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Cancer of the breast affects approximately 1 in 3000 women that are pregnant and is the 2nd most common malignancy affecting pregnant state [1]. Presently seventy five, 000 new cases result from India annually. The first noticeable symptom of breast cancer is usually a lump that feels different from all of those other breast tissue [2].

Pregnancy Connected Breast Cancer [PABC] is defined as cancer of the breast diagnosed during pregnancy or in the first postpartum year. It really is one the most prevalent tumour of reproductive age bracket. Previous studies have suggested that about 10% of breast cancers diagnosed in patient’s aged ¤40 years were diagnosed during the being pregnant. It is a dangerous myth that women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are not able to get cancer of the breast. So , it can be still truly essential to check the breast actually during pregnancy.

More than 80 percent of breast cancer cases will be discovered if the woman feels a lump [3]. Lack of awareness, no clinical breasts examination or mammography, no access to correct healthcare happen to be risk factors for growing breast lesions.

Breast Self Exams [BSE] or perhaps regularly examining your chest on your own, is usually an important step for early detection of breast lesions and which makes them more likely to always be treated effectively and it is often positively connected to a decline in mortality and morbidity. Even though debates have been going on about how valuable Breasts Self Exam is in detecting breast lesions, the procedure can be extremely beneficial to women of the countryside population who have lack the means to proper healthcare or general mammography. Multiple socio-demographic factors, myths, cultural values, lack of accessibility to the health proper care services have been identified as the reasons for poor people uptake of BSE [4]. BSEs have been seen to be very helpful and essential screening technique, especially in mixture with standard physical examination by a doctor and mammography.


  • To assess the awareness and practice of Breast Self Examination amongst pregnant women residing in an metropolitan and country areas of Bangalore.
  • To determine the socio market factors influencing the awareness and practice towards Breast Self Tests in women that are pregnant.

  • Expecting mothers attending the OBG OPDs at M. S Ramaiah hospitals
  • Rural Field practice part of Ramaiah Medical College.
  • INCLUSION CONDITIONS: All pregnant women participating in the OBG OPDs at Ramaiah hospitals and the rural centres attached with the Community Remedies department of Ramaiah Medical College who have give agreement to get involved.

    EXEMPTION CRITERIA: Expecting mothers who have already been diagnosed with cancer of the breast.

    It had been found that 16. five per cent of the ladies were aware of BSE [5]. In the present examine expecting an improvement of 20% in the understanding level relating to Breast Home Examination among rural and urban pregnant women, considering benefits of 80% and confidence level of 95%, the sample size worked out to be minimum of ninety-seven pregnant women in each group.


    Qualitative variables just like socio-demographic characteristics of the members and practice regarding BSE will be shown using rate of recurrence and proportions. Quantitative parameters like awareness scores will probably be analysed and presented applying descriptive stats like imply and SD. The knowledge a mass of urban and rural girls will be computed and tested for statistical significance big difference using Mann Whitney U test. Chi Square evaluation will be used to find the association between knowledge level and select appartenente demographic elements. SPSS variation 17 to be used for statistical analysis.


    The research subjects will probably be recruited from your OBG OPDs at Ramaiah hospitals and its attached non-urban centres. The research questionnaire can be translated in to the local vocabulary and the subject matter is requested to fill up it. If the subject is usually not well written, the examiner will request the inquiries orally and fill the questionnaire pertaining to the subject. Themes are asked to assemble separately or in groups in a hassle-free common stage where overall health education about Breast Do it yourself Examination [BSE], the advantages will probably be explained by the investigator through pictorial referrals. This will be followed by an interactive treatment where their very own doubts on BSE will be clarified. If they happen to be already conscious of BSE, an indication is asked with the subject, exactly where they are corrected if necessary, while individuals unaware happen to be taught the complete process. The sessions are expected to previous for a length of approximately 15-20 minutes.


    Materials review shows that pregnant women in whom analysis was delayed or treatment deferred have a lower endurance rate. BSE involves visual images and palpation of the breast by oneself for mounds, shape, feel, size and contour. The purpose of this is for a lady to learn the topography of her chest, know how her normal chest feel and be able to identify changes in them should they occur in the future [6]. It is economical and more easily available than some other method of early on detection of breast cancer within our environment. This kind of study emphasizes on the importance of creating consciousness and accurate knowledge about Breast Self Exam to pregnant women and thus help in early recognition of breasts lesions [7].

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