Overview: An autobiography, Jack: Straight From The Gut gives John N. Welch, Jr. the opportunity to guideline us through not only his time spent as Leader and CEO during a forty-one year profession with Basic Electric (GE), but as well his early years, and his friends and family life away from GE. From his times as a first grader growing up in Salem, Massachusetts playing gin with his beloved mom, to his welcoming of Jeff Immelt as his successor as CEO, Welch describes in fast moving depth his thoughts, feelings, is the winner, and failures, all in chronological order.

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Since a child Welch respectable and admired his daddy, but appreciated his mom and preserved a connection with her that this individual references long after her fatality in 1965. The lady imparted him with tremendous self-confidence and leadership skills that he developed early and held with him through secondary school, his undergraduate years on the University of Massachusetts, graduate student school in the University of Illinois, and ultimately through his time with GE. As Welch describes his GE profession, he delivers many of the qualities that led to him turn into CEO.

Most notably, he credit his strength, passion, and integrity to get his achievement and undoubtedly emphasizes that other leaders must seek out those same values when building teams and cultivating expertise. Along the way Welch highlights his many victories but offers equal a chance to his mistakes. Above all he notes people as the defining factor in success or failure. In fact, GE’s all about locating and building great persons, no matter where they come from. I’m over the top in lots of problems, but none comes as near to the passion I use for making people GE’s key competency.

1 Review: A bit of research under Jack Welch upon Amazon. com shows 9 different book titles, all of which, in one kind or another, pass on the knowledge of a guy regarded extensively as America’s most popular business head. From that, one might surmise that Jack: Straight From The Gut could follow the formula for discussion on such GE tenets as: 6 Sigma, boundarlyess culture, and globalization. However , though he does use considerable time on these normal topics, this individual provides considerably more in the way of actual reasons for the achievements of these programs, and for their very own derivation.

In contrast to other catalogs written about Welch, he published this one largely by himself and I found it really interesting compared to some of the previous efforts of authors trying to capture the essence of both Welch and GENERAL ELECTRIC. Of particular interest was Welch’s detailed analysis of Reg Jones’ selection process in 1980 that led to Welch succeeding him as CEO, versus Welch’s own selection nearly 20 years later for his individual replacement. Welch describes in game-like trend his location of under dog against 8-10 other GENERAL ELECTRIC executives under consideration for the work. We were all functioning our butts off planning to differentiate ourselves.

2 Welch ultimately benefits the game although vows to himself to pick his replacement, beneficiary in a distinct and more fair way, if at all possible. He would get that probability in a method he began in 1994 if he asked his VP pertaining to executive creation to put together a directory of attributes for the ideal CEO3 The specs were filled with expertise and qualities you’d wish: integrity/values, experience, vision, leadership, edge, stature, fairness, and enery/balance/courage. 4 The ones that filled this criteria totaled 23, although were whittled down to 8 serious prospects by 98. In 2150 Welch formally announced three final applicants, but required an unparalleled bold help naming each of their substitutions.

This ascertained that GE would reduce two best executives following naming one to become the fresh CEO, unfortunately he done to give you the new head 100% assurance that he was in charge and would have no reason to look over his shoulder. I found the process that named Rob Immelt CEO and the the one that selected Welch in 80 both interesting. Welch delivers his message in a confident and honest manner jointly might anticipate, but quite self-effacing sometimes which may big surprise some viewers.

He absolutely takes credit for, and celebrates wins, but provided equal amount of time in the book, if not more, to his blunders. As a new book review in The Wall Street Journal signifies, He falls short of standard-issue pomposity and makes a lot of jokes at his own expense. 5 From relaying a time early in his job when his new car had a hose pipe spring a leak and ruin his suit plus the paint within the car, to bigger mistakes like the well publicized perceived inability of GE’s Kidder Peabody unit, Welch maintains a great air of humility and self deprecation throughout the publication. Takeaways: As an employee of GE’s medical division, I love reading regarding Welch and have read some other books about the man.

However , non-e captivated me personally as this place did. I expected to still find it interesting although had no idea how much therefore until just a few pages with it. Learning about the boy, trainees, the professional, and the head who would change an previously successful firm into perhaps the best firm in the world was very enjoyable.

For me, working in the GE culture and experiencing this as I have over the past 4 years gives a tremendous perception of satisfaction. I understand Welch’s vision very well when he echoes of, the four Ha sido of GE leadership: high energy levels, the cabability to energize others around prevalent goals, the advantage to make challenging yes-and-no decisions, and finally, to be able to consistently execute and deliver on their pledges. 6 I understand what this individual looks for and strive hard to imitate that image. In my opinion, hearing his basis and reason for creating this culture further enhances people’s abilities to thrive in it.

My personal final takeaway involves regarding integrity. Welch begins and ends the book with this topic and brings up it often times throughout. I’ve heard him mention this many times recently, but this individual drives that home with such interest and conviction here in his memoirs. I never had two daily activities. There was just one way-the straight way.

7 With no misgivings and sorry to none, the business world certainly has not noticed the last of Jack Welch. Endnotes 1 . Jack Welch and John A. Byrne, Jack: Straight From The Gut (New You are able to: Warner Business Books, 2001), 156. installment payments on your Ibid., seventy nine. 3. Ibid., 409. 4. Ibid.

5. Holman Watts. Jenkins Jr., Life Relating To Jack port Welch, The Wall Street Journal, 21 September 2001, securities and exchange commission’s. W, g. 12. 6th. Welch, 158. 7. Ibid., 381.

Bibliography Life According To Jack Welch. The Wsj, 21 Sept. 2010 2001, sec. W, g. 1 . Welch, Jack, and John A. Byrne. Jack port: Straight From The Gut. Ny: Warner Organization Books, 2001.

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