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Two of choices recommended agents of STI (Sexually Sent Infection) or perhaps HIV transmitting prevention: dental care dams and condoms

Centchroman is a “Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator, or SERM. That causes after ovulating to occur asynchronously with the formation of the uterine lining, protecting against implantation of a zygote. It is widely available being a birth control technique in India since the early 90s, advertised under the transact names Centron and Saheli. It is not lawfully available anywhere outside of India, and it is not really in the process of becoming available in the United States” (Birth control, Wikipedia, 2006) intrauterine methods- women that are looking for a birth control method that they may use and forget it might want to consider the IUD. This intrauterine unit is a simple kind of birth control which has very few side effects and can be intended for 10 years. The employment is popular with females that don’t want to use any chemical or pharmaceutical birth control strategies.

A emergency contraception – most combined pills might be taken in substantial doses to prevent pregnancy after having a birth control inability (such like a condom breaking) or after unguaranteed intercourse. De las hormonas emergency contraception is also referred to as “morning after pill, inch even if it can be used up to three days following intercourse.


Test your know-how on several types of contraception and what their properties will be and then discuss these concerns:

1 . 3 contraception strategies that women utilized to use in the ancient instances:

a) water after making love b) holding her breath of air at the time of ejaculations c) getting backward seven times following coitus d) using honies, pepper or perhaps lactic acidity as obstacles

Emergency Contraceptive (“morning after pills”) a) Need to be considered within seventy two hours of unprotected sex b) May cause an abortion if you are pregnant c) Make the perfect method of standard birth control

several. Which of the following is the only birth control method method which will reduce your risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD)?

A a) a condom b) penile ring c) birth control supplements d) a great IUD

5. What do the letters STI stand for?

5. Name three or more methods of contraception that can be used by simply women.

6th. Where may a woman obtain a free pregnancy home test?


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