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Marketing Plan for New Product

Marketing Strategy: Dove Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Promoting is a tremendously important function for any company (McCarthy, Perreault, Saphiro, 2002). Whether the organization is a small , sole proprietorship or a large corporation just like Unilever, correct marketing is actually will established a company (and a product) apart and maintain it new in the minds of customers. In order to have great marketing, a business has to have an agenda on which it may focus. That plan may require adjustment from time to time, but the most crucial thing is to get that program started and moving forward. Once that has been performed, a company can easily focus on receiving the product to advertise and effective people that they should buy it. In order to do that, the company need to consider the 4 And btw place, merchandise, price, and promotion (Cateora Graham, 2002). There are additional issues that will also be addressed right here, such as the time and target audience to get the product. Most of these issues are very important when creating an advertising plan.

Just for this paper, the company will be Unilever and the item will be a great anti-dandruff shampoo that is section of the Dove product line. Because Unilever is such a significant company and because Dove is such a well-known manufacturer, it may be to some degree easier to get the company for making strong sales, at least at first. Nevertheless , the product as well needs sexual stamina, and if the product is not good or the advertising is certainly not strong, that staying power may not be available. Actually good numerous be overlooked by consumers who have numerous options to choose from (Cateora Graham, 2002). This is the basis of an advertising plan – to keep the product’s data in front of buyers as much as possible in order to make sure that they keep buying those products (Cateora Graham, 2002). Not all companies do that, but Unilever probably should not rely on their Dove brand name or snooze on it is laurels. If it wants to ensure this new anti-dandruff shampoo is actually a success, it has to have a marketing plan that could appeal to consumers.


Where will the product end up being sold? Just how available does it really be? Whether it is only sold at a single retail store – a single chain retailer – it will be much more difficult for consumers to buy it. Although they are not interested in losing sight of their approach to find the item, which can actually hurt a business in the sales section (Pride Ferrell, 2003). To get Unilever to determine success with this new item, they have to produce it readily available, and they need to decide exactly where it should be obtainable. Products which might be already available and that come from the same business are selling. In which are they offering? Do they certainly better in retailers? By drug shops? Somewhere else? Almost certainly, wherever additional Dove products are sold is where Unilever will want to promote its new anti-dandruff hair shampoo. That way, those who are used to shopping for products through the company should be able to get everything in one place. Even stores that do not have other In cui products could possibly be good places in which to sell this device, though, in the event that those shops carry shampoos – and specifically in the event they bring anti-dandruff shampoos. The size of the Unilever business and the In cui offering signifies that there are many alternatives.

Overall, place is quite a bit less relevant to Unilever as it would be to some other types of companies, generally because there are a lot of stores that already take the company’s products. It will not be that difficult to make certain that they are taken at various other stores. A lot more stores that carry all of them, the more likely they will be seen (and bought) by simply consumers, all other factors getting equal. Unilever should focus on getting the new Dove anti-dandruff shampoo into as many retailers as possible, of course , but only when those retailers have trail records of selling Ove products or of offering a high amount of shampoos. In case the company would not have the shampoos available in the right place, individuals are not going to be capable of finding the shampoos and might certainly not know about these people or do everything to look for these people.


Of course , where a product can be purchased is definitely far from the only issue (Pride Ferrell, 2003). It is also extremely important that the product is a good one. Companies that simply cannot provide a very good product could get some preliminary sales, but are not going to possess repeat buyers (Pride Ferrell, 2003). Buyers will try a product or service, but they is not going to keep buying it whether it does not work or perhaps they do not experience as though it is just a good value for the money. Because of that, Unilever will have analyzed the product extensively and will have determined that it is quality product that has much to offer for the consumer. Then simply, that has to end up being conveyed through marketing. Advertisements on TV, for the radio, and through Internet advertising are all wonderful ways to advise customers of any product and make sure that they start to see the value about what they are being asked to obtain. Unilever is actually a large firm, and Dove is a dependable name which was around for quite a while. That is both good and bad. More people will trust the brand new anti-dandruff hair shampoo because it provides the Ove name, although people may also stop buying the entire Ove product line in the event that they have a bad experience with the shampoo – so it is a double-edged blade.

When a system is very very good and many persons like it, excellent chance for taking the market by simply storm and be wildly popular (Pride Ferrell, 2003). Of course , the type of product that is on offer also affects that. Not too many people get crazy over anti-dandruff shampoo and inform all of their friends about it, mainly because that would need them to confess that they have dermititis. Still, if the product is very good people can talk about it (Pride Ferrell, 2003). Moreover, they will keep buying this – regardless if something else is offered to these people for less cash or in a prettier package. Unilever has to understand that the product is among the vital 5 Ps, plus the company should use the In cui brand name to remind people of the quality of the product they shall be getting with this new, anti-dandruff shampoo.


When the economic system is down and people happen to be struggling, the cost of a product matters more than ever (Sommers Barnes, 2001). Of course , even when the economy is booming you will find people who do not have a lot of money, and those who are more comfortable with their profits but who have choose to be cheap because they just do not want to overspend and get themselves in to trouble. Unilever has to be conscious of the fact that folks care deeply about the price of much of what they buy – and that includes all their anti-dandruff hair shampoo. Carrying the Dove identity helps, however it is rather than an open request to impose as much as possible. Exploration into the market place when it comes to precisely what is being charged to get other anti-dandruff shampoos is incredibly necessary. In the event Unilever plans to impose more than the typical for its In cui anti-dandruff hair shampoo, there has to be a reason for the and consumers need to be in a position to accept that reason. In case the company believes the reason is great but customers do not, people not end up being many product sales and Unilever will have put in a lot of money to launch a product that will not perform well. That could cost the company a great deal of money and waste a lot of time.

The market pieces the price when it comes to just about any full good (McCarthy, Perreault, Saphiro, 2002). Unilever must remember that the buyers who will purchase the anti-dandruff shampoo or conditioner may like and desire the Ove name, but in reality only have a great deal money that they can spend. In the event that all of the various other anti-dandruff shampoos on the market are much less expensive than Dove, most likely those lower-priced options could be the ones that consumers get. There will be some people who will spend more – especially if the system is exceptional – but the individuals are few in number. To do well, Unilever has to capture a huge portion of the marketplace. That will not always be accomplished with an anti-dandruff shampoo that is grossly too expensive because buyers will not think that it offers an excellent value for the money.


How will the organization market this system? It has to be advertised, or people will not are aware of it exists. Various people have gone to the store and spotted a new product available. It leaves them wanting to know how

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