The English Language rules a higher prestige in the Philippines just as that enjoys a greater part in the Philippine Education System. Hence, authentic English language Language teaching and learning environment needs to be given an entire blast interest naturally and effectively. With this age of the positive effect, where world is being changed and is changed by technology, so too are innovative techniques in instructing and learning the English language subject. It has to be taken into account that as time lures, the number of Filipino English Language Learners features rapidly improved.

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These kinds of learners are full of hopes and dreams to master the language of the world that every English subject is usually accountable for. But, he/she needs not to become idealist to expect that right at the end of the educational year, learners will be great English speakers, readers, spellers, writers and listeners. There may be some factors that may hinder the learning process however this should not stop the goal of The english language teacher to bring the The english language language on view.

Furthermore, the spread of English as educational language and the emergence of technology being a fast learning channel ought to be mutually enforced.

Indeed, technology has totally changed the instructing of the English subject, as the last few years have established the part of British as “Lingua Franca which means any vocabulary for conversation between teams who no other prevalent language (Matthew, 2009) using this context, the researcher usually takes the challenge to acquire an action in locating out the most successful way to create a better in the event that not the very best intervention materials in instructing English subject matter so as to increase the performance of the students. MEDIA TECHNOLOGY is definitely the answer.

The researcher thinks that the ability to incorporate educational opportunities that multimedia technology promises can tremendously be the key substances in making this possible for English Teachers to cope with core educational challenge. Additionally, multimedia technology is useful for the upliftment of modern designs. It in some way satisfies both equally visual and auditory sense of the learners. With the pass on and development of English around the globe, it has been discovered and used by more and more learners.

Nonetheless, multi-media technology applies interactive computer system elements such as graphics, textual content, video, sound and animation to supply a message. For the wings of change the make use of multimedia technology should be a need to for The english language teachers because in employing such, photographs and images improve the content of the subject matter. Through the whole fun process, it might be visibly experienced that applying multimedia is beneficial in growing students in mastering the The english language subject as well enhances the teacher’s interest in teaching English.

Since Zhang (2010) points out, multi-media offers college students rich useful resource materials-both real and training as well as eye-catching and friendly interface, brilliant pictures, pleasant sounds which in turn to a hugely overcomes deficiency of authentic language environment and arouses learners intense in mastering the The english language subject. Definitely English instructors should already give wall surfaces to traditional teaching as it only provides the class boredom and dullness. They should try something new and various, something that captivates pupils’ focus and curiosity and that is MULTIMEDIA TECHNOLOGY.

Arrive to think of this kind of, traditional English teaching permits the instructor spend time upon writing the vital dialect points and important information within the chalkboard. While, with the use of MEDIA TECHNOLOGY, the students becomes even more attentive, even more active and the teacher merely uses the button and keyboard to exhibit significant articles in a few just a few seconds. Moreover together with the same courseware, the English language teacher does not need to write several notes many times in different classes, hence saving time and energy.

The researcher observes that students tend to always be preoccupied with things certainly not connected with the English subject matter, thus affecting their overall performance. non-etheless, the pupils absence learning competencies especially in their particular grammar expertise, noting particulars, sequencing occasions, and getting the primary idea from a selection staying read. Therefore, MULTIMEDIA TECHNOLOGY is highly advised as it improves students determination to learn. (WanZek et. Al. 2008). While using above literary works, the specialist aims to find out the effectivity of media technology in improving the performance of Grade Half a dozen section your five pupils of Mandaluyong Elementary School.

Statement of the Problem This action research looks for to find out the potency of multimedia technology as an intervention tool in improving the efficiency of Class Six-5 students of Mandaluyong Elementary School. Particularly, the study aims to answer this questions: 1 . What is the extent of performance of Grade Half a dozen section five pupils before and after the use of multimedia system technology? 2 . Is there a factor between the magnitude of efficiency of Grade Six section 8 pupils in their English language class after and before the use of multi-media technology?

Value of the Study The déterminant objective of the study is usually to provide finish, balanced and modern concepts on the powerful use of media technology. Essentially, the investigator believes that result of this kind of study will probably be significant to the following persons: To the Students ” they shall be the direct recipients of the study, they are more excited in the The english language subject upon experiencing multimedia system technology in the classroom.

To the The english language Teachers ” they will have got a better understanding on the make use of multimedia technology thus permitting them to take up such tool thereby enhancing their abilities and approaches in instructing English. To the School Administrators ” this study will be of great help since it will create a milleu of awareness regarding multimedia technology so that they can help their professors on the modern day teaching of thupplement classroom activities. e English subject.

To the Long term Researchers ” this will function as a springboard for further analysis activities within the use of multi-media technology with all the purpose of utilizing it to h Conceptual Platform The use of multi-media technology is usually one successful tool in teaching English language. It has to be confirmed that it really enhances students comprehension about them matter as a result improving their very own performance. Qualified and scholars declare multimedia assisted instruction undoubtedly improve learning motivation and attention of learners raises interactivity, fulfills individualized demand and displays the learning condition of the student.

The researcher will make make use of a stream chart that will assist as his road map in coming out with the required result. It is going to describe just how he will expose the use of media technology while an involvement material in improving the performance of students in English. The flow graph and or chart shows how a result of pre-test will function as a leading factor intended for the researcher to think of the multimedia technology. From this, the improved performance of the students should be noticeably reflected inside their post check. Figure 1 shows the conceptual structure of the examine.


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