Code Of Integrity, Sexual Orientation, Classification, Accounting Ethics

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Safety and shielding of information created in the execute of Lenox Hill

Medical center and its affiliates business which include patient data, staff info, financial data, research data, strategic strategies, statistical data, purchasing contracts and deals.

The words details created could be an unnecessary limit that reduce a applicability in the provision, contrary to its evident intent to apply as generally as possible. Within literal presentation, the dotacion, as selected, does not apply to any of the types of information listed unless that information can be “created” by the hospital.

Consequently , a better formula of that area of the provision would read as follows:

Security and protecting of any information created, accessed, managed, collected, transmitted, duplicated, or perhaps utilized by the hospital or simply by any of the hospital’s employees, real estate agents, associates, consultants, contractors, and any other person or organization affiliated in any way with the medical center… “

Organization PRACTICES

Prevention of orders that exceedingly benefit personal individuals in contravention of laws and regulations applicable to tax-exempt organizations.

This kind of provision is incredibly problematic since it invites multiple levels of very subjective determination of what creates a “contravention of law” and what regulations are “applicable, ” to tax-exempt businesses. A better ingredients would go through as follows:

Avoidance of virtually any transactions regarding tax-exempt organizations that gain private people without a specific evaluation simply by hospital operations and authorization by medical center administration and clearance by simply hospital legal counsel that those orders are permissible. “

Incentivizing Compliance:

The very best opportunity to encourage understanding of the role in the compliance officer and to provide incentive to get compliance might by reformulating the final provision to read as follows:


All personnel and staff have an important responsibility to help ensure that the business of the Clinic and its affiliates is done legally and ethically. Almost all employees and staff are responsible for performing their designated duties relative to the principles of ethical and legal perform and are obliged to statement any supposed violations of law, restrictions, procedure, plan, instructions, or any type of element of the Code of Ethics with their immediate administrators or to the Compliance Police officer. All marketing communications with the compliance officer will be held in the strictest confidence and any kind of retaliation for reported violations will be purely addressed to shield the complainant. Provided most employee grievances reflect the honest opinion of the complainant, no treatment or effects will ever result from complaints, even where they may be determined to become in error. Furthermore, reviews of significant violations which can be substantiated and located to be called for will be noted in the complainant’s formal data file in the manner of other commendations for foreseeable future consideration, while

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