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Excerpt from Thesis:

There is also the perpetual problem with qualitative study: namely because it is a single sample size, the study might just be representative of one particular population. Yet , some qualitative researchers argue that any type of studies subjective: consider that your approach of quantitative exploration disguises idiosyncratic aspects of fact and even one of the most rigorously empirical construct says more of a researcher’s biases than an external reality. The various subjective beliefs about post-tenure review itself within a sole department happen to be manifest in the varied replies of faculty members as to the effect of such reviews in Wood Johnson’s study (2005, p. 425). Thus, it may actually be more valuable to study one section, and let visitors decide for themselves if the process is appropriate for their educational environment.

Selecting many representative departments (one at a small tolerante arts institution, one at a large college or university and picking departments from different subject areas) might be one way to treat some of the concerns regarding ‘generalizability’ of outcomes but would require more observers to take part in the research (Trochim, 2008, p. 148). Even now, this could be an invaluable approach: whilst previous research have centered on pre-existing philosophy about post-tenure review even more research is required on the effects (O’Meara, 2004, p. 183). Also college student input is important – even though some faculty include reported improved congeniality because of the process, eventually it is the students’ perspective exactly where teaching quality receives its true evaluation (O’Meara, 2005, p. 193)

Action Study

Action analysis, or positively involving the community in the research process, features proven to be specifically useful in educational research (Dick 2006, p. 441). In implementing a task research study, the researchers may follow the semester of a teacher who had been susceptible to post-tenure review and received negative criticism about their work. The researcher may observe the teacher in the classroom, perform interviews with the professor, and encourage the professor to keep a log about how he / she was (or was not) integrating the input into his or her lectures and lessons. The specialist could also execute focus groupings with the pupils in the professor’s classes and talk to all of them about their encounters as college students

The problem with action research is that the mentor might fear negative effects, if he or she believed the review process was unfair as well as the faculty’s remarks during the review process had been unhelpful. Furthermore, the students could possibly be affected by worries that they would receive a bad grade if perhaps they belittled the teacher, or, conversely, be overly critical as a result of stress level of their function, not because of the professor’s incompetency.


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