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As this is probably the most important sources to earn revenue therefore food and beverage procedures have got wonderful significance in hotel supervision and businesses. Organisations in hospitality market like lodge and areas are paying maximum interest on foodstuff and drink production and operations. Through this job several factors associated with meals and beverage department will be discussed from the view point of a food and drink manager of a five star motel in Manchester. After reconstruction food and beverage manager has been asked to review food and drink functions of the department and along with this method food and beverage production and assistance system can be analysed.

Right budget and implementation of this budget might a huge challenge for the foodstuff and beverage manager with this hotel and costing and pricing would also be a challenging job after remodelling.

Purchasing decision would be mentioned through this assignment and just how those decisions could be used for enhancement of this hotel so that it can run with profitability.

For this elegant hotel food and beverage manager will have to manage feasting functions and suitable menu would be vital how this kind of menu can more effective and attractive might also be mentioned through this kind of assignment. Later on this record several problems associated with hospitality industry can be discussed just like security, health and safety and product top quality and services standard.

Process 1: Meals and Drink production and service devices

In modern day hospitality management there are several factors are connected with food production and foodstuff and drink service program. Now from this section these types of aspects are being discussed in follows: 1 . 1 Characteristics of food creation and Food & Beverage service program: Demand for Food: Demand of food is definitely not same all over the world there exists seasonality of food require. Customers may not like to eat same food again and again. Top times of demand of meals occur during breakfast, lunch break and dinner time. Between these types of demand moments there are miles or slow times. Competitive events could also be an influential for demand of food and based on require food development could be revised accordingly (Defranco et approach 2007).

Labour intensiveness of food creation and services

It is difficult to get support oriented hospitality people which is thereason why this kind of industry is usually labour extensive. Employees require training and skills pertaining to both food preparation and services. Health and protection and food and cleanliness certificate has to be essential for the employees of this industry. Though employees need to have proper skills but in many occasions this industry needs unskilled employees and gradually they will be skilled.

Die ability of food

Simultaneous production and consumption is one of the most important characteristics of food service and produced meals must be held within particular temperature. To protect food coming from bacteria food must be retained either beneath 5 level Celsius or maybe more than 66 degree temperature. Food must be handled properly before, during and after planning.

Changes of Menus

Customers might not like same menu every time and menu should be changed in daily basis and development changes accordingly. In this framework variation must be bought in food assistance and planning then organization would be even more profitable.

Physique: Food Preparation and service method (Miller, 2009)

1 . two Food and beverage services system

Contemporary food and beverage services system could possibly be categorised into several methods and both customers and service folks are involved in the foodstuff and refreshment system. Today in this section food and beverage services systems happen to be being talked about from the look at point of Dittmer, Paul R., and Gerald G. Griffin (2009): Table Support: This services includes plate service or perhaps silver services and customers are served at a laid desk.

Self services: Customers will probably be required to support themselves coming from a dressoir or countertop. Assisted service: According to this system clients are offered part of the meals at a table and part is definitely self service. Single point service: Through this system consumers order, spend receive food and drink from the same point Dedicated service: Through this system clients are served from the stage where they are, this is also named tray service or room service or maybe room delivery.

1 . three or more Factors affecting recipes and Menu

It is discussed furthermore there are several food and beverage service systems and to serve customers in respect to these system this five star hotel need to prepare menu and there are some factors should be considered whilst preparing menu and tested recipes. Now from this section they are being mentioned in comes after: Financial resources offered: Financial condition on this hotel must be considered through this context and based on resources available menu should be ready. Types of restaurant: This hotel has got four restaurants and in line with the nature of the restaurant food selection could be well prepared. Guest spending power: Spending power of consumers is one of the the majority of influential factors to set menu and dishes.

Food development cost: If production expense is high then simply profit it would be ineffective to produce that food. Competitive environment: It must be given choices to what opponents are doing and this hotel ought to maintain competitors in account to arrange menu. Location of the restaurant: Precise location of the restaurant is yet another important aspect to get ready menu. Chefs’ skills: It ought to be given choice whether chefs are skilled to prepare particular menu in addition to this framework skilled cooks should be hired. Guest diet requirements: Some guest may well ask for Halal or gluten free or perhaps dairy free of charge meal and this framework customers’ diet plan requirement should be considered.

1 . 4 Evaluate the cost and staffing implication in Foodstuff and Drink department Expense minimisation and employing right number of workforce are the important decision of food and beverage division for this hotel. Several types of cost are linked to food and beverage department, now from this section these types of aspects will be being discussed according to the rules of Coltman et al (2000): Real Cost: Using the cost is what a cost or perhaps expenses basically was, as an example the salaries records and check made out to employees will certainly indicate some of the labour price for salaries period. Budgeted Cost: Each time a cost is supposed to be for the certain time period is called budgeted cost. Controllable Cost: A cost which could end up being changed in the short period of your time is called manageable cost. No controllable Cost: Which cost cannot be transformed in short time frame is called low controllable expense.

Fixed Cost: Fixed expense is not altered according to product unit and these costs remain unchanged. Adjustable Cost: Variable cost could possibly be changed according to the production device and this increase if perhaps production is definitely increased. Meals and beverage department may also be depends on seasonality so staffing requirements shouldbe ideal. To ensure appropriate operations this kind of hotel should recruit full time, part time and casual staff. Right personnel should be placed in right placement. 1 . five Suitability of Systems of different food retailers

There are several different foodstuff outlets can be found in this hotel, what systems could be used with each outlet getting demonstrated in follows: Key Restaurant: Buffet service could be the best option to serve foodstuff from this cafe as there would be more consumers to eat foodstuff from this cafe. Coffee Shop: Single point service would be utilized to serve food from this shop as there will be less staffs will be trying to serve customers. Chinese Cafe: There would be a lot alternatives can be so again buffet assistance would be good for the customers since serf services would be helpful to reduce expense for this hotel. Fine Eating Restaurant: Rack service will be essential for this restaurant since customer will be given personal service.

Task 2: Economic Control in Food and Beverage Operation

Financial control and administration would be very important aspect just for this hotel since cost minimization would be provided preference. Now in this section several elements associated with monetary control can be discussed: 2 . 1 Uses of financial assertions in food and drink department: Economical statements for this hotel could possibly be used to figure out key facts regarding the efficiency and disposition of this hotel and several decisions could be influenced by economic statements. This hotel just finished their renovation and long term decisions should be delivered to improve earnings of this hotel.

Now from this section requirements and uses of financial assertions are becoming discussed in follows: Economical statements could possibly be very useful as being a precise dimension of procedure profit, hotel profitability and financial position could possibly be revealed through the financial affirmation. After renovation how long will probably be taken to bring this hotel to success could be realized from economic statement. Current events from the hotel and production method could be monitored through the economic statement. Economic statements is also helpful to consider better decisions for the future. In decision making method financial transactions could be extremely effective as decisions would be taken based on the financial position of theHotel.

2 . 2 Price and Costs process of the hotel

Value is defined as the cost to a hotel or restaurant for goods or services when the goods are consumed or the providers are delivered. Food and beverage with this hotel are thought consumed they have been used and charging would be required for ensure earnings and resort must ensure affordability while making decisions for the resort especially for the foodstuff and refreshment department. In costing process this method could be employed:

Opening Products on hand Value + Cost of Acquisitions ” Closing Inventory Worth = Usage Amount Consumption Amount / Sales Revenue = Expense of Goods Offered (%)Pricing decisions: based on conditions different costs decisions could be sued to make certain customer interest and success for this resort. There are some tactics are becoming discussed these could be utilized for this motel: Cost Based Pricing: This process of pricing is often called “‘cost-plus prices. In its simplest form, cost-plus pricing consists of hotel calculating average cost per unit and then allocating a specified mark-up, which may be linked to rate of profit necessary by the business, to arrive at the selling price.

Value Based Charges: How much buyers are willing to pay for the food this kind of hotel is the main theme of this benefit based charges. According for this strategy motel cannot inflict any price rather they will assess buyers perception about the food standard and quality of this hotel. Customers reviews could be crucial in this aspect to set value. Competition centered pricing: Opponents pricing strategy would be thought to set value according to this strategy. Assistance standard and product quality could also be considered in this element.

2 . 3 Steps of Purchasing Process:

There are several steps are involved with purchasing process in this hotel, at this point in this section these steps are becoming discussed in follows:

Determine: Purchasing Process (Chabon, 2007)

Need identification: This process begins with recognizing the need for certain product just for this hotel. Problems or require can be resolved by attaining a specific item. General want description: This is certainly description of thegeneral features and quantity of the required item. Emphasis here is in reliability, strength, price and other attributes ideal in the item. Product standards: The item’s product technical specs are reviewed and the purchasing team decides on the best product characteristics and specify these people accordingly for the resort. Supplier search: Who may be the best provider for the foodstuff and beverage products this is certainly carried out for top level suppliers? A lot of suppliers is probably not considered since they are not large enough to supply the needed variety or because they have poor reputation.

Pitch solicitation: This hotel will invite competent suppliers to transmit proposals. When the item can be complex or expensive, the buyer will need comprehensive written plans from every single potential distributor. Supplier assortment: Food and beverage division will assessment the proposals and select a supplier. They are going to consider competence of various suppliers, their capacity to deliver the item on time and in addition deliver the important services. The next attributes have a strong impact on the marriage between the supplier and client. Order routine specification: This requires preparing the final order together with the chosen supplier, listing the technical requirements, quantity needed, expected moments of delivery, elizabeth. t. c. Performance review: Here the hotel can review the performance with the supplier. The hotel might retain, change, or drop the dealer in future hence the supplier should make certain that he is giving the expected satisfaction.

Process 3: Menu for Hospitality Events

In hospitality industry for a caterer compiling a menu is one of the most important jobs and several factors must be considered before any menu is usually prepared. In menu preparation what consumers want must be given desire not the actual caterer has got to serve. This can be a situation exactly where for a marriage reception a menu must be prepared and justification of choosing that menu. Assume this is actually the Pakistani marriage and guest would be Hard anodized cookware community. Menu must be prepared according to the choice of this community.

Let’s look at the Menu 1st: Starters:

Sheesh Kabab

Chicken Roast

Vegetable Samosa

Main Dish

Chicken breast Palok

Beef Bhuna

Nan/ Roti

Brown Grain with various meats



Golap Jam with Ice cream

Tea/ Coffee

Areas of Preparing this Menu

Wedding Date: 15 September, 2014

Form of Customer: Pakistani, Indian and Asian

Budget: 13. 95 Per person

Diet plan Requirement: Halal

Justification of Selection and Suitability of recipes intended for menu: There are numerous aspects happen to be creating impact of choosing this kind of menu, at this point in this section justification of using that menu has been discussed with suitability of recipes pertaining to menu: Clients Profile: Most of the customers are Pakistani origin and while planning menu Pakistaner cuisine has been chosen. This kind of menu has become widely favored by Pakistaner community. Consumers Preference: Although choosing this kind of menu dialogue with wedding ceremony reception has become conducted and according for their choice menu has been selected. Menu Choice: In this menu there would be 3 starters, two main dishes with rice and hier or roty and two dessert. With starter guests will get complimentary Salad and Chutney. Choice of menu with event plan: Customers will be served during lunch time and before offering meal there is an drinks reception and total consumers will be on the venue to get 2 hours.

Assume special requirements: Customers has become asked whether there would be any kind of special requirements such as food allergies, faith based requirement and diet necessity. All chicken will be halal according to the range of customers. Secure room set up: Choose the suitable room design that helps event aims. If since serving a meal, the dining tables will be filled up with used food and glassware, in addition to binders, notepads and writing instruments. That’s why you have to choose the best place setup, and permit space for individuals to move. Task 4: Present Food and Beverage companies forhospitality incidents: Several elements are connected with hospitality incidents now with this part of this kind of report individuals aspects will be being discussed in follows: 4. 1 Food and Beverage services plan for a marriage reception: Quantity of Guest: 350

Budget: 5000. 00

This wedding party reception with this number of people through this budget could possibly be implemented throughout the following treatment: Service Term

Predicted cost


Cutlery & Crockery

1. 50*350 = 525

In respect to Company Standard

Table Bed linen

4. 00*35 sama dengan 140

According to Brand Standard

Chair Cover

1. 50*350 = 525

According to Brand Standard

Cloth Napkins


According to Manufacturer Standard

Stage Decoration


According to Manufacturer Standard

Red carpeting Walkway


According to Brand Common

Table Display


According to Brand Standard

Waiter/ Waitress


According to Brand Regular

Cleansing area


According to Brand Common

Food Cost


According to Brand Normal

Food Preparation Cost


According to Brand Regular



In accordance to Brand Standard

4. two Steps included in service Strategy:

There are numerous steps are associated with recommended service prepare, now from this section these types of plans happen to be being reviewed in uses:

Step 1 : Book appointing from the customer

Step 2: Book the Event and take first deposit

Step three: Finalise stage, walkway and decoration

Step 3: Ensure service people, security and entertainment

Step 4: Serve People in line with the Function linen ensure top quality, health and security and safety of the customers. Step 5: Obtain feedback from your customers.

four. 3 Examine service and Recommendations:

Communication with clients would be important to provide excellent service and inter and intra department communication will be very essential from this context. Customers’ feedback will be helpful to increase service common and top quality. Cost minimisation would be necessary to maximise income margin in addition to this context this foodstuff and drink department would be involve to boost service common. To arrange this sort of kind of incidents what rivals are doing and exactly how they are support would be very essential to improve service standard. Impressive ideas must be implemented with this context. Specific demand of shoppers would be essential.


In food and beverage procedures two things has to be coherent one is food and another one can be service, those two things are accordingly interrelated. During serving meals quality and quantity has to be ensured. Foodstuff production and preparation should be ensured with standard. Into the safety should be ensured according to HACCAP principles. During menu preparation customers selections must be given preference. Several factors have been discussed through this kind of report and proper common must be made certain throughout the method. To increase success of the hotel service persons should give emphasize upon up providing and consumers attraction and satisfaction. Generally there should not be any gap between customers’ objectives and provided service and food.


Defranco, Agnes L., and Pender B. M. Noriega (2007) “Cost control in food industry McGraw Hill: Builder Miller, Jack port E., and David V. Pavesic (2007). Menu Costs & Approach. New York: Steve Wiley & Sons, Dittmer, Paul R., and Gerald G. Griffin (2009). Rules of Meals, Beverage, and LaborCost Controls for Hotels and Restaurants. 6th male impotence. New York: Ruben Wiley &Sons, Coltman, Michael jordan M., and Martin G. Jagels. (2000) Hospitality Management Accounting. seventh ed. New york city: John Wiley & Sons. Chaban, Joel. (2007) Sensible Foodservice Spreadsheets With Lotus 1-2-3. Nyc: John Wiley & Kids


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