Her unsullied splendor may not be denied. The sight of her can take one’s breath of air away. She’s simply bright as the girl stands high and grand in the écart. She is a classic one of a kind splendor that captivates anyone who pays her a visit. You should be visually questioned to miss her beauty. When she sleeps, she has as gentle as a baby but when she stirs, the lady could very easily strike fear among the hearts of guys. She is loved for her natural beauty and peace and spurned for her occasionally deadly and devastating element.

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This magnificence is none other however the majestic Mt. Mayon which can be located in the province of Albay inside the Bicol area. It is well-known around the globe because of its flawless cone shape. Relatively, she is like a shy maiden who loves to hide, using the clouds over her just like a veil.

Famous Origin

The legend of Mt. Mayon goes around the tragic take pleasure in story of a beautiful young heroine called Daragang Magayon and a dauntless soldier.

The legend have been narrated and passed on via generation to generation by the people of Albay. The legend has turned into a part of the lives of the persons living in Daraga, Albay mainly because Mt. Mayon plays a vital part in their values, cultural techniques and festivities. In fact , will be certainly an annual festivity called Magayon Festival which is celebrated each month of May well. The celebration relives the legend of Mount Mayon. Different versions of the origin of the regal Mayon Volcano have gone up because of the common tradition of telling testimonies and giving them into the next type of descent.

1st version

The legend is about the story of any beautiful girl named Daragang Magayon whom lives in Kabikolan before the parting of the Philippines to landmass Asia. At that time, a first could not marry a man whom lived outside the Kabikolan. Daragang Magayon turned down a local suitor called Paratuga. He was rich nevertheless selfish. She confessed to her father, Tiong Makusog, who have also were the chief from the village that she experienced fallen in love with a new person named Panganoron, who kept her from drowning. Her father loved her a lot and informed her that he would find a way to fulfil the longing of her heart. The sneaky Paratuga chose to kidnap Tiong Makusog to force Daragang Magayon to marry him. The lovely first did not possess a choice but for agree to the kidnapper’s demand. When Panganoron found out about the deceit, this individual attacked the village of Paratuga.

The moment he arrived at the wedding wedding ceremony, Daragang Magayon hurried to his part but she was strike by a run away arrow. As Panganoron lifted the decreased maiden, he was attacked coming from behind. The lovers died in that unfortunate event. Tiong Makusog left his girl together with every her earthly possessions that Paratuga got bestowed on her as wedding gifts including gold and precious stones. To everybody’s surprise, the burial surface began to go up a week following your burial.

There were always white colored clouds flying on top of the mound. The mound expanded and larger as time passed. The legend continues on that the irritated spirit of Paratuga at times attempts to unearth the grave of Daragang Magayon to get back the precious metal and treasured stones that he gave her, that causes tremors and volcanic eruptions. He never succeeds in the quest and ends up having rocks and lava in the volcano. The cloud that hovers above the volcano is said to be the heart of Panganoron who nonetheless weeps above the loss of his love. His tears fall to the globe as raindrops.

Second version

There existed a man named Magayon who a beautiful little princess as a niece. He was immensely protective of her rather than allowed a man to arrive close enough to ask her hand. Some day, a courageous warrior showed up and became interested in the princess’ beauty. He asked the help of the wind to aid him pass through the hoheitsvoll chamber so he can lure the princess to elope with him. When the lovers left, Magayon used them. The princess as well as the warrior asked the help of the Gods to save lots of them. All of a sudden a landslide occurred and buried Magayon. According to the star, the eruption of Mt. Mayon can be brought about by the anger of Magayon.

Third version

The third version of the legend is told by Laura Agpay, a native of Bicol. There was every princess named Daragang Magayon. She occupied Bicol in which her relatives reigned best over the entire place. The girl was known for her unmatched beauty. A large number of warriors, princes and datus would travel around from place to place of the region in the wish of getting her hand in marriage. Magayon did not like any with the royalties who were presented with her because her heart has already been captured with a warrior and prince called Handiong. Unfortunately, Handiong hailed from the compete with tribe, the enemy of Magayon tribe.

Magayon and Handiong endured tremendously using their tribes’ attempts to separate all of them. When they cannot stand getting apart anymore, they fled, which come to a blood bath involving the two adversary tribes. The young addicts could not accept the pain and torment of the occasions that adopted. The two chose to end all their lives. Even in loss of life, the people separated the young few. After a few months, the Magayon tribe seen a volcano growing in the spot where Magayon was smothered. They called the volcano “Bulkang Magayon depicting its perfect shape just like all their beautiful Daragang Magayon.

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