quicker horse than any in these parts

And a bigger gentleman, bigger than Berry Greaves

He looked like by at least a half and mebbe more

He rode hell-bent but he didn\t seem to make an effort

Just seated that equine and let it sweep him on

Sort of serene and sureand terrible, too.

Selection me think about what my own pappy advised

When I was mighty smallof men who have rode

Through the night to save individuals and not to harm \em.

While we all stood lookin\ the driver disappeared

For just one short second in a dip of the road.

The men right now were lookin\ mighty afraid

And all of \em were all set to go home

When somethin\ more helped start off \em on the way.

When he come up the rise past the dip

His big white head and shoulder muscles showin\ first

We found the celestial satellite was in a direct line

Behind him. Complete in sight and near this individual came

Once all our minds stopped beatin\ all at once

Intended for we could see the moonthrough bathrobe and all

Believed it had flipped from yellow to deep orange

And it was banned as if with a dead man\s bones.

We said those mules and horses couldn\t run

Very well, you can bet they performed their best that night

And since that point there hasn\t been a ride

The Eyetalian woman\s garden develops in peace.

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