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Implement and Monitor marketing activities Essay

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BBQfun can be company specialized in outdoor lifestyle products. The company is mainly implemented in Brisbane and its particular surroundings and aim at developing throughout the country.

In order to accomplish that goal, BBQfun has established some marketing system. The goal of this report is usually to analyse these strategies and ultimately their efficiency. BBQfun marketing strategies analysisAt BBQfun, stakeholders are responsible for the administration of the company’s operations. Indeed, according to the CEO’s statement, For our stakeholders it has always been about stewardship and to adhere to professional and moral specifications of execute in all we do.

Even though the organisational assessment does not increase on the stakeholders’ moral and professional specifications, it can be presumed that the phrase stewardship means management. Administration is a broad word that would need to be defined in more particulars. Indeed, will not appear through the organisational assessment that the several stakeholder’s jobs are plainly and accurately defined.

Hence questions may be raised about who is responsible for the advertising activities in BBQfun and exactly how implementation and monitoring happen to be conducted. Based on the organisational assessment, the advertising non-marketing experts are self-directed teams. Consequently another query can be asked on how tactics are conveyed to these people and what kind of conjonction they had received to implement such strategies. It also boosts the question of consistency over the different shops, especially if BBQfun aims at becoming a national company. Indeed the BBQfun’s big picture is to be a national head in its industry within the next 10 years.

However , there is absolutely no information on the short term goals that would bring about the achievements of this objective. Their role and responsibilities aren’t mentioned either. This is even more concerning while according to the organisational review, BBQfun general SWOT examination remains the same as the one manufactured in 2008.

This indicates a lack of functionality measures or at least issues in their ability to do something about their weaknesses and have advantages of their particular opportunities. Likewise, it can be known that there are discrepancies between BBQfun vision statement and their real focus. Without a doubt, in their vision statement the chair of the board insist upon delivering top quality product, but also in reality a cost cut approach is set up as selling price of finding has been prioritised.

This indicates an unhealthy communication strategy throughout the firm and can easily counter take action the flow of the marketing strategies that have been chosen by the stakeholders. Additionally , an assessment their INFESTATION analysis needs to be performed because the efficiency review shows a change in economic and social behaviors. Indeed it is mentioned that interest rates are rising, that the employment level is different compared to the one believed and that the trend towards residence proud obtain is growing better than predicted. This assertion should give rise to new opportunities for BBQfun. The objective of the marketing campaign is always to increase product sales.

Three types of products have already been identified: BBQs, outdoor household furniture and BBQ consumables. 3 types of marketing activities have been put into spots: radio advertisements, magazine/PR and direct advertising campaign and advertisements through loyalty programs. The time required for the first technique are straight forward yet costly.

For that type of campaign economical and human resources are needed as well as the suitable choice of route. If BBQfun intends to grow nationally, it might need to choose a national radio station. Human resources would include the marketing project and designers personnel. Such resources is required to implement the other type of approach, although the channel would be different.

The third technique requires building a customer database. Hence tiny is needed yet a website, a message address plus the designer and IT employees. Communication and team building will be something missing when only referring to the organisational overview.

This should come before from the panel to communicate clearly the objectives plus the process of applying these strategies. These must be clearly believed and put in place along with the marketing plan. Alter of suppliers has been one way of implementing all their strategies along with finding the right channels to implement all their radio and PR strategies. BBQfun also managed to increase their customer databases to implement their third strategy. Monitoring the returning of their expenditure is mostly done through revenue figures.

ConclusionBBQfun has a eyesight to expand nationwide. In order to achieve their particular goal they put into place a few marketing plans. However it appears that a proper advertising plan is lacking and this issue needs to be addressed immediately in order for them to increase their return and have a better impact.

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