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Nathaniel Hawthorne is a great romantic novelist in the usa in the 19th century. His novel, The Scarlet Page, is considered since the first American mental novel written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. It reveals the internal insight which Hawthorne proven guilt and anxiety inside the human heart and soul. The Scarlet Letter can be deeply focused on ethical complications of desprovisto, punishment, and atonement. The backdrop of the account is set in Salem, Massachusetts, a strictly controlled Puritan city with severe laws and fierce bias.

Hester Prynne, a young partner whose husband is presumed dead, will be publicly embarrassed for the sin of adultery. The proof of her sin is usually her daughter Pearl. She conceals the identity of Pearl’s father to protect him from the harsh judgment of Puritan rules.

She even so is condemned to spend the rest of her life marked as a great adulterer by putting on a scarlet “A” onto her chest. Hester’s husband at the same time has arrived in the colony and taken up practice as a doctor.

This individual makes Hester promise that she will not really reveal his identity to anyone. It’s the Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale, who will be renowned while an especially holy and pious man. Wracked by guilt he starts to show to the outside signs of serious illness. Hester’s partner under the assumed name Roger Chillingworth moves in commences taking care of Dimmesdale. Chillingworth rapidly discovers that he is Pearl’s father. For revenge, Chillingworth uses his influence to multiply the good feelings of remorse in the ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) as a kind of emotional self applied. At the orgasm of the tale, Dimmesdale foi his desprovisto and passes away.

Hester and Pearl keep the colony. Chillingworth’s gets the purpose of revenge but all of a sudden finds his life worthless and drops dead within a season. Hawthorne is outstanding in literary abilities, especially in symbolism. In this novel, symbolism runs through the whole novel in which the scarlet letter “A”, the characters of story plus the settings are all endowed with a deep emblematic significance. The primary symbolism of the novel is represented by the colors, the scarlet notice “A”, the four primary characters and the settings. The wide utilization of symbolism makes his personas to be remembered embodiment of psychological qualities or moral concepts. Couple of literature performs equals The Scarlet Letter in power and powerful use of pictures and symbols.


This kind of paper attempts to illustrate Nathaniel Hawthorne’s wide usage of symbolism in his masterpiece The Scarlet Page, which reveals its deep significance when facing the sin and the struggle in the human heart in the harsh Puritan contemporary society. The daily news is mainly divided by sixth parts: the first component is the advantages of the publisher and the story The Scarlet Letter; the second is the symbolism and its regards with the novel; the third is a symbolic that means of the scarlet letter “A”; then the symbolic meaning with the four personas; the sixth part is a symbolic which means of the options as well as the areas; the last part will be the conclusion of the daily news.

Literature Assessment:

Many studies include related to the symbolism in The Scarlet Letter. In the past, research are mainly dedicated to the significance of “A”, the main heroes, the configurations, and the locations. This paper analyzes the symbolism inside the Scarlet Page systematically. The research on the meaning of the Scarlet Letter “A”: There are many studies about the Scarlet Page “A”, just like Zeng Yanbo’s The Symbolism in The Scarlet Letter. In her paper, he points out the notice A’s implied meaning improvements as the plot grows; first it appears as the symbol from the guilt of adultery. After that it changes right into a symbol of alone and alienation, in that case into amazon online, adamant and avenger, and it becomes synonymous with able and angel, finally it alterations into hope for the new life, along with amour and admire between Arthur and Hester. The symbolism with the four major characters: Inside the Scarlet Page, Hawthorne gives different emblematic meanings towards the four significant characters.

In Liu Huijuan’s paper For the Symbolic Which means in Hawthorne’s Works The Scarlet letter, the author studies that the heroine’s name Hester Prynne contains the meaning of beauty, love, amour, appreciation and aspiraion. While the main character, Arthur Dimmesdale, whose initials AD, which also is short for adultery. The name of Hester’s partner Roger Chillingworth means agony, anguish and avenger. Hester and Arthur’s daughter’s brand Pearl contains the meaning of precious, glorious and very good virtue. The symbolism from the settings: In the novel, adjustments are one among major elements of symbolism, including the scaffold, which is the dominating point at the beginning, at the center, and at the finish of the history.

In Zeng Yanbo’s About Symbolism inside the Scarlet Notice, he displays that the penitentiary represents the cruelty of the Puritan Society. The increased bush may be the symbol of passion. The sun’s rays is the sign of aspiration. Many persons aren’t concentrate on one aspect from the novel. Zhang Julan constitutes a profound discussion about the symbolism in The Scarlet Notification, and discloses the significance of symbolism in the novel. Besides, she also discusses the trouble, atonement and redemption of the God in the novel. In these articles, each of them research the symbolism inside the Scarlet Letter and the great significance of symbolism. This paper is usually focus on the symbolism in detail based on over research effects.

Thesis Assertion:

Symbolism: Symbolic is a thing concrete that represents or perhaps suggests yet another thing that can not be pictured itself. The use of explanation of several outward subject is to demonstrate some concealed meaning. Symbols are always in relationship, circumstance and connection, with which creators can change a multitude of ideas in to single, simple acts of understanding. Inside the Scarlet Letter, symbolism runs through the whole novel. Hawthorne’s emphasis on symbolism often the actual characters shadowy but with intended meaning to chew. The key symbolism with the novel is definitely represented by colors, the scarlet notice “A”, the four main characters, the settings and the places.


Nathaniel Hawthorne is a great loving novelist in the united states in the 19th century. His novel, The Scarlet Page, is considered while the initial American book with representational meaning from the very beginning towards the end. In The Scarlet Notice, the symbolic meaning could be divided into the following several factors: The symbolism of the shades: It is typically agreed that colors are being used extensively because symbols in The Scarlet Notice. The most frequently employed color symbol by author is usually red. Reddish colored represents Hester’s sin, as shown by letter “A”. The use of the red color expresses just how differently Hester and Pearl are seen by the people of Puritan Society, who also are shameful for Hester’s adultery. Besides, the red color, along with images of bright glow, shows Treasure to be the product of a moment of interest between Hester and Dimmesdale.

As a reddish colored symbol of Hester’s trouble,  Pearl can often be identified with the color red. The symbolic meaning of the letter “A”: the notification “A” has its own symbolic connotations in this paper. When it comes to the Christianity, “A” stands for unacceptable apple thieved by Mandsperson and Event; “A” for the act of the Apostles; “A” to get Arrogance. Intended for Hester, “A” stands for only, alienation, able, angel, hope and affection. For Roger Chillingworth, “A” stands for amazon online, adamant and avenger. The symbolism from the four personas: Hawthorne applied the four characters because symbols inside the Scarlet Notification. The several symbolize different facets of bad thing.

Hester Prynne stands for how sin could make one more impartial and stronger, and Arthur Demmesdale is a symbol of the damage of invisible sin. Treasure symbolizes the living scarlet letter with sunshine. Roger Chillingworth is a symbol of revenge. The symbolism in the settings and places: inside the novel, settings are one of major aspects of symbolism. For example , the jail symbolizes the harshness in the Puritan Contemporary society; the scaffold symbolizes the redemption of Hester and Arthur; the rosebush symbolizes the passion and amour among Hester and Arthur; the sunshine symbolizes hope.


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