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Russia-U. S.

The two towns I am going to evaluate are Irkutsk and Tampa. Irkutsk is situated in Siberia, over the shores in the Angara Lake, near the shores of Lake Baikal. Polk lies upon Tampa These types of, near the shores of the Gulf. Its away from the coast location and northerly latitude define the weather of Irkutsk, which is very cold for many of the 12 months, with five freezing months from November to March where the temps drop considerably. Summers will be mild. Tampa’s southerly position gives it a warm environment, with cold temperatures rarely if ever occurring. The climate is warm, sunny, and humid. High seasons are popular and humid with frequent thunderstorms. The average July temp in Irkutsk is 64. 5, plus the average January temperature can be -0. 9F. The average July temperature in Tampa is approximately 90, and in January it can be 70 (U. S. Climate Data, 2012); World Areas, 2012).

Irkutsk has a human population of around 600, 500, but features only limited suburban sprawl, so the metropolitan area provides a similar inhabitants. This clashes with Tampa, where the city’s population can be 335, 1000 but the city area contains a population of 2. 7 , 000, 000. The people of Irkutsk are mostly Russian within their ethnicity, and the primary fraction is the Buryats, who can be a Mongol group that live in the area and make up about 3% in the population. Polk is more demographically diverse, having a population that may be primarily European-descended but is usually 26% black, 23% Mexican (some of whom will be white), several. 4% Cookware.

Irkutsk started as a fortification in 1661, and its location along essential rivers allowed it to grow swiftly as a trading center. Transact with China for tea, silk and iron built the city one of the richest in Russia during those times (Babrs, 2006). Today, our economy is powered by the lightweight aluminum industry plus the Irkut company, which companies the Su-30 family of aircraft fighters (Russiatrek. org, 2012). Tampa begun in 1824, although the Tocobaga natives had inhabited the spot for much longer, and Spanish explorers got passed through. The first settlement was also a fort, Ft Brooke. In the last years, Tampa was termed as a major stogie manufacturing middle. The economy is definitely driven by simply military, travel and services industries. MacDill Air Force basic is a significant employer. Hence, both urban centers have air flow defense while important aspects of their regional industries.

People of both cities obtain a relatively substantial standard of childhood education from state-run systems. Polk is home to the University of South Florida, while Irkutsk is home to a number of universities and has among the best-educated foule in Siberia. Science, particularly that particular to Lake Baikal, is a specialty of the region.

With respect to tradition, Irkutsk is one of the main social hubs of Siberia. The town has a amount

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