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Excerpt from Marketing Prepare:

Marketing plans

Go to a Wal Mart or Target and find the following marketing plans in action:

One of how a great end-cap is employed to highlight a product or service

An end cap is a display product that is placed at the end of the passageway. An example of just how an end cap can be used to focus on a product is with Coca Diet coke. As, this is place where they will create a creative screen to capture the mood for a particular time of year (in this case it truly is football or Halloween). It will help Coke related products to stand out with regards to other products. Once this occurs, is usually when customers will choose the Coca Cola that is on display at the end of the aisle. (“End Cap, ” 2011)

A good example of a product/service that might be directed at a specific cultural population

An illustration of this product that could be targeted to an ethnic human population is Mexican food. As, those stores with large amounts of Latinos will take more of the sorts of spices and foods that this group eats. This helps to boost sales among this demographic of consumers and it is improving the manufacturer image of the place.

3. An item that is targeted at lower or perhaps lower-middle category consumers

A product that is directed at the lower cash flow consumers can be Sunnyside orange colored juices. As, this is available for: $1. 00 (at the end of the display aisle), in order to get in touch with this demographic of consumers.

5. A product that can be targeted at upper-middle or lower-upper class customers

A piece of 2 is targeted towards uppr middle course consumers is definitely: with Wal Mart advertising Eternity for guys. This is because; they will found that in many top end retailers including Macy’s demand for this product was strong. The simple fact that they are providing this item is indication that they are contacting this band of consumers.

five. An example of market segmentation (Age, etc . )

Another sort of demographic segmentation can be seen in the women’s clothing department of Wal Mart. As, they have the different style categorized among: children, young adults and the twenty something masses. These distinct elements are very important, because they are demonstrating how Wal Mart is targeting this kind of demographic of shoppers (based upon the clothing, variations and the look of the screen inside the store).

6. An item that is geared towards the Baby Boomers

A product that is directly geared towards the Baby Boomers is: the discounts of over the counter medicine , vitamins and supplements. Since, this band of the population is usually increasingly using

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