Excerpt from Marketing Plan:

Marketing Plan

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Description from the Product

The merchandise is espresso, or particularly it is high-end coffee, skillfully roasted to make available to espresso shops, institutional customers and retail clients over the Internet. There are lots of elements for the product. Is the beans, which are found from equatorial regions around the world. There are distinct breeds and cultivars of coffee available. Coffee, just like wine vineyard, picks up significant characteristics from its terroir too. The result is that there can be incredible differences in espresso beans from different parts of the world, or even by different farms within the same part of the community. For all of the world’s major espresso companies, coffee beans from all over the world are merged together and roasted with the objective of creating a uniform style that can be duplicated all over the world. Key competitors, coming from Nestle to Kraft to Starbucks, utilize this basic method.

High end espresso, however , is extremely differentiated using this formula. Ultra-premium coffee can be roasted in small batches with espresso beans from specific regions and farms. The actual roast was created specially to get out the exceptional characteristics of the beans as a result farm, and for the way of production (espresso or filter). Ultra-premium caffeine therefore aims for a character that is anything but uniform – each set and indeed each cup may and should become entirely different from its precursor. The appeal for customers of ultra-premium coffee is specifically during these differences. They are the same customers who dedicate hundreds of us dollars seeking exclusive wines, sodas and state of mind, or exclusive dining encounters. Such tastes typically extend to additional products as well, from clothing to entertainment to autos and getaways.

The Internet is the perfect vehicle for this sort of business. You will discover two factors behind this. The very first is that these consumers are diffused. While the nation is stuffed with millions of espresso addicts, individuals who take it seriously enough to go after ultra-premium caffeine tend to end up being diffused about the country. These kinds of consumers are as a result hard to succeed in via standard channels mainly because volumes in different individual town (with a few exceptions) are too low. The second reason is that the Net is often in which these buyers learn about distinct ultra-premium espressos. Aside from their particular local charcoal grill, they conveniently order coffee beans from firms in Chicago, Miami or Vancouver in the event that that is where they can find the ones they need. The same goes for coffee outlets that serve this high end coffee. This business is largely conducted over a national range to meet a niche market, producing the Internet the ideal vehicle to get the business.

We, Sufi Caffeine, takes its be derived from the Sufis of Yemen who were the first to cultivate espresso and develop it like a drinking drink. This respect to the history of the drink is juxtaposed against a strictly contemporary interpretation of coffee consuming that is situated at the heart of the market. The company was founded in 2013 simply by four learners, and is along the way of attaining its financing. To this point, we have sent 1 student to learn about caffeine roasting and source a roaster. The other students are working around the business plan, specifically the advertising plan, plus they are also working on building the web site that will be the focal point of the marketing prepare.

Sufi Caffeine is going to be generally an online procedure, which is a reflection of the diffused customer base plus the most practical way to run a niche business online age. The business believes it can become successful and make a healthy five per cent share of the ultra-premium portion within two years by virtue of an aggressive Internet marketing campaign. Sufi is going to provide an Amazon-style storage operation to take care of orders, nevertheless the website will not function similar to the way. The website will certainly market the items with creative input (words and images) from the Sufi team, rather than from clients. This way, buyer comments can be filtered to make sure that they support the company’s advertising mission. The online approach to this business allows us to better reach our target market, to do this affordably, and to become more effective to promote the product.


The main strength of our organization is going to be the standard of the caffeine. We believe that people will need to offer superior quality coffee in order to be competitive in this section. By definition, our coffee needs to be much better than Starbucks at the very least to be competitive in the ultra-premium segment. Yet , we will benchmark against current market leaders in order to ensure that we have taken a leadership location in the business, rather than me-too situation. Product quality is going to be the main initial strength. Other advantages that we are going to cultivate can be a sound financial position and strong branding.

There are numerous weaknesses which our company faces. As a brand-new company, there are numerous things that we lack. You are that we have not as yet established each of our brand. Which is a weakness that may need to be remedied as fast as possible. Indeed, much of each of our plan entails both leveraging our strength but also mitigating the weaknesses when as we can easily. We have limited contacts inside the industry, and we have only some relationships with suppliers. We have a competitive industry for good suppliers, so it is challenging for the business to secure them when they become available. There is an experience gap between our company as well as the companies against which we will remain competitive. All of these weaknesses will need to be tackled, and quickly.

The business is available to exploit one particular major opportunity. This is a new business, so multiple chances might be a lttle bit ambitious right up until we have mastered the first one. All of us seek to make use of the growth in the ultra-premium section of coffee. As consumers begin to have their caffeine addictions even more seriously, they are really turning to better-quality coffee. This begins for the majority of with a trip to Starbucks, but increasingly individuals are moving over and above to small , local charcoal grill and shops that concentrate on high-end plans. It is with this latter level that we see an industry with tremendous growth potential. Whilst a small niche market today, the future can be seen various ways. A larger niche – some thing akin to wherever craft dark beer is today – is not unrealistic for the United States. However , ultra-premium espresso is a main segment (20-40%) of the industry in New Zealand and Australia (at least inside the cities) and this is the top bound that could happen inside the U. S. As well, presented a few decades of development. Either circumstance implies a long-run high-growth trajectory. While some firms have previously put in 10 years or more into the business, the ultra-premium section is still in the introductory phase of the product life cycle, and so entering the industry now and establishing market share is a huge opportunity in the event the expected expansion occurs, a lot less the upside development.

There are significant threats, however , to this organization. Aside from the different internal disadvantages that could unnecessary our attempts, the business is threatened by competition. In the event more popular competitors can easily blur the lines involving the ultra-premium segment and their offerings, the portion might not be capable to achieve rapid growth. If the U. S. economy containers, it probably will not impact our target market much, but it really could impact our usage of financing. Banking institutions were extremely hesitant to give during the last downturn, and a reoccurrence of these could stifle any development plans we might have, whether or not our organization is growing. Last but not least, there is the risk that local climate change will have a significant and negative impact on espresso supplies and coffee top quality. As a result, consumers might be charged out of the espresso market, or perhaps we could get our access to beans suitable to make the coffees has dried up.

Marketplace Strategy

Each of our target market is commonly younger (under 40), well-educated, and relatively affluent. Drinkers of ultra-premium coffee cover both genders, and may include families or be sole. However , they may be generally more youthful and more accessible to new experience, an essential attribute of consumers with this niche. More mature consumers, the majority of them, are stuck in their practices and habits and are more unlikely to know regarding ultra-premium caffeine much less proper care. The prices with this segment are certainly not necessarily any higher than individuals charged simply by Starbucks and its particular imitators, a thing that reflects an absence of sufficient difference for the segment. Yet , these prices remain at the top end for what is commonly a daily drink. Our customers therefore probably have well-paying jobs, which also means they may be likely to be well-educated and metropolitan. Our clients are also aware about different tendencies, are discerning in their preferences with respect to numerous products, and prefer to spend a premium for any better or more exclusive merchandise.

We are focusing our business

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