Life My name is Rickeya Ward. I was born December 26, 97 and yes fortunately the next day Christmas. We am 12-15 years old and i also have one brother and sibling I’m the center child. I had been born in Galloway, NJ where My spouse and i lived for any little. Excellent very different term; I was given its name my dad. My dad’s identity means strong ruler and so my identity must have similar meaning since it’s just about alike. I have a well-rounded persona.

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I under no circumstances had concerns making new friends I usually got along with everyone. I i am very fun loving. When I was at middle school I would perform and try for every sport I could get into.

When I meet new people sometimes My spouse and i happen to be very shy and quiet. Occasionally I like being incredibly aware of my personal surroundings when I meet new people. Persons find me to be funny and interesting when they meet up with me. It feels good to obtain good vibes with people.

When I was younger I had formed dreams of becoming a big time style model and traveling the world as a fashion icon. My spouse and i wished I can be on Unites states Next Leading Model in a short time. Ever since I used to be little I was one of those people that enjoyed life. I enjoy journeying I been traveling since I was about 4 years of age.

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I have been to Atlanta, Kentkucky, North Carolina, A bunch of states, Virginia as well as other places. Among my favorite areas was actually Washington dc, Los Perspectives to be exact. The feeling that it provides you was wonderful and a Hollywood way of living feeling. I love making fresh friends and being about my family. My children means some thing so exceptional to me. My family and I include a connect that we reveal. We talk about different laughters, and bond with one another in different methods. The genetics run very strong in my family we have a lot of commonalities with each other. I have an exact seem alike which is my little sister we’re able to be mixed twins.

My sis is my own joy. Which my partner in criminal offenses with nearly anything we are always doing anything together. Just a few cousins are the two people My spouse and i favor as well. We all have got personalities which have been alike and that we get along perfectly. We are very close in grow older but I actually am the oldest. My extended family members lives close to me and several of them live far away. I usually communicate and talk to these people so it’s not that considerably of a length because we stay in touch generally. They are like my support team whatever I try to accomplish they are really there to back my personal idea up. I know a lot of people and have a lot of different friends that I hang around.

I am thankful for my entire life and the people who came in that. Another place that I get pleasure from being can be school. I am aware that’s a weird thing experiencing a teenager say but I love school. I love learning the euphoric pleasures that enhances me. I did very well when I was at school. After i was in primary and middle section school I had been on the Reverance Roll and Merit Roll. I always shoot for the highest marks at university. I received a lot of awards. I am an extremely hard person on me. I can be regarded as as a perfectionist because I use very high anticipations for me personally.

Another thing I really like about institution is meeting new people and having diverse challenges arrive against myself each year. School is very interesting to me while using different subject matter every year and the different things I learn. After i learn about each subject it informs me about something which maybe appear in the future to assist me. My spouse and i tried several sports around me. I enjoyed soccer, discipline hockey, monitor, swimming and cheerleading. Once i was in middle school I think I could take action all. The sports i actually enjoy is trail, cheerleading and I would love to accomplish this year is usually crew.

Once i was in the 5th grade I analyzed and enjoyed the Clarinet. It was a great amusing instrument to play although playing an instrument just wasn’t my issue. Something Excellent true enthusiasm for is definitely dancing. Boogie is basically existence for me besides my other dreams. After i dance that frees my mind from anything I’m considering. The dance I examine is Interlude and Hiphop. I did engage dancing for approximately two years but I decided to take a break. An application that I do is Winners of children which makes sure you are on the best track and doing what you’re meant to. On my leisure time I like reading books and shopping.

The sort of books We am happy in are the realistic ebooks that can relate with real life tales. Just like other teens I cannot live devoid of my cell phone or my electronics it really is a huge component to my life. While I am in high school I would really like to stay concentrated and on task. I want to graduate a good number inside the class and go to a good college. I wish to go to college to become a lawyer. My desire since I had been young was to become a lawyer. While I experienced school I had developed previous persons tell me I would personally become a attorney because the way I disputed my points.

I didn’t decide what sort of lawyer I needed to become yet. A big goal I was trying to accomplish is going to a great college and having a big period lawyer. One of many icons I always looked at as a great lawyer was Johnnie Cochran. He’s been an inspiring attorney for me. I have big dreams of living in an excellent house and eventually getting married. In 10 years I will be graduating regulation school hopefully going to very good law firm. I want to have no concerns in the world in any way. My desire is just becoming successful and knowing that Used to do from effort.

I have large and big desired goals for myself that I am going to achieve. I have a dedicated brain for what I wish to become. When i pursued my career of being a lawyer I wish to become a ballerina as a aspect job or perhaps open a dance school for additional youth that loves grooving. I consider traveling to various places We’ve never recently been. At first I used to be debating easily wanted to become a lawyer or possibly a doctor. But , as I acquired older We realized that as being a lawyer was definitely the career I wanted to select. The person I actually admire the most is my mom and my own grandfather. They are two people that motivate me the most.


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