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Eastwood: Biography and Films

Began film profession as an actor

Quickly iconic in his role in Dirty Harry: Violent, solid silent type

Spaghetti Westerns: The man with no name, bent on vengeance

Work as director

Play Misty For Me (1971): Story of any radio sponsor being stalked

Bridges of Madison State (1995): Like story with Meryl Streep, adaptation of well-known intimate novel

Oscar-winning Unforgiven (1992): Eastwood described an non-traditional Western, following starring in so many him self. Film “functions as both equally a brilliant european and an examination of the genre all together and its obvious unrealities” (Sims 1).

Million Dollar Baby (2004): The story of any female faustkämpfer, with Eastwood playing her coach as well as directing

Directorial technique

Eastwood has favored relatively romantic, character-driven films. Even when his films contain a great deal of actions, like Unforgiven, ultimately is it doesn’t character that drives the task (such since Gene Hackman’s memorable portrayal of the film’s villain and Eastwood’s haunted anti-hero).

W. Eastwood’s eclectic choice of materials and makes has induced his technique to vary from film to suit the script.

C. Eastwood features trusting great material – when the program for Big Baby was presented to him, he left it virtually unaltered. He places a great deal of trust in screenwriters.

IV. Director’s motion pictures

A. Eclectic style: “Eastwood’s directing job is a weird mish-mash of genre motion pictures, B-list fat free popcorn material targeted at middle-aged audiences, serious and dramas, and frequently genuinely exciting material” (Sims 1).

M. Difficult to characterize Eastwood as being a director although most of his films will be character-driven ‘actor’s films’ vs . focusing on special effects.

V. Film analysis: Unforgiven (1992)

A. Both celebrates the traditional European revenge episode and also critiques the genre

B. Film relates the revenge killing of two cowboys whom mutilated a prostitute.

C. Despite a great deal of action, also many occasions of consideration. In one exchange Will (Eastwood) is asked by the Kid “is that how it used to be inside the old instances, ” underlining the contrast between the mythology of the older West plus the present.

D. Kid uncovers that he lied about killing five men before: “you sure killed on earth out of the man today, ” says Will while Kid is both offering and having to ease the soreness.

E. The exchange is set against the foundation of a fabulous prairie, highlighting the ugliness of the act.

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