Unhealthy foods is defined as foods which are generally considered to be unhealthy and possess low vitamins and minerals. However , many children and teenagers delight in consuming unhealthy food because it tastes good. However, junk food is usually outed among the main factors behind obesity in young people. Search for canteens offer junk food among other things to pupils. As such, it can be believed that the sale of junk food in school canteens is restricted in order to improve student’s patterns, reduce litter in schools and it is indeed the school’s responsibility to address students’ well being.

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Firstly, the sale of junk food at school canteens should be banned in order to improve students’ behavior. Smith (2005) declared that many additives are present in junk food that causes behavioural problems in kids, such as poor concentration and hyperactivity. Besides, responses through the Food Demonstrate (2005) affirm that minimizing unhealthy foods intake among kids can boost their behavior. The responses on the program also indicate that junk foods are often filled with chemical additives which can bring about behavioural problems.

This is further spoken by a institution which eliminated junk food and soft drinks from other school canteen. It was found that the college students became calmer in class following lunch (The Food Show 2005). Consequently , students’ habit can be improved by banning the sale of junk food at school canteens.

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Another reason why the sale of unhealthy foods in school canteens should be restricted is to reduce litter. Most junk food can be wrapped in plastic presentation which must be disposed of soon after. Unfortunately, many irresponsible students discard processed foods packaging in a variety of places rather than waste receptacles (Lin Tran 2005; Johnson 2005). Relating to Smith (2005), cover is a risk to safety and well being, increases costs and is harmful to community’s picture. Schools which have reduced someone buy of processed foods in their canteens have seen a reduce in the litter produced (Smith 2005). When ever schools’ cover problems are decreased, school groundsmen have more the perfect time to spend on protection projects which usually benefit all their schools instead of picking up litter box (The Food Show 2005). Hence, someone buy of unhealthy food in school canteens

should be banned in order to reduce litter.

The next explanation ban the sale of unhealthy foods in school canteens is that schools have the responsibility to take care of all their students’ overall health. According to Lin Tran (2005), the nutritional value of food consumed by Aussie children continues to be continuously shedding over the past 30 years. Therefore , universities should inform young people regarding good diet and promote good eating habits through healthy food policies (The Food Display 2005). Well balanced meals in the canteen can reinforce the communications that pupils receive in the classroom about good nutrition. Also, soft drinks must not be sold in college canteens as the dental health of Australia’s primary school children can be declining (Lin Tran 2005). Indeed, Health Foundation (2005) pointed out that a lot of the popular snacks including biscuits, chips and hamburgers have low nutritional value. This further reinforces the reason for school canteens to avoid selling unhealthy food.

In conclusion, someone buy of processed foods in school canteens should be prohibited in order to boost student’s behavior, reduce litter in educational institutions and it is indeed the school’s responsibility to deal with students’ overall health. Once pupils discover healthful and delightful alternatives to junk food at school canteens, their very own desire for it is going to gradually dwindle.


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