The assessment task is due on the time specified from your assessor. Virtually any variations to this arrangement should be approved on paper by your assessor. Submit this document with any necessary evidence attached.

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See specifications below intended for details. Overall performance objective With this assessment job you are required to assessment and assess marketing chances for an organisation and develop promoting activities that reflect the strategic guidelines of the organisation. Assessment explanation For the organisation layed out in the case study provided, discover two advertising opportunities and evaluate every opportunity for risks, strengths, disadvantages and alignment with organisational objectives. When you have reviewed the opportunities, select the best appropriate opportunity for the organisation and develop marketing plans, approaches and activities to be given the opportunity. Procedure You are required to post a report that addresses all of the elements listed in the procedure.

The report needs to be structured using the headings beneath. Opportunities 1 ) Identify two marketing chances that satisfy the objectives and evaluate the dangers and benefits associated with each chance.

2 . Recommend the opportunity that best tackles organisational objectives and: a. develop a advertising mix strategy that fits within the capabilities and resources with the organisation w. describe just how your strategies align while using strategic path of the business, and give eloge for your variety c. detail a marketing functionality review strategy using the right tool (competitive analysis, lifestyle cycle style, value cycle analysis, etc . ) to review the overall performance of the company against marketing objectives g. include the metrics to be used in measuring promoting performance. Methods Specifications This kind of assessment can be completed in your own time, as you sort out the related topics in either students Workbook, or under the direction of your assessor.

The examination is due pertaining to completion with the completion of Section 2 of the Student Workbook unless another submission time/method is suggested because of your assessor. Seek advice from your assessor whether it is suitable to use a computer for the submission with the report (electronic), or if the assessor needs a hardcopy (printed) version. You need to provide: Realignment for distance-based learners: Case study Houzit is known as a chain of homewares stores in Sydney that specialise in bathroom fixtures, bedroom fixtures, mirrors and decorative items. They currently have 15 stores distributed across the greater Sydney area, using stores getting managed and coordinated using their head office in Milton.

You may have recently been hired as the marketing supervisor and must now review the business and formulate marketing strategies that will move Houzit towards it is strategic desired goals. The CEO has also asked you to consider some promoting opportunities that may assist Houzit in attaining its goals, and provide him with quick summary assessing two alternatives, including the rewards and risks associated with every single option, and making a recommendation pertaining to the opportunity more than likely to produce results. You have gleaned the following details about Houzit: Houzit is near entering the fifth year of operation; offering an array of home-ware things on easy-to-manage payment conditions and offers a three year guarantee in each item sold.

The typical goal customers have the following characteristics: sophisticated people who find themselves house happy A new customer’s first order is generally of mirrors and decorative products and this gives us the chance to sign them up to our loyalty software. In a brief discussion with the CEO, you asked about the alterations taking place in legislation that may impact on Houzit’s operation. The CEO explained: There can be described as big drive by governments on the issue of sustainability.

This focuses mostly in environmental concerns of squander management and energy conservation. Houzit shops have been purposely designed in yesteryear to be dazzling and comfortable areas to shop. What this means is a significant expense in electrical energy usage to operate the lights and the air-conditioners.

With the new regulations we are going to have to find ways to still provide consumers with what they want without the substantial electricity usage. ‘ Ideal plan (extract) 1 . Increase sales from $15million each year to $20million per year over the following three years. installment payments on your Increase our loyalty clients list by 10, 500 to 15, 1000. 3. Build brand identification in Sydney so that for least 1 in a few people recognise our brand in a arbitrary survey consumed 18 months period. SWOT Evaluation Strengths: Exceptional staff who have are highly competent and familiar with homewares. Superb retail space that is bright, functional and efficient for the commercial city district.

High customer loyalty among duplicate customers. Range of offerings that exceed competitors’ offerings in quality, range and availability. Weaknesses: A limited marketing finances to develop brand awareness due to the lack of crucial mass and store cover. The find it difficult to continually account the developing long-term repayment plans applied for by the customers.

Chances: A growing marketplace in a substantial growth location with a significant percentage from the target market even now not aware of Houzit’s give. Increasing sales opportunities outside of the target location higher Sydney. Threats: Competition by local independent merchants can lower prices, because owner workers have enthusiast overhead costs than our staff-run stores. Competition from nationwide chains moving into the Sydney market.

A slump in the economy reducing customer’s disposable salary spent on homewares.

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