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The fly in the ointment Essay

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Journey – Father: going out of the factory, funds, the business guy. The Irony at the conclusion: that this individual cannot eliminate this, in the “dark side”. – “Tow faces”: father cannot release his vice / “dark side”. The cynical end of the tale shows this kind of dark thought to the kid. – Idea: Man’s struggle for survival.

It is a one of a kind and personal quest, not all struggles are the same and enjoying the same endings. Father / Son – Description of characters. In depth and exhibiting their people, weaknesses, hopes, fears. Good story to work on characterisation. – Romance between them sama dengan CONFLICT – Father: the bearer of “two faces”.

His boy KNOWS that they both co-exist. – “fly” – a metaphor which depicts the theme of the daddy? s lack of control of the dark side and we see how it overflows his character. – Father’s output of his frustration on his son although calling him “professor” ironically and by constantly referring to his son? h receding locks (and the teeth? ) sama dengan physical disadvantages that the child has but , up against his father, is far more stable in personality. Money – Father’s dependence on it and the son’s awareness of this kind of – Negative end: “Old habits pass away hard. ” Symbols – 1) emerge the month of November, at the “dead hour”, in the Fall 2) the fly 3) the “silver-topped pencil” 4) the factory (the distinction between the outside the house and inside) 5) the “bars” on the “frosted windows” 6) the “harvest moon came straight down from that rosy voyage” = the fact that his father was trying to convince himself that he can change suddenly ended when ever his boy mentioned the truth that he may be able to increase some “cash” FLY IN THE OINTMENT = meaning with the title 1) One simply cannot control one’s life like the daddy cannot get rid of the travel 2) The daddy cannot control “the small face” (the “dark side”) 3) The fly signifies and shows the existence of an aspect of the self that is in denial and cannot alter 4) Planning to kill the fly = trying to control his lust for money. Simply by failing, the father is “ruining the ointment” and destroying his individual life, his business.